LIGHTNING...A Top Udder Cleft,  Open Rib,  Fat % & Protein % Improv
Rothrock BS LIGHTNING-ET *TL,  Reg. #2166222
Excellent-94-Gold Medal 2/97               aAa 135426
EX(94) at 9 yrs., EX(96) Feet & Legs, EX(100) Body

+0.13%Fat  +0.02% Protein (4/22)

Note: originally LIGHTNING was as Plus Proven sire. He was born 31 years ago. Since then the USDA proofs have lowered Milk PDM by 2,500 lbs. There is NO bull in the world that is stll plus proven for milk production.. born during or before 1991!

Calving Ease 3.0 (4/22)

LIGHTNING sired very dairy, deep-bodied, extremely open-ribbed daughters with well-attached udders that have outstanding udder cleft. They are average in stature, with wide rumps and proper rump slope. For highest type scores, use LIGHTNING on stylish cows needing more set to the leg and udder capacity.

LIGHTNING's type information is the result of random AI sampling (Stud sampled.) Now that his highly reliable type pattern. LIGHTNING will is best known for his outstanding, highly reliable, component improvement ( +0.13% Fat and +0 .03% Protein.)

LIGHTNING is owned and marketed exclusively by Flatness International. Inc. Distributor opportunities, large volume and cash discount pricing available. To order, contact us by fax at 570-836-1549.

159HO00010 LIGHTNING puts it all together more reliably and for less cost than many other sire in the breed.  He adds the All-Time Great Genetics™ of BLACKSTAR from the incomparable LOU ELLA cow family. LIGHTNING was our most popular bull during 1998.   LIGHTNING semen is immediately available internationally at low prices.   


LIGHTNING has 2,025 daughters in 647 herds in his  4/20 production proof. This includes daughters in the U.S. as well as in New Zealand, Germany, Belgium, and the U.K.   LIGHTNING also had EXCELLENT daughters in England  

LIGHTNING... was born 29 years ago in his proof has lost more than 2,500 lbs of PD milk index due to base changes.... like every old bull from then. If you can only afford low priced semen he can still benefit your herd They were very wide and exceptional deep ribbed....with high components...he was avg for Calving ease.

Short Hills Light Krystal, VG(86), VG(F&L). VG(Mam.)
DC EX(91), F&L VG(85), Mam. VG(87), FS VG(86)
2-8 2x 365d 21,099m 4.3% 915f 3.8% 795p
3-10 2x 365d 37,703m 4.0% 1497f 3.3% 1242p
(Owned by Richard and Annette Smith, Ancram, NY)
Rhoda.jpg (36839 bytes)
Smithson Lightning Rhoda VG(88)
Fr. EX(94), DC EX(92), BC EX(92), F&L VG(87), FS VG(88)
1-10 2x 286d 15,057m 4.1% 614f 3.6% 536p
2-9 2x 295d 24,149m 4.1% 990m 3.4% 823p
3-9 2x 309d 27,362m 3.5% 966f 3.5% 942p
(Owner, C. Vernon Smith, Jr., N. Brookfield, MA)
Spring-Shade Light Solo-ET VG(85), VG F&L, VG Mammary
2-0 2x 343d 21,850m 3.5% 757f 3.2% 698p
3-1 2x 365d 27,243m 3.3% 912f 3.2% 901p
4-4 2x 329d 25,331m 3.5% 894f 3.2% 803p
(Owner, Carl L. Martin of Ephrata, PA)


HM-NV Lightning Peg-ET VG(86) VG(Mam.) VG(F&L)
DC EX(90), F&L VG(86), Mam. VG(87), FS VG(86)
2-4 2x 365d. 26,958m 3.6% 967f. 3.1% 844p
(Owner, Ronald M. Kling, MD and HilImont Farms, PA)
peg.jpg (51538 bytes)


Suntop Lightning Janel VG(85)
Fr. EX(98), DC EX(93), BC EX(93), F&L VG(85), FS VG(85)
2-0 2x 365d 32,130m 3.5% 1115f 3.4% 1062p
3-4 2x 365d 35,370m 3.6% 1271f 3.1% 1110p
Suntop Lightning Francine VG(85) VG(Feet & Legs) VG(Mammary)
3-1 2x 305d 25,110m 3.5% 868f 3.3% 821p
3-1 2x 365d 27,260m 3.5% 944f 3.3% 900p
(Owners, Thomas & Becky Birklid of Enumclaw, WA)
Brookedale Lightning Grace VG(85) VG(Mammary)
DC VG(85), BC VG(85), UD VG(86), FS VG(85)
3-0 2x 365d 21,710m 4.2% 904f 3.5% 755p
4-4 2x 365d 29,620m 4.2% 1249f 3.5% 1044p
(Owner, Brookedale Holsteins, Keyser, WV)
Smithson Lightning Roe VG(86)
Fr. VG(85), DC EX(90), BC EX(90), Mam. VG(86), FS VG(86)
2-4 2x 337d 16,743m 4.7% 786f 3.5% 577p
3-4 2x 274d 16,574m 4.9% 810f 3.5% 582p
Betzoldvale Lightning Klo GP(81)
3-4 2x 301d 28,577m 4.0% 1139f 3.3% 948p
Betzoldvale Lightning Princ GP(82)
2-1 2x 305d 24,999m 3.5% 868f 3.2% 804p
3-1 2x 305d 31,147m 3.3% 1016f 3.2% 1000p
4-1 2x 365d 35,573m 2.8% 1006f 3.3% 1169p
(Owner, Merle S. Betzold, Amery, WI)
       peg.jpg (51538 bytes)
LIGHTNING's Full Sister                                   LIGHTNING's Daughter
Rothrock BS Likeable-ET, VG(86) VG(F&L) VG(Mam.)        HM-NV Lightning Peg-ET VG(86) VG(F&L & Mam.) 
2-2 2x 365d 25,730m 3.5% 910f 3.3% 842p                           2-04 2x 365d 26,958m 3.6% 967f 3.1% 844p

If you examine the photos of LIGHTNING's full sister, "Likeable", and LIGHTNING's daughter "Peg" closely, you will see the typical young LIGHTNING daughter. The LIGHTNING daughters closely represent what he should sire from his aAa code 135426, and it is further detailed in his official HFA type information.


LIGHTNING can be used with confidence. His very fertile semen has earned him the reputation as a high conception rate bull. The Dairy Records Processing Center (DRPC) Raleigh, at the North Carolina State University, the largest dairy testing center in the world, lists relative conception rates on bulls. LIGHTNING'S conception rate is +3.2 on 1,773 services for 1996. This means that he is more than 3% better (a significant increase) than the average bull for sire fertility.

Sire Stack:....Blackstar, Valiant, Astronaut, Elevation
Sire:  To-Mar Blackstar-ET *TL, EX(93) GM
Dam:  Walkup Valiant Lou Ella, EX(92) GMD DOM
Gr'dam:  Walkup Astronaut Lou Ann, EX(94) 4E GMD DOM
Gr. Gr'dam:  Willowlyn Elevation Lou, EX(91) 3E DOM

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