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GOLDEN EYE   dtr.....Flatness-Intl GE Lucky a potential  EX Mammary, VG young cow.... was re-scored on Monday 1/20/2014.... milking 95 lbs per day ...fresh 20 days.and went VG(85) VG(88) Mam! She was scored GP(82)@2-04 106 BAA  March 5, 2013 and was Genomic tested as well....she was  +1833 CTPI, 133 pts over Ped Avg.. She has a fancy heifer...Flatness-Intl Lucky Shamrock.... just bred to Mogul Defender. that calf will have GOLDEN EYE's dam on both sides of the pedigree.  Lucky  also has a heifer calf by  Supersire ,a former No.1 GTPI sire.  Lucky now milking 103 lbs per day, is now bred to Megasire...also a former No.1 GTPI sire.

She is from the Rothrock Lou Ella EX(92) family, the dam of Leadman EX(93) and  LIGHTNING EX(94) and many other high scoring dtrs up to EX(94). Flatness-Intl GE Lucky has 3 crosses to Dellia...her sire's dam was a Durham(son of Dellia) dtr. .Her dam was a MR Sam dtr a Durham son(dam Dellia) and her gr dam was from a DELLSTAR (dam Dellia) son .  There are other fancy GOLDEN EYE milking dtrs in several states now....some were VG as 2yr.olds including a herdmate to Lucky..

GE Lucky's grand dam.

Flatness-Intl Lonestar VG(85),VG(87) Mam.@ 2-07, 2nd lactation photo 
                                                                                     2-03 2x 365d 31,982m 3.4% 1087f 3.2% 1023p over 64 in tall! 

Her fancy.. Mr Sam dtr., Flatness-Intl Lonesome was GP(83)@)2-8 and has milking dtrs , Flatness- Intl Lonely by FREEDOM and  GOLDEN EYE EX(90) dtr. Flatness-Intl GE Lucky mentioned above.

Lonestar VG(85)VG(87) Mam., @ 2-07, 50 on stature, 109.7 BAA  was the only dtr of SUPERSTAR a natural mating, who died just prior to sampling. She is a mat. sister to Laurette(below )and a grand dtr of Lauren (below her). She is a mirror image of her dam. Lonestar peaked at 102lbs milk 3.7% 3.2%p, Actual 2-03 2x 360d 31,594m 3.5% 1073f 3.2%1011p inc. ME 34,458m 1195f  1002p 6,000lbs milk over herdmates


Flatness-Intl Laurette-ET,VG(87),VG(87) Mam ....Lonestar's mat.sister
Excellent.. Dairy Strength @ 2-10, 111.2 BAA   
+1080M +39F +40P, Herdmate Dev.+3,502M +129F +124P,  (11/06)
1-10 2x 365d 34,827m 3.9% 1356f  3.4% 1184p 
3-2 2x 365d 34,997m 3.9% 1399f 3.7% 1295p   
Laurette...Lauren's(pictured below) Dtr by Manat, was the dam of  TORNADO  dtr , Flatness-Intl Lysah GP(83) 2yr. 1-10 2X 365d 31,857m 3.6 1141f 3.2%1019p,+1,323 PD milk.  Lysah had a dtr DORON Lovely GP(81)@2-8..with 2-04 28,294m 4.4%1140f 3.5% 920p

Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam (below) Double Gr. Dtr. of Walk Up Valiant Lou Ella EX(92)2E! 

Hyndl Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam....2yr 2x 365d 35,308m 3.6% 1268f 3.5%1243p

Hyndl Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam, above ,was one of the top DEMAND, EX(92)GM, dtrs.  Lauren's dam was Rothrock BT Lu, VG(88) EEVVV, 2-10 365d 2x 27,980m 4.2% 1175f 3.6% 1021p.   Lu was the highest index dtr.of the world-famous Rothrock Valiant Lou Ella, EX(92) GMD-DOM, dam of LEADMAN EX(93) GM and LIGHTNING EX(94) GM.  LIGHTNING is one of three EX(94) offspring of Lou Ella.  DEMAND is a LEADMAN son, thus Lauren is a double-granddaughter of Lou Ella.  Lauren GP(82) EX(91) BC was over 61 inches tall, a huge cow..strong, over 2,000 lbs., wide, powerful, and with dairy strength.   

Lauren peaked at  115 lbs. per day 2x with high components, the highest two-year-old in the herd.  Her herdmate deviations were:  +3,048M +104F +108P in a 30,000 lb. herd.  Her actual record was:  2-07 2x 365d 35,305m 3.6% 1263f 3.5% 1243p.   Lauren's  three year old dtr, Laurette, peaked at 108 lb per day 1st lactation, 127 lbs 2nd lactation... by MANAT. Lauren was the dam of Lone Star... she was sired by SUPERSTAR . That mating combined the best of LOU ELLA and DELL 



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