Available & Popular.....555HO00130 VIKING! 

Horstsyle Norse VIKING-ET   Reg No.144151400

Powerful ...pot. EX bull at maturity .Outstanding Feet & Legs..feet never trimmed

Unique traits.....A2A2...What the breed needs now... aAa 534612

+1650 PDM -0.02%+55 F +0.04% +62P +$689 Net Merit,78%R.

2.59 SCS...very low !  +2.80 DPR...EX!  +5.10 Prod life...EX !! 

NO undesirable...Genetic Recessives!   ONE of a kind NO full brothers!

+1.60 Type +1.49 UDC + 0.19 FLC   +2573 TPI  

Very well balanced .. even his last aAa trait "2" quite good +1.74 Stature (12/18)

Sire Calving Ease 7.9%, Dtr Calving Ease 3.3%

Outcross sire stack....Altasuperstar,Montross , Sudan, Niagra,Mac

VIKING's dam....Horstyle Montross Nina VG(86) VG (88 )Mam.@2yr.

32,000m as a 2yr old!   2-04 365d 32,686m 3.7%1220f  3.3% 1078p

Gr. dam VG,VG Mam.    3-03 365d. 40,112 m 3.7% 1480f 3.2% 1283p

then 5 Very Good, Gr. dams ...between 40,000 & 30,000 lbs milk!

Also over 200,000 lb lifetime records.

Previously he had his 4 direct that herd at the same time!

That adds credibility to his top rankings for SCS,PL and DPR(fertility)...which are more important than type.. to high lifetime production! Even though he has top type also!

 Many high genomic bull dams... have no actual production records

 and are not classified... some for 2 Generations ...NOT VIKING !


Dam, Nina VG(88) Mam @ 2yrs.                              

We are very excited to have VIKING available.He has it all .He is owned by and Exclusively available from Flatness International Inc. We are looking for new Distr. around the world

VIKING semen is packed at 50 million sperm cells per unit,pre freeze.His semen is  very fertile thus 40 million post freeze. Most large AI companies semen is packed at 9 million sperm freeze. Now many pregnancies on the way!

We have done business in over 30 countries on 5 continents

VIKING  is immediately available... thruout the US please contact us.



Now... more of VIKING'S cow family

VIKING's3rd dam,Horstyle Niagra Geri VG(85) 5-04 328D 36,321m 3.8% 1385f 3.0%1089P

VIKING's 4th dam..Horstyle Mac Going VG(87)

6-03 335d 35,746 m 3.8%1341f 3.01% 1108p

VIKING's 5th dam Horstyle Oman Go VG(87)

2-10 365d 38,181m 3.7%1424f 3.3%1259p

VIKINGS 6th dam ...(above) Horstyle Laurier Lassy VG(88) GMD DOM

Her Pat Gr.dam was the great Ricecrest Luke Lauren EX(91)

4-11 365d 43,5273m 3.7%1628f 3.0% 1305P

264,799 milk lifetime

VIKINGs 7th dam... Horstyle Aerostar Laurel VG(87) GMD

4-01 365d 42,511m 3.3% 1386F 3.1%1317p

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