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What the numbers mean...

 Ample will to milk. Fast milk let down. More milk for size.
Faster growth. High udder for easy care and modern milking.
Room for the udder. Added calving ease. Long breeding life.
Larger mature size. Healthy udder, feet and legs and lungs. 
More appetite. Less injury to teats and legs. Easy milking.
Less foot trimming. More durable bones.
Attentive character .

More detailed descriptive info below....




138BS02165 Flatness Intl JILLION
123645 (Brown Swiss)  Dairyness, high production, very angular, tall, high, wide rear udders, length.  Dam is a World Record cow for milk and component improvement.  Use on thick, wide cows needing more dairyness and production improvement.
Rothrock BS LIGHTNING EX(94), EX(100) Body Capacity, EX(96) Feet & Legs
135426 Dairyness, deep, open rib, will add set to leg and improve udder cleft and front teat size and placement.  A top bull for combination of  open rib (LIGHTNING was  EX(100) for Body Capacity) and udder cleft improvement (over 96% Rel.)  Also sires high components (F&P). Use on straight-legged cows needing body depth, udder cleft, teat placement,  and component improvement.
Ver Hages Component KING
132456 Dairyness, depth of rib, clean, flat bone, stature, high, wide rear udder with improved udder cleft. Poor Fertility  May be used on any cow needing more production, component, and overall type fertility
140HO00306 Plushanski FF PYRAMID
Dairyness, extremely deep body (class. EX(95)  Body & Dairyness & EX(90) Frame), open rib, high production, high fat & protein, and udder improvement. Use on cows needing body depth improvement and better udders .
Flatness Intl JAMAICA 
Reg. 194833
132546 (Brown Swiss)  Dairyness, clean flatboned legs, wide rumps, high ,wide rear udders, stature, and overall production. Our highest milk bull  and component improvement. Use on thick cows needing more production, component, and overall type improvement. He sires fancy heifers like his full sisters.
138HO01855 Creek WD DIAMOND 213456 Stature, high, wide rear udders, dairyness and depth of rib, wide rumps, high production, high fat & protein, and overall type improvement. They are tall., Use on thick cows, needing production improvement
555HO318 Gaige Tamaras TORNADO 234156 Stature...Very tall and long, very good udders, dairy strength, open rib.Sires the fancy ones with high milk production Use on wide  cows,  needing stature, dairy strength and open rib. An outstanding rear udder improver. He has sired fancy ones.!
140HO00301 Plushanski BW BEETHOVEN 315426 Wide rumps, dairyness, deep, open rib, high production, fat & protein, and udder improvement, strength and style. An overall type improver. They are big open deep-ribbed cattle. 
Flatness Intl FREEDOM  
342156 Fancy long correct rumps, length and strength, good production, very high Fat % and Lbs.  Udder improvement, longevity and style. FREEDOM is an EXTREME high components production, longevity and fertility improver.
140HO00304 Plushanski PF PHARAOH
Wide rumps, strength and length, outstanding udders, high production and components. Use on tall cows needing overall udder improvement.
138HO01565 Regancrest DELIVERANCE
Wide rumps, flat bone ,strong front-ends, outstanding udders. Is an overall type improver.
555HO00110 Premo-Vale Planet DEFENDER 345126 For wide rumps, flat bone, strong front ends.  DEFENDER is a  high milk Index bull. Thus power and production for long life ,high Net Merit and  Prod.Life. Very well balanced bull ,use with confidence on any cow or heifer! Outstanding Feet & Legs
555HO00115 Hammer-Creek Sham KLARK-et 351426 For wide rumps, flat bone,strong front ends KLARK is our 2nd highest milk index bull. Power and production and long Prod Life with high fertility Very well balanced bull , long bodyu. Use with confidence on any cow or heifer!
555HO00120 Monanfran JS Sham LUST ET 351426 high components...Fancy flatboned ,wide high mik bull and strong..deep body Very well banced bull deeper bodied than KLARK above
555HO00007 Regancrest-BH GOLDEN EYE 432156 Dairy Strength, flat  clean bone, high production..Top Type! One of our highest TPI bulls..overalll  type improver they are Fancy
555HO00125 Hickorymeas TYBALT -PP-Red-ET 423615 Strong,Long, Tall ,Fancy and Stylish A top Polled-RED Holstein bull!
555HO01566 Futuraland ZADE
Strong and long, outstanding udders and foot & leg improvement, straightens legs, high production & components. Breeds best Longevity sire Use on deep-bodied, wide cows.
Regancrest BR DORON-ET
426315 Strong , long, tall and stylish., sires outstanding udders. Fancy dtrs top type. Outstanding type, production and component improver
(Brown Swiss) Long and strong, stylish, outstanding udders, and feet & legs, high  production and components. Fast milking speed!! Outstanding Longevity traits Outstanding overall type improver, good mating for all cows in heat, including Collection dtrs. 
555BS01695 Rolling Meadows JULIO 432561 (Brown Swiss) Strong and long, overall type improver, high  production and components. A calving ease sire. Fast milking Speed Use on deep-bodied, open ribbed cows.
138HO01990Ver Hages BRILLIANCE 432561  Strong and long, overall type improver, tremendous production and components.  Average calving ease sire. Very well balanced, can be used widely on cows or heifers.
140HO00300 Plushanski Bwood BECK
Long and dairy, correct rumps, production, type, and component improvement. Use on deep-ribbed cows.  
138&555HO01517 Regancrest DELLSTAR
Top production,components, and type.Improves strength, length, style, exceptional fore udders high, wide rear udders & outstanding feet & leg improver! EX(97) F&L, The Best ..4652 Bull of ALL TIME !! Overall type improver.  For  best results, use on deep-ribbed cows.An All-Time Great Foot & Leg improver
Joy-Haven SUPERSTAR 534162  SUPERSTAR's dam is a huge 65"tall, 5th Generation EX, that is linebred to and goes directly back to Lou Ella's dam, Lou Ann, through LouElla's EX(91) full sister.Her dtr. Leadman Sable EX(91) is his gr.dam Very wide,...with a box car rump, strong deep bodied, fancy and tall .He was a flawless bull.
Horstyle Norse VIKING 534612 Extremely well balanced bull ..will excel in all type traits! +1467 PD milk! Plus on all the health traits and type and is A2A2! Top bull..  just use him on females that comes in  heat !
555BSO2320 Flatness Intl REQUEST 513642 (Brown Swiss) Use to add width, substance, fancy udders, depth of body& rib..EX(95) Body and wide, correct rumps.  Also outstanding production with high components. Use on the tall, cows needing more width,  substance, and depth of body and rib. Impressive  dtrs
555HO01790 Regancrest MAGNIFICENT 651423 Outstanding production and type improver.  Very fancy, stylish individual, wide, extremely deep-ribbed, strong, straight on top, with wide boxcar rump and correct feet and legs, like his dtrs..   Outstanding udders,.overall width and type improver.  Very well balanced
555BS02866 Flatness Intl MONTORO 645213 (Brown Swiss) Outstanding production and type potential. Very stylish,EX(90) @ 2yrs ,outstanding feet and Legs, EX(91) F&L Outstanding udders and feet and legs. Use on open cows needing improvement in these traits.

Kurtz- Valley Dellstar CARL

645213 Breed avg production,outstanding type. Very fancy, stylish individual; strong, straight on top; very outstanding feet & legs.  Classified VG(89), EX(92)Feet & Legs @ 3yrs. Really does these RARE numbers Is siring outstanding udders and feet & legs....slow maturing.

Breeding strengths are highlighted......, since I've seen the cow families of my bulls many times and I'm very familiar with their pedigrees for many generations, my bulls' individual appearances over different stages of growth, and have seen their offspring,. Thus I have highlighted their strongest points by enlarging their numbers below.  For example, LIGHTNING and PYRAMID are rated highest for No. 1 Dairy and No. 3 Open.  They both sire extremely dairy offspring with extreme depth and openness of rib. 

I have utilized, believed in and followed the aAa program for over 60 years.   IT WORKS!  "Bootmaker", "Astronaut", and many other greats were results of correct aAa analysis. 

BEETHOVEN's  is 315426.  His cows and heifers are strong, deep-bodied, and very correct, including GP and VG daughters at 2 years.  BEETHOVEN EX(95) was huge and very well balanced.  He will mate best on cows needing more production, protein, and fat.  His nephew FREEDOM EX(91)...342156 is similar in body traits, but will transmit better udders and longevity than BEETHOVEN.

PHARAOH's  is 342516.   PHARAOH  sired very high producing, wide-rumped, long, dairy-strength, cows with outstanding udders.

PYRAMID was a unique dairy (13) bull with high production and sires outstanding udders.  He is 132456. 

However, the big news is what the breed desperately needs...DELLSTAR, an outstanding production and type  bull that  sires strength, style, and width, plus exceptional fore udders and high, wide rear udders.  DELLSTAR is 465213.  He redefines greatness!

DIAMOND was bred to sire outstanding stature, and high & wide rear udder improvement.  Also, dairyness with deep, open rib, and wide boxcar rumps.   His  213456 reflects those strengths.  He has virtually the same aAa code as his dam's famous  maternal brother, DURHAM, who has been one of the breed's No. 1 type improvers.

DELIVERANCE is 342516.   DELIVERANCE was an extremely well balanced bull that is an overall type improver.  Formerly...he was in the breeds Top Ten for Body Composite !

ZADE is 423615. He is the breeds... best udder and Longevity Traits improver, plus high component % improver.  ZADE's TPI  index for production and type is one of the highest in the breed.  For best results, use him on deep-ribbed, wide cows.

BRILLIANCE is 432561.  He was one of the breeds leading fat and protein  sires.  He  sires outstanding production and overall type improvement.  BRILLIANCE is very well balanced and can be used widely on almost any cow or heifer. 

MAGNIFICENT is 651423.  He is an extremely stylish, well-balanced bull that is top type improver!  He has been very popular..our best thurl width improver 

DORON was our top type sire at one time ..peaked at +3.67 Type! He is 426315. He's strong, long, tall and fancy like his cow family and his dtrs.

CONQUEST is 426315.   He was a the top proven Brown Swiss bull! He was an extremely well balanced, strong bull that is a top overall type improver and sires outstanding uUdders and Feet and Legs.  His best matings will be with cows in heat.. use him .  His son, REQUEST, 513642, is  a very unusual Swiss bull, . He  sires extreme width and depth of rib, correct rumps, and very high components.

JULIO is 432561.  He was very strong and long, straight-topped, and well-balanced.  He will be an overall type improver, siring outstanding milk production and components.  Use on deep, open-ribbed cows for best results.

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