The Crown Jewel Collection all graduates...including 
CONQUEST, aAa 426, BB KCN & JULIO. aAa 432, BB KCN
JAMAICA...aAa 132, BB KCN...tall, long & dairy,
REQUEST..aAa 513, BB KCN...wide & strong, deep bodied, top udders
MONTORO...aAa 645, BB KCN... for top udders & Feet & Legs

Sept. 18, 2020
Jill ... still holds world records... 23 years later!  Her son JAMAICA ....even after the base change.....his proof still looks good...Plus on PDM. Now with the expanded emphasis on A2 milk....he is A2A2...Plus he is also the Best on Kappa Casein.. BB for cheeese production. Great bull for cross breeding as well.


 April 9, 2016

Flatness-Intl Jills Jolly... completes outstanding 2yr old record...28,149m..1133F

Jolly.. is a direct descendant of the world record Jill EX(93) EX(94) Mam. Jolly's 5th dam.   Interesting sire stack..Payoff, Jetway,  MONTORO CONQUEST, Collection and then Pete Rose Jill's s


April 9, 2016

JAMAICA Genomic and Progeny tested.....after the 5 year base change still looks good. +349 Milk... 4.90 on CE...

Now....A2/A2 for Beta-casein and BB for Kappa-casein...both the best.

His full brother was an All-American and his full sister Jewel, was a high placing Fall Yearling (6th) at the 2002 World Dairy Expo and top Genetic Merit heifer.

 His dam Jill...was voted one of the best Br swiss cows of ALL-Time.... Jill

JAMAICA Genomic and Progeny tested.....after the 5 year base change still looks good. +349 Milk... 4.90 on CE...

Now....A2/A2 for Beta-casein and BB for Kappa-casein...both the best.

His full brother was an All-American and his full sister Jewel, was a high placing Fall Yearling (6th) at the 2002 World Dairy Expo and top Genetic Merit heifer.

 His dam Jill...was voted one of the best Br swiss cows of ALL-Time.... Jill

June 14,, 2015   

Embryo sale..look on  our Pricing... page we have some embryos from Jill of the best Br Swi\ss cows ever.... still a world record holder for prod. and type.

Please make us an offer.... on these embyos.

October 25, 2013

Outstanding  REQUEST  DTR record below...

Royal-Lind REQUEST BilliJo VG(87), VG(87) Mam...a gr dtr of Jill!

3/03 2x 304d 27,920m 3.8% 1068F 3.2% 893p

4/03 2x 365d 29,469m 3.8% 1104F 3.3% 973P

Owned by Dennis Roloff, Waupaca,Wis....Congratulations Dennis!

October 8, 2013

Nice to see old & new friends at the World Dairy Expo last week!

July 19,2013

Flatness-Intl Jolly... for sale...$1,500

Jolly.. is a direct descendant of the world record Jill EX(93) EX(94) Mam. Jolly's 5th dam.  Jolly was born in Nov. 2012, 6mo old straight, fancy well grown calf. Interesting sire stack..Payoff, Jetway,  MONTORO CONQUEST, Collection and then Pete Rose Jill's sire. Priced reasonably for quick sale. More info below. 

June 17, 2013

Jill ....genetics an update...4XS Jinx finished with ...1-10 2x 24,508m 3.7% 898F 3.5% 858P (no BST).

Now 2nd milking 120 lbs per day, 2nd test and 0.1 Somatic cell linear score, as low as possible!

New FANCY heifer calf...Flatness-Intl Jolly, by Payoff... he worked very well on the Jill family in the past.

JAMAICA's full sister Jewel shown on JAMAICA's page. Jewel had a CONQUEST dtr, then she had a MONTORO dtr.. Judy...she freshened  2nd lactation, with a beautiful heifer by the breed's All-Time Premier Sire at the World Dairy Expo...Forest-Lawn Simon Jetway. We were pleased...Jill is her 4th dam

This cow... now 2nd lactation....has 4 crosses to Elegant Simon the great udder improver. He is the sire of her sire(Jetway).... the Gr. sire of her dam's sire (MONTORO)... The sire of her gr. dams' sire (CONQUEST) and the sire of her  6th dam (Priscilla) These are all deep in her pedigree and a good blend of  production and type with a very correct aAa mating on  Jinx's sire and dam. Thus.. Flatness-Intl Jill 4XS Jinx.  Nothing like a good one to get you enthused again.

May 29, 2013

All our Brown Swiss embryos... may to be exported soon. 

If you want some please....make an offer this week.....look here....pricing.

May 29, 2013

 JAMAICA +667 PDM.  CONQUEST is our highest Prod Life bull +5.70 PL!

April proofs are now updated

April 1, 2011

March 12, 2012 

If I was moving to another planet and could only take one cow with me for the future of the world..... I would have taken .....Jill. 

She still has embryos available... as well as semen from her sons....JULIO and JAMAICA..

March 3, 2013 

Our bulls continue to look very good....all are great calving ease bulls, JULIO best at 4&5. 

JAMAICA highest for milk and type, CONQUEST highest for Prod Life+6.00 and Net Merit $339, REQUEST highest fat +0.08%.

December 1, 2011

Wide rumps and high... wide rear udders...the breed needs it.

+610 PD milk...Plus on Type..+0.30 Type

You need a a 325 aAa bull to do that ...add in high production first and you get 1325 and you have JAMAICA. ...(a son of Jill).  He will do all that and his new higher production proof  and linear traits confirm it.

Nov. 30, 2011

Embryos for on sale! Contact us for details

Aug. 10, 2011

JILL... is one of only 2 cows.... to have two sons on the 4/11 Available bulls list .

They are...JULIO No.24 & JAMAICA No. 28. The other cow Snickerdoodle, has two ...No.33 & 43.

August 30, 2010

When Cross breeding....Use MONTORO

Most Holstein herds when crossbreeding want the traditional Br. Swiss traits... power, strength and the best feet and legs..MONTORO EX(90) EX(91) F& L, has them and i 645 aAa what the Holstein breed needs. Net Merit +$210, +1.29 F&L Comp.

August 28, 2010

For the best Proven improver of ..Feet & Legs...Udder , Longevity, Net Merit and more... +5.80 Prod Life....CONQUEST!     + $335 Net Merit

Received the following nice note about a Jill dtr., Jillisa..not the highest scored dtr., Jewel (above)was VG(89)and a show heifer...thanks for your kind note Dennis!

Good morning Ron,
This is Dennis Roloff from Waupaca, Wi.  Last November I flushed Flatness-Intl Jillisa(a Mascot dtr) to Bridge View Prime Time and got 9 eggs, 6 1's, 2 2's and a 3.  I froze the 6 number 1's and planted the other 3.  Well, those 3 all took so I will have 3 Prime Times due right around September 1st!  I still have 3 from Diablo and 12 from Starbuck in the tank.  Jillisa is bred back to Legacy for a late September calf.  She will be in the low 30,000's for milk this time in 365 days.  I think I told you that she is now scored VG-87 with this breakdown-E92, E90, V89, E94 and +80.  Her REQUEST daughter, Billijo is VG-85 with a VG-86 mam as a 2 yr old and WILL get better!  She finished her 1st record at 1/11 365 days, 19,750M 812F and 600P.  She has a Rhythm daughter who will be a butt kicking Fall yearling this year and a Dec. 4th, 09 Wonderment heifer calf that looks real nice too.  And then there is the Payoff daughter that I sold as a bred heifer because I was afraid of what her udder might look like that scored VG-86 as a 2yr old with a VG-87 udder and made over 20,000 as a 2yr old and making a much better one this time.  I also have a July, 09 Vigor heifer from Jillisa that will be at the shows too.  Jillisa has done very well for me.  Yes, I would sure like to change her udder a bit but so far, she is not giving that to her daughters.  And as you can see, I have been using bulls with great udders on her.  Do you still have Jill or is she gone now? (Jill is gone ..the was EX(93), EX(94) Mam..a few embryos remain..see pricing)) What a great cow family to work with...  
            Well, I better get some work done outside.  It's pretty nice out there today.  I hope you are having a good day too!

 July 2, 2010

ALL our Br. Swiss bulls are outstanding for Calving Ease! Varying from 96% no problem (4%).. to 95%( 5%) problem free!

January 30, 2010

CONQUEST very popular in Australia, Ecuador and Canada.

Good reports on CONQUEST coming in from all over..a fine bull...very nice official proof in Canada also. We also have CONQUEST and other embryos available from Jill ...eligible for export to anywhere in the world.

December 17, 2008

A REQUEST dtr. No. 5 in the sale... sold for $4,400 at the 2008 World Dairy Expo Premier sale. Consigned by the Remsburg's and Henderson of Md. Sold to Jason and Sarah Burmeister Wis. Congratulations Jason and Sarah!

December 17, 2008

Outstanding Cows....Outstanding Sons

There are two cows with 2 proven sons each on the Top 60, Available Sire List. One is Jill EX(93)3E, 5th Gen EX....current World Milk & Protein record holder in class. She now has two sons on the list, JULIO No.28 and JAMAICA No. 36.

Previously Connie EX(92)2E, former World Protein record cow...had more than two... now her only son on the list  is CONQUEST, 5th Gen. EX....No. 21 and No.7 for Lifetime Net Merit $

September 9, 2008

Both REQUEST and JAMAICA have now graduated as Plus Production and Type bulls... thus keeping our string alive, 100% plus proven  bulls for Production and Type from the Crown Jewel Collection ProgramThank you Customers!  Both REQUEST and JAMAICA are +0.40 on PTA Type.

September 9, 2008

Want 5% fat, 4% Protein?  Improving your herds genetic potential is here for you!

Get genetics from sons of EX(92)2E and EX(93)3E World Record cows that have done it!  Also embryos from Jill are available CONQUEST, REQUEST and Jet Pilot....will be flushed again soon.

CONQUEST son of Connie also JULIO and JAMAICA sons of Jill!

June 9, 2008

The Crown Jewel Collection....from Flatness international Inc.

The only young sire program in the world ...where 100% of the young sires, when proven, both Holstein and Br.Swiss graduated were....Plus proven for Production and Type. No breeder syndicates , all normal AI Standard sampling! Also all bulls classified Very Good or Excellent ,they average Excellent and all .....not just a few, are actually classified

June 8, 2008

All of our Br.Swiss bulls are tops for crossbreeding particularly CONQUEST, if wanting a proven bull or MONTORO is prefering a lower cost New Sire. Both are great feet and leg inprovers, both classified EX in Feet and Legs and CONQUEST is +1.18 F+L Comp.!

May 29, 2008 

.CONQUEST'S ...a Top Ten list Leader

As usual ...CONQUEST is No.1 in the breed ....for several traits.....+6.60 Prod Life!

Both CONQUEST and JULIO sire fast milking speed!

April 30, 2008

Two new Very Good ....JAMAICA dtrs.

Twinkle-Hill Farm, Watertown,Wis, have two 2nd lactation, Very Good JAMAICA dtrs....Jamaica Darby VG(85), VG(85) Mam and  Jamaica Ursula VG(86)&VG(88) Mam.  Ursula also... is now one of JAMAICA's highest production dtrs.

April 18, 2008

Two CONQUEST dtrs on the top 100 PPR list.

No. 63...Front Line Conquest Tweeter GP(82), Bred by Heindel's and owned by Byron Graybeal, Pa. and No. 77...Kinderkay Quest Casy GP(84),bred by Joe Miller and owned by Doug Rhoades, Ohio. Tweeter is in her 1st lactation ,Casy in her 5th lactation.  Congratulations all! CONQUEST also has many VG and EX dtrs .  Any similar news? Let us know we will report it here.

April 16, 2008

Embryos and semen for sale... some cows sold, except Jill

MONTORO heifers looking good...two  now milking...

 MONTORO JQ  fresh, nice udder,  together with her dam Jillquest ...were sold to Tim and Carrie DeMuth. They also bought MONTORO Jem.

MONTORO Jenna sold previously..also to Tim & Carrie DeMuth, Wis., congratulations Tim and family.

MONTORO Judy a fancy show heifer born 10/11/06, looks like her gr.dam Monteil, who scored EX(98) in Mam. by the Switzerland AI inspection group during her prime.. MONTORO Judy is pregnant bred to JULIO. We look forward to calving her out in Sept. 08

MONTORO's three nearest dams are 3E,EX(93)EX(93)Mam, 3E,EX(93)EX(96) Mam and 3E,EX(94) EX(96) Mam.   EX(94) is the highest possible score in US Br. Swiss!  MONTORO's mat. gr. dam Monay, is the All-Time All-American 3yr old and Res. All-Time All-American Aged Cow.

Several potential EXCELLENT CONQUEST dtrs . There are at least two official Excellent dtrs of CONQUEST in Wis. now, Ingleside CONQUEST Kanya and Nolandale CONQUEST Jodie Most of his high scored dtrs are on his web page. If you have a new one or yours is raised in points please let us know.

April 7, 2008

Both REQUEST and JAMAICA  received their 1st preliminary proofs, Plus at +754 PDM for JAMAICA and +420 PDM for REQUEST..they look good and will graduate onto the Br Swiss Active AI List in Aug. when they will have more classified dtrs and thus a more accurate type proof.. 

Thus we continue to keep our 100% plus proven graduates string alive, in both Holsteins and Brown Swiss !

 April 7, 2008

Productive Longevity improvers....

CONQUEST +6.60 Prod. Life!  No.1 Active in the breed.

Even though both have been helpful over the years..... looking in the show ring or on the type lists does not yield Longevity.  Look at the top (high reliability) bulls for the Longevity traits...Productive Life, Low Somatic Cell score, Calving Ease, Fertility (DPR). Also fast milking speed....that is actually evaluated... in Europe ....on CONQUEST and JULIO. 

The above Longevity traits.... have been evaluated and compared on millions of cows monthly...not a one time, 2 min. look at 2yr olds ....the substance of type proofs. 

JULIO 's dam made over 200,000 lbs milk lifetime and over 15,000 lbs fat and protein. She is 13 years old ,EX(93) EX(94) Mam. 3E.  His EX(91) 5E maternal gr. gr dam lived to be over 16 years old!  JULIO's Paternal Gr. dam was also EX(90) 5E, had over 230,000 lbs milk in 11 lactations and lived to be over 17 years old!

Look at CONQUEST and JULIO ....their Longevity traits  are outstanding.!

New proofs 4/08....CONQUEST is now +6.60 PL,+0.30 DPR(fertility),2.65 SCS, 360 dtrs, 300 herds  

JULIO +2.80PL, +0.00 DPR, 2.76 SCS 157 dtrs ,1120 herds! They have been near the top of the proven sire lists for over 4 years now!

 March  8, 2008

CONQUEST accidentally omitted from the (8/07)Hoards Dairyman List..... but is on for 1/08.

Hoards Dairyman  produced a new list for their Oct. 10 issue, the Hoards Online list was corrected. CONQUEST was the No. 4 Net Merit bull, No. 2 with high Rel. He had over 200 dtrs in over 200 herds. .

For 1/08 he has 309 in 262 herds...remains No.2 high Rel bull!

The low rel. bulls always come and go ..CONQUEST has  remained near the top for all-around production and type improvement for several years.

Nov. 30, 2007

Sexed semen....want some?

Sexed semen is very expensive to produce, it is only for heifers and requesting a large quantity quote, does not help the price. We could produce 2,000 units of triple strength semen with the same quantity of raw semen to produce approx.100 units sexed. The difference in the value of a male or female Br Swiss calf is about $800.. 

Interested in CONQUEST sexed?  Price  $60 per unit, US price, higher outside the US, expect to pay $100 or so. 20 unit quantities, plus shipping, no discount for larger volume. 60 units or more, free shipping in the US.  Semen produced according to demand, if you want some, order it now ,down payment required.

Oct. 9, 2007

Now top dtrs of our bulls REQUEST, MONTORO in Australia and Japan!

Sept. 24, 2007 


More JAMAICA dtrs are freshening now and he will have a proof  soon. They combine all the top  production and type traits of his sire and dam with none of the slow milking speed of his sire. Their owners are very happy with them .His brother JULIO is a top proven bull as well, No. 31 overall and No.11 on bulls over 149 dtrs on the available PPR list.

CONQUEST is receiving continued useage and respect from the dairymen that own his dtrs. Randy Scheidler of Wis, breeder of several VG and EX CONQUEST dtrs says" CONQUEST is the only bull we have used on three occasions. I really like his dtrs, he is one of the few bulls that stays at the top of the proven sire lists." 

CONQUEST remains the highest R-Hart bred bull on the PPR list....actually the only one in the top 30!  Many bulls have been near the top of that proven sire list ,most are near the bottom now. CONQUEST is No. 9, overall and No.2 with 240 dtrs or more!

Sept. 24, 2007

Jill now officially a Superior Brood Cow. Her son JULIO is a Qualified Sire

CONQUEST's dam now Superior Brood Cow also. He is her only Superior Sire son.

Sept. 24, 2007

Real Longevity...CONQUEST .... + 6.20 Prod Life

His oldest dtrs were born in 2000, they are now in their 4th lactation. You cannot accurately evaluate longevity untill the dtrs are old enough to have actually produced results. CONQUEST was AI proven, NOT breeder/syndicate proven where the poor dtrs were culled quickly, they are ALL included, the best and the rest . He has several Excellent and Very Good dtrs, with ACTUAL records over 30,000 lbs of milk, many listed on CONQUEST's page and he is a sire of AI sons including REQUEST.

+6.20 PL means more than extra $50,000 to you in added milk production from their lifetime, of a group of 50 dtrs compared to +0.00 PL herd-mates. If the herd-mates were -6.20PL it would increase to $100,000!  Gordon is an example of a low PL bull at -2.80 primarily because of slow milking speed,  high somatic cell score and minus on fertil

April 19, 2006

 CONQUEST and JULIO No.7 and No. 30 on the 2/07 Net Merit List

Both bulls are very well proven with over 150 dtrs in over 100 herds. CONQUEST is No 3 ...for bulls with over 160 dtrs.  JULIO is the son of the double world record Jill below.

May 7, 2007

World Records!

Jill EX(93)3E, EX(94)Mam., 5th Gen. Exellent.... currently holds TWO World Records... for 2-year-old Milk and Protein production, 1-11 2X 365d 36,940m 3.6% 1335f 4.1% 1501p and FIVE straight records over 31,000 lbs. of milk.  Her highly proven son JULIO continues to sire outstanding production, type, longevity and fast milking speed. He has milking dtrs. in the US, Netherlands and mostly in Switzerland.  Her other son JAMAICA has milking dtrs in Ill.,Wis. and Pa.

Now the CONQUEST dtr Lana is following in Jill's path.  Her records are below.

Al Bar Conquest Lana-ET,EX(90) F&L,VG(86) FS 
2-01 2x 365d 33,912m 4.5%1538f 3.5%1186p
3-10 2x 332d 32,277m 4.0%1258f 3.6%1162p
4-10 2x 365d 33,250m 4.4%1461f 3.6% 1197p
(Bred by Alton Kauffmann, MD,  Owned  since a calf, by Rob Landgraf, MO)

April 10, 2007

Jill now qualifies for "Superior Brood Cow" status

Feb. 16, 2007
REQUEST dtrs looking good and High Components!
Dtrs milking in Ill., NY and Pa. , A 2yr old just classified for Joy Hess, GP(84),VG Mammary, bred by Heindels's
We believe in REQUEST. Jill Now has a son....JAGUAR by REQUEST.

Feb. 10, 2007
CONQUEST ..Daughters scored Excellent & High CTPI Cows!

The latest EX is Ingleside Conquest Kanya, bred by Randy Scheidler, WI, and now owned by Rebecca and Steve Beutel, WI.  Kanya is also No. 247 on the 11/06 CTPI list.  Nolandale Conquest Jodie is  EX(90) EX Mam. bred by Nolandale, IL and owned by Rachel Retrum, Wis. Congratulations breeders and owners!

Ingleside Conquest Kanya
Excellent, EX Mammary...1st lactation photo
(Breeder: Ingleside Farms, WI / Owner: Beutel Family, WI)

The highest CONQUEST daughters are:

Again, congratulations breeders and owners!

Feb. 10, 2007
Milking Speed..JULIO and CONQUEST the best! Among all their other top traits
Particularly in Br. Swiss... Milking Speed is very important. The range is 3 min to 30 minutes! In  Switzerland where most of their dtrs are milking, they do an excellent job evaluating Milking Speed. They are published on a linear scale 100 is average and the range is 50 to 120. JULIO(called Jil-Julio there) is 113,  CONQUEST is 107 and near the bottom ..Gordon, 52!  Thanks to Triple Genetics for sampling JULIO so well in Switzerland.

Nov. 30, 2006 

Nov proofs...CONQUEST and JULIO continue to Shine!

Nov. 14, 2006

Recent top breeders from Switzerland.. visting Pa., when asked who is the best type bull used in Switzerland? the answer ..Jill-Julio.. JULIO's short name in Switzerland!

Nov. 14, 2006

Jill  is fresh again!

She had a very nice bull calf by REQUEST,  in October named Flatness Intl JAGUAR ,a perfect aAa mating. Jill is off to a good start and had 87 lbs of high component milk for the tester. She plans to extend her world record to include SIX straight 30,000+ milk records! Already over 200,000 lbs milk lifetime, Jill will be 12 years old next month.

Nov. 14, 2006

Beginning with the Nov. 06 proofs,on Thursday Active Ai sires updated, all our bulls will have the 555 stud code. That is the new stud code for Flatness International Inc. This will not affect anyone will just give us better brand identity. If you look on Julio's page for example you see he is listed with both 555BSO1695 & 138BSO1695.

October 14, 2006

Another Very Good Jill dtr!

Jill's youngest dtr...Flatness Intl Jillisa is now VG(86),Excellent in several categories, on her 1st classification...2nd lactation , 30 days fresh. 

She completed an outstanding 1st lactation ,peaking at 104 lbs milk, 2-03 2X 318d 26,600m 3.7% 986f 3.5% 931p.  She was +3,373lbs milk, +103lbs fat and +112lbs protein over herdmates for a nice index of +1147m,+37f +38p. She has a new heifer calf by REQUEST. Jillisa and dtr are owned by Dennis Roloff, Wis., Congratulations Dennis!

This is now the 4th Very Good dtr for Jill...her highest scored is Flatness Intl Jewel VG(89)she has a breeding age heifer by MONTORO it will be bred to JULIO. Jillquest(by CONQUEST) is VG(87)she has a heifer  by MONTORO and lastly Jasmine is VG(85),VG(87) Mam. Jill's All-American son Jillinger ,would have scored Excellent, but was never scored, too busy breeding everything that moved at Elizabeth Shearer's Holstein and Br.Swiss herd in Pa.

Jill has three sons in our AI program, JILLION, JAMAICA and JULIO the first one proven. He is an outstanding bull , No. 34 on the current US PTI  list and looks even better on his proof in Switzerland

Jill should now qualify for Superior Brood Cow!  Jill recently calved with a REQUEST  bull calf. She is now poised to complete her 6th straight 30,000lb milk record..her 4th & 5th straight are already World Records. Jill will be 12 years old in Dec.and looks great..EX(93),EX(94) Mam!

October 14, 2006

New Photo of  MONTORO  now EX(90),EX(91)Feet & Legs!

October 14, 2006

Outstanding  Prod.Life(Longevity) from CONQUEST  +5.60 PL and JULIO +2.90 PL!  Also fast milking speed, Low Somatic cell score and high Fertility( DPR). Serious improvers for modern Br. Swiss.

JULIO has an outstanding new US only Production proof, that has not been added to his Mace proof yet, needs to add a couple of herds.... +918 PDM.  MACE type proofs have been updated .

Aug. 9, 2006

Aug. 06 Calving Ease Info

JULIO and CONQUEST remain our best calving ease bulls of either breed. Calving ease is expressed as % difficult births, the lower difficult births the better, to a point.... below 4% the calves are quite small and the bull calves are worth very little for beef. Also mature size suffers..except JULIO and CONQUEST are above avg. size at maturity.

JULIO is 4 for Calving Ease and 4 for Maternal Calving Ease. CONQUEST is 5 CE and 5, Mat CE. All of our calving ease info is now updated with the 8/06 data.

Sept. 3, 2006

JULIO and CONQUEST should increase even more, on  Mon. Aug. 7, 2006 proofs

New article featuring JULIO's sire Earnest T and JULIO in the latest Holstein Intl Red Breeds section. Both are outstanding longevity and fast milking speed bulls ,JULIO is his best son overall.

CONQUEST and JULIO  the best proven all-around Brown Swiss bulls for high lifetime, high component production, longevity ,low somatic cell count ,calving ease, fast milking speed and top type, all you want and need. The very best cow families, voted best of the century. With more emphasis on Prod. Life... CONQUEST's Net Merit score did increase even more.

CONQUEST is a 5th Gen Excellent  from Connie EX(92),EX(92) Mam.former world record protein cow. JULIO VG(88) is from Jill EX(93) EX(94) Mam ,5th Gen. Excellent also and holder of TWO current world records!  ALL our Brown Swiss bulls are Kappa Casein.. BB ,the best for high quality cheese production.

Both bulls went up on production on the May proofs plus added more more dtrs and herds. Currently CONQUEST is proven in the US and Switzerland. JULIO is proven in Switzerland and the Netherlands. JULIO has usually been higher than CONQUEST in Switzerland but it get's watered down when converted to a MACE(Interbull) proof. 

JULIO has always had milking dtrs in the US, but a lot are in non-tested, non-classified herds. Now new dtrs have been added, so he should have enough for a US proof also. So in Aug. JULIO's US dtrs should finally be added to his Mace proof, thus his proof should go even higher.

June 6, 2006

Al-Bar Conquest Lana VG(86) No. 39 on 5/06 CTPI list ! Now in her 3rd lactation she has peaked at over 130 lbs of milk. Congratulations to the Landgrafs on this fine CONQUEST dtr. There are several other VG ,CONQUEST dtrs on this list also. Congratulations to all!

May 8, 2006

New CONQUEST dtr scored... VG(86), EX(90) Mam!

One new 2yr. old dtr.score, Conquest Evette bred & owned by Shelburne Farms, Vermont!

May 7, 2006

JULIO and CONQUEST...Exceptional Milking Speed AND Udder Health (low SCS)

The new (5/06) US Milking Speed data is available ...rankings from 84 lowest to 114 highest.

CONQUEST the sire of REQUEST was summarized in the US, JULIO was not .CONQUEST was 104. However in Switzerland where both bulls have the majority of their dtrs, over 100 each , JULIO is rated one of the highest, CONQUEST is 108 , JULIO is 114, one of the best milking speed bulls in the world!

Both CONQUEST... 109 Udder Health and JULIO... 104 Udder Health, sire that RARE combination of fast milking speed AND top Udder Health .

MONTORO's sire Pronto is also an Outstanding milking speed bull, over the years, the highest rated of all in Europe... where most of his dtrs are evaluated. Pronto also has good Udder Health, rating 100 in Switzerland.

Improved milking speed is very important to the future of the Br. Swiss breed everywhere. The US info while helpfull, does not contain as many dtrs summarized as the European data on all bulls, but was similar.  Ensign and his sons were near the top... and Gordon, Sons and Gr.sons were near the bottom.

May 6, 2006

CONQUEST and JULIO   the best values in AI!

While others are paying hundreds of dollars for semen from old, dead, low production, SMA bulls.... CONQUEST and JULIO are reasonably priced. 

CONQUEST EX(90), EX(90)F&L a  5th Gen an Ensign(the great all-around bull) son from a former World Record Protein cow Connie, with over 40,000m and 5%F and 4%P . JULIO VG(88) an Earnest T(the highly reliable protein and longevity improver) son from JILL with TWO current World Records, EX(93) EX(94)3E Mam a 5th Gen Ex.  CONQUEST and JULIO represent the best from their two great cow families.

What other PROVEN Br. Swiss bulls offer  better genetics...from the breeds best for highly reliable, high component production, longevity, fast milking speed and type for $25 and $18(US pricing only)? 

 We invite comparison from all dairymen and we will quickly respond.

May 6, 2006

No.1 Udder Comp and F&L Comp.(comb.) 

The two most important type traits...thus No. 1 Functional Type Index. 
Ensign had few show winning dtrs early in his career..because he was primarily an udder bull, not a frame bull. As years go by CONQUEST will be even more highly regarded.
Outstanding Calving Ease JULIO CE 4 & Mat CE 4 and CONQUEST,CE 5 & Mat.CE 5 .
JULIO and CONQUEST have the SAME high Total Merit rating in Switzerland ,118. 

May 1, 2006

Top classification results for CONQUEST

Conquest "Honey"now VG(89) for Dan Colson ,KY,  Conquest "Kanya" now VG(88) for Randy Scheidler,Wis. and Conquest"Prom" now VG(86),VG(87) Mam. @ 2yr, for John Winkleman, Wis. Congratulations.. Breeders and Owners!

May 1, 2006

CONQUEST, and JULIO semen now in  South Africa (Progessive Genetics Trust) and  in Australia (Agri-Gene)

May 1, 2006

Embryos ..available from Jill EX(93) EX94 Mam.  EX(94) Is the highest possible in US Br. Swiss.  Jill now bred back to REQUEST one of the breeds best for openness and depth of rib.

Jill now has TWO WORLD RECORDS, check them out on our pricing page. The best genetics are always the wisest  investment.

May 1, 2006


 ...  MONTORO  (now..EX(90),EX(91)F&L @2yrs.)

and REQUEST ....(1st milking dtr scores VG(85)VG(85)Mam. @ 2yrs!)

 Their Mat Gr. Dams were nominated now... the exciting results...

Riki ..the Mat. Gr dam of REQUEST is Hon. Men. All-Time American Aged Cow! 

Monay the Mat. Gr.dam of MONTORO

 is All-Time All-American 3yr.old and Res. All-Time All-American Aged Cow!

How appropriate... All-Time All-American genetics, from the home of All-Time Great Genetics!

Dec. 29, 2005

 JULIO Dtr Group..Rothenturm, Switzerland 

There were 3 JULIO dtrs. presented and photographed at that show by our Switzerland Distr., TGS.  thanks to TGS for their efforts at this show.  

Both CONQUEST and JULIO have the majority of their Dtrs in Switzerland. JULIO has the better overall proof there and is also the No.3 bull in the Netherlands. JULIO is the 1st proven son of Jill.

Dec. 27, 2005

Jill ....5th Straight 30,000 lb milk record...a new World Record,  records avg  35,942m 4.0% 1432f  3.7% 1324P!

Jill 3E,EX(93)EX(94)Mam...(For US Br. Swiss, 94 is the highest score possible, 96 is the highest score possible in Mam ) was the only cow in the history of the breed(world-wide) to have her 1st 4 records over 30,000lbs milk, now over 30,000m. on her 5th..her final totals are..9-10 2x 365d 34,242m 1459f  1164 p. She is also the current 2yr.old World record holder for milk and protein...1501p @1-11

Jill has been a top brood cow as well ,with  All-American and high producing high scoring offspring, and a top Proven son...JULIO, the No. 3 bull ..proven in the Netherlands on DPS( their main index). Jill soon to qualify as a Superior Brood cow.

Jill's ten year old ,365 day 2X record will be complete on the next test...currently, 9-10 2X 346d 33,249m 4.2% 1411f  3.4%11164p inc. now over 200,000m lifetime.

Jill's sons have semen immediately available for anywhere in the world  including her outstanding proven son ...JULIO and her other sons JAMAICA , and JILLION.  Jill also has embryo's immediately available

Dec. 7, 2005

 First JAMAICA dtrs now milking ....of course very nice frames, but the same beautiful

 udders Jill had as a 2yr old and still has today. JAMAICA looks very promising.

July 30, 2005

CONQUEST dtrs do well in Grazing herds

There are 5 full sisters sired by CONQUEST all from a high producing GP dam, that have done well for the breeder Alton Kaufman, Md, a grazing herd. They are all listed on CONQUEST's  page .

There is an udder photo of the highest record one Al-Bar Conquest Lana VG(86) EX(90)F&l Lana is in a high production herd, Rob Landgraf, Missouri , her 1st 2 records are now over 30,000m.

Dennis Carnahan NY also a grazing herd owns another...both of the latter two were purchased as calves at the Midwest Revue(Ohio) and the Kentucky National Sale... as inexpensive calves.

All five CONQUEST dtrs are top type, 4 are Very Good, one GP(83) VG(86) Mam. ,all are a high plus over herdmates and all have high evaluations for production and type.

June 25, 2005

VG(88)CONQUEST dtrs ,Conquest Jodie now VG(88) EX Mam. owned by Rachel Retrum ,Wis.  Also Conquest Kanya VG(88),VG(88) Mam. owned by Randy Scheidler Wis, she is pictured on CONQUEST's page. Dennis Shafer Md has a CONQUEST dtr that is VG(86) now, is a potential Excellent. Congratulations to both breeders and owners.

June 25, 2005

5th and 6th Generation Excellents!

Most select for high production and type. The high Net Merit bulls like CONQUEST and JULIO combine those traits, but you can get it a very reasonable, 40 year old prices.

CONQUEST  EX(90) EX(92) F&L., is now 5th Gen. Excellent is our main brood cow...Jill 3E,EX(93),EX(94) Mam.  Her sons JULIO VG(88), JAMAICA,VG(88) and dtr Jewel VG(89) @2yr. should be 6th Gen. Excellents in the future.

April 17,  2005

High priced semen...Jetway semen sold for over $125 per unit and Jet Pilot for over $350 per unit at the Ohio Spring Expo ,Midwest Revue sale. This of course increases the value, but not the price so far.... for the Jill  embryos sired by these two bulls, check them out on the pricing page.

April 6, 2005

Flatness Intl JQ Bouquet, Jill's gr.dtr from owned by Elizabeth Schearer ,Pa. Congratulations, Elizabeth. 

Elizabeth was also the owner of Jill's All-American son Jillinger, purchased as an embryo, the sire of nearly every calf on their Holstein and Brown Swiss farm now..

Jill is now EX(93) 3E, EX(94) Mammary and EX(95) Dairy, working on her 5th consecutive 30,000 lb milk record as a 10 year old ...this is an All-Time breed record. Jill is the only Brown Swiss to have her 1st 4 records over 30,000 milk. She is also the only current world record cow to have a son (JULIO) near the top of the production and type lists in the US and Switzerland.

April 6, 2005

Net Merit now includes consideration for inbreeding % thus  CONQUEST   as the No. 1 Net Merit sire has it all for you.

He is a former No.1 Outcross sire, No.1, on the 5/03, 8/03 and 5/04 summaries, his inbreeding % is very favorable.

No.1 in several categories...including the new Foot & Leg Composite! (2/05)

JULIO increased again...looks better than ever, in all 3 countries, US Netherlands and Switzerland!

Both bulls ....are siring the almost impossible combination of fast milking speed and low somatic cell score (Switzerland data).

Feb. 26, 2005

2/05 PTI Changes were good news for CONQUEST and JULIO 

CONQUEST dtrs now avg VG(85) pts, Actual! (2/05)

CONQUEST....No. 1 F+L Comp.+1.82!(2/05)

No.1 in several other categories as well

Calving Ease ..CONQUEST, CE 5, Mat. CE 5....JULIO, CE 4, Mat .CE 4

 Great news! This means 95% and 96% calvings with no difficulty.

 CONQUEST is No.1 on Net  Merit again. JULIO is No.19 on the official PTI list. JULIO is  No.3 in the Netherlands and No.9 in Switzerland on their total performance indexes.

Plus... both have the nearly impossible combination...Fast Milking Speed and Low Somatic Cell Score

Feb. 22, 2005

Jill,EX(92)2E.. only current world record production cow to have a top proven son..JULIO on top index lists No.5 DPS, Netherlands, No.8GZW in Switzerland and No. 19 PTI  in US. Jill may end up with 200,000m lifetime, this lactation! First four 30,000 lb or more records in a row, probably a Brown Swiss world record ,now working on her 5th straight 30,00lb record!

Jill's bred heifer Jillisa was recently purchased by Dennis Roloff, Wis. Congratulations Dennis. She joins Jill, Jewel and Jillquest , owned by Flatness Intl at G. Debruin's in Wis.

Only former world record cow to also have current top proven sons is Connie,EX(92)2E ,the dam of CONQUEST  he is her highest and best son on the US  list.

Feb. 22, 2005 

Easy and Convenient to Order

Just contact us by phone, fax or e-mail we will deliver in a few days. We usually ship y UPS on Monday or Tuesday. We accept Visa, Mastercard or Discover, also ship COD. Free Shipping if 30 units or more, higher cost for 2nd day or overnight shipping. If we have a Rep in the area they will deliver. Looking for Distributors in some areas . Of course I also personally deliver in PA, MD and NY and on occasion Ohio and Wisconsin. We hope to hear from you!

Feb. 22, 2005

Outstanding Classification results every Brown Swiss bull increased!

CONQUEST now EX(90), EX(92) F&L., REQUEST VG(87) EX(95)Body!

JULIO ,VG(88),JAMAICA ,VG(88)&MONTORO ,VG(88), EX(93)F&L@2-00

Feb. 22, 2005

Jill EX(92) 2E fresh again at 9yr. 10 mo, looks like a 4yr.old, will be up for 3E in two months.....milking 122 lbs milk, 5.7% Fat !
Her proven son JULIO No. 8 in Switzerland,( Total Performance List )

March 26, 2005

  CONQUEST Dtr., Jillquest
Her fancy show calf 6/1/04, Blue Chip dtr., Flatness Intl JQ Bouquet...sold to Elizabeth Schearer,Pa. Her two gr. dams.
Jill EX(92)2E,dam of an All-American and Bouquet EX(94),EX(95)MS, 2X All-American and 1st Aged Cow and Res. Gr. Champion at the 2004 World Dairy Expo!
Flatness Intl Jillquest VG(87),VG(87) Mammary, EX(92) Body
2-1 2x 365d 30,245m 4.1% 1195F 3.6%1089p
(Owned by Flatness Intl. Inc.,Pa.)
Jillquest...60 in. Tall & Strong, is Jill's dtr. by CONQUEST. She looks a lot like CONQUEST's, huge, 62 in. tall, over 2,000 lbs, dam "Connie"EX(92)2E, with 4-0 2X 365d 40,390m 5.1% 2071F 4.1% 1649P, Former World Record !
Jillquest peaked at 98 lbs. milk with 4.5%F, 3.5%P,  M.E. 34,805M 1355F 1139P.  Her 11/04 Index is +1630M +0.00% +65F +0.01%+56P +1.8 PL , very fast milking speed and low somatic cell score!  As a 2yr. old she was milked and housed in a free stall commercial dairy.  31 Brown Swiss herdmates averaged 23,147m 949F 781P.  She's now in a tie stall barn in Wis. Photo @ 82 days, 2nd lactation. 

Feb. 2, 2005

Al-Bar Conquest far the highest record Dtr. of CONQUEST,
 2-1 2x 33,912m 4.5% 1538f 3.5% 1136p
She was about 52 in. tall ..when she calved at 2-01, now 2nd lactation 62 in. tall!
Stature information provided by owner Rob Landgraf, Missouri. Congratulations Rob!
Peaked at 133 lbs per day 4.3% F and 3.7% P.!,( Nov. 04, 148 Days)

Jan. 29, 2005

If Crossbreeding ...Use the Best

There is a large variation in the Holstein and Brown Swiss breeds you don't need to crossbreed to achieve ANY objective. However if you want to try ...go with the best... High Reliabilty, Net Merit Bulls from each other breeds are needed. 

Use the best for the combination of  traits you need for long lasting trouble free cattle. Fertility (DPR), Longevity (Prod. Life), Udder Health (Low Somatic Cell Score) ,Udder Improvement (Udder Comp.) Foot and Leg Improvement, HIGH COMPONENTS ,Calving Ease(there is no calving ease problem, crossing Holstein & Brown Swiss) and FAST MILKING SPEED. The Best are ZADE in Holsteins and CONQUEST in Brown Swiss.

Jan. 29, 2005

Want Fancy Show heifers.....try REQUEST and JAMAICA

Request's dam was a fancy show calf and her Gr. dam was an All-American. Jamaica's full brother was an All-American and his full sister Jewel, was a fancy show heifer. They are siring fancy calves.

Jan.17, 2005

Very Good Dtrs of CONQUEST

The November Type proofs should have contained NEW...Very Good dtrs of Conquest, they were classified back in JUNE, they will finally be included in Feb proofs.

 Now 2nd lactation dtrs. milking over 130 lbs milk per day with high components!

Jan. 16, 2005

Will CONQUEST sire ALL-Americans and EX(94)pt Cows?

His two nearest sires Ensign and Dotson did.....also CONQUEST's Gr. dam was EX and All-American 4yr. old in 1987.CONQUEST's dam's full sister CLAR,EX(93)2E was Res. All-American Aged Cow in 1997 and Gr. Camp at the Canadian Royal Winter Fair, while CONQUEST's huge dam, Connie EX(92)2E,4th Gen. Excellent stayed home and made world record production . The potential is certainly there!

Meanwhile.... you can rely on CONQUEST to add profitable, high component production, snug uddered, fast milking speed, trouble free cows, with longevity to your herd.  He has the potential to sire Excellent...300,000lb Lifetime cows.

His son REQUEST is siring very fancy calves his dam and of course his Gr.Dam , Riki EX(94)3E, was All-American Aged Cow in 1997!

Oct. 8, 2004

Pom Pom's CONQUEST Dtr, Prom..sold to Twinkle Hill farm ,Wis. 

Bounty  has a son by JAMAICA, and Pom Pom  has a yearling CONQUEST .  We thank Heindel Farms for their confidence in these two outstanding  sires. These were very correct and exciting matings, there were no contract matings involved.  They wanted to use new ,very promising ,highly fertile sires on these cows that had been flushed for quite awhile. 

Prom sold at the World Premier Sale in Madison, Wis, Oct. 1, 2004, for $3,800. Congratulations to the Winkelman's.... they now own three Pom Pom dtrs.

Top Acres Even Bounty ET EX-90 
2-2 2x 365 26,930 5.1% 1,362 3.7% 991
Nominated All-American Winter Yearling Heifer, 1997
Top 50 for Cow Performance Index (+374)
Yield Deviation: +2,694M, +275F, +134P
Top Acres PR Pom Pom ET EX-91 (EX-92 MS)
2-8 2x 365 27,440 4.1% 1,123 3.3% 904
4-7 2x 365 34,250 3.5% 1,201 3.0% 1,014
Yield Deviation: +2,940M, +33F, +40P 
Pom Pom's dam, Priscilla, is Jill's granddam.


Oct.8, 2004

Many New CONQUEST Dtr. Photos on His Page!

3 new ones from Ingleside Farms ,Wis. Randy bought 20 units of CONQUEST semen as a young sire. He has  6 dtrs, one due soon , 5 others milking well and averaged VG(85) VG(86) Mammary as young 2yr olds (not in CONQUEST's type proof yet) ! ALL could have been pictured ....Congratulations Randy!

Oct.8, 2004

Impressive 8/04...Production& Type Info on CONQUEST & JULIO, exciting ...JULIO dtr Photo!

CONQUEST still the NO.1..High Reliability bull !


Oct.8, 2004
MONTORO.... His dam Monteil ... EX(93)3E
3E at 9yrs. 3mo.. Both Gr. dams have EX(96) Mammaries. Embryos  available..the Highest Type & Production!


No. 1 Net Merit $.....CONQUEST (View new VG dtrs.)

Net Merit is far more than production. It  combines production ,type, longevity ,udder health,dtr. fertility, calving ease ,and more... into one breeding value designed to yield high producing ...long lasting cows. CONQUEST is the No.1 Brown Swiss bull , on this important index and  is at the top of the Hoards Dairyman list... the breed's No. 1  Production & Type bull..84% Rel or more


CONQUEST Dtrs. in Switzerland
CONQUEST dtr. at the Swiss AI , Progeny Show in Zug, Switzerland
Peter Gfeller, one of the top breeders and judges in Switzerland . Also a sire analyst for Swiss AI Federation, distributor of CONQUEST in Switzerland.
CONQUEST dtrs. on display in Zug, Switzerland
Ernst Schnyder, Triple Genetics Service, distributes many of our Holstein & Brown Swiss bulls in Switzerland including REQUEST
CONQUEST dtr. in Switzerland 
(all above photos by Ron Flatness)

Sept. 8,2004

Conquest... now officially a milking speed improver in Switzerland!

For some time we knew this in the US. His sire Ensign was also a top improver of this very important trait.  CONQUEST is an outstanding mating on Gordon and Collection dtrs.

July 7, 2003

New All-Time World Record Brown Swiss Cow... $86,000!

Collection Party, a Collection daughter whose 4th dam is Priscilla, set the new world record at the Top Acres sale recently.  Congratulations to all involved with her sale!  Of course, she's closely related to our Collection sons (Jamaica and Jillion) and daughter (Jewel, will be re-pictured in July) out of Priscilla's granddaughter, Jill.

 Sept 8, 2004


Now that you've decided to use CONQUEST, what is his best mating?   Actually, since he's an overall production and type improver, he can be used broadly across the breed.  CONQUEST's main type improvement areas are fore udder, teat size and placement, udder depth, and he will lower the pins in the rump.  He is also a milking speed improver. CONQUEST has crossed extremely well with COLLECTION daughters.

The majority of the CONQUEST daughters have scored Very Good... actual ,as 2-year-olds, averaging VG(86) in Mammary... one is scored EX Mammary so far. Also, don't forget about his Fancy... High Component pedigree son ......REQUEST!

August 3, 2002

Rose... (Dam of REQUEST)

highest selling cow 


U.S. Nat'l Convention Sale

Second high overall! 

Buyer:   Ner-Farms, Oconto, WI

Thank you to the buyer and all contenders!

Rose with consignors
 Ron & Kathy Flatness, right)
Left to right:  contending bidders Todd & Jill Keune, North Star Farms, MN, 
and Joe & Kathy Tousignant, MN
Rose's Dam
Hawthorne Rhythmic Riki *TW
EX(94) 3E Certified
Gr. Champion World Dairy Expo 1997
All-American 5 yr. old 1994, Aged Cow 1997
8-4 2x 365d 35,060m 4.6% 1608f 3.5% 1226p DHIR
Alegria Riki ROSEanne-ET
VG(89) @ 2-04, VG Across, except EX Dairy
PTA +1157M +.10% +67F +.05% +48P
+1.4 PTAT +298 CPI (5/02)
2-00 2x 365d 29,144m 4.8% 1410f 3.9% 1137p DHIR


Rose's Son:  Flatness Intl REQUEST-ET
Rose when she was a fancy show calf.

Rose combines high component production, Top 100 Index, and All-American heritage.  Her dam, Riki  3E(94), is one of the breed's best show and brood cows of All Time...All-American 5yr. o1d 1994 and Aged Cow 1997.  Rose's sire, COLLECTION EX(93)Superior Sire, is the No. 1 Type bull in the breed (5/02).  Rose is Riki's only COLLECTION daughter.  She's the highest Type Index daughter of an All-American EX(94) cow on the Top 110 CPI List (5/02), and at 4.8% Fat, 3.9% Protein, and nearly 30,000 lbs. Milk at 2-years.  Rose is the dam of Flatness Intl REQUEST-ET, currently being progeny-tested in the U.S. and Switzerland.

Somatic cell scores are becoming increasingly important in sire selection.    In addition to Rose's other attributes, she has outstanding somatic cell scores, with six scores under 1.0, as low as 0.1.  Her lactation average is an outstanding 1.58!

April 3, 2002
All-Time Great Genetics!
Embryos and Semen Available
Left to Right:  Rose VG(89) VG(89) Mam. @ 2-04, 59 in. tall, pictured at 200 days, 1st lactation.  Rose is a potential 2nd gen. EX(94).  She has perfect udder cleft and teat size & placement, 43 linear on rear udder width.  Rose peaked at 96 lbs. per day, 5% Fat, 4% Protein, and finished with:  2-00 2x 391d 30,991m 4.9% 1511f 4.0% 1240p.  Rose is the only daughter of an EX(94) All-American dam in the Top 100 index list.  She is the dam of REQUEST.  Rose now has embryos available by MASCOT, the No. 3 PTI sire, the (non SMA) JETWAY son of Misa EX(93), gr'son of Monay EX(93).  Rose is now bred to DOMINATE, the No. 7 PTI and tied for No. 2 Type improver of the breed. 
Jill 2E(92) 2E(93) Mam., 59 in. tall, 300 days, 3rd lactation, peaked at 142 lbs. per day and finished with 40,011 lbs. milk in 370 days.   Her linear score  is 50 on rear udder height and width.  Current World Record holder, dam of JULIO, JILLION and JAMAICA.  Jill has embryos available by COLLECTION EX(93), JETWAY EX(91),CONQUEST VG(87) and  is bred to MASCOT (EX).
Monteil 2E(93) 2E(93) Mam., 61 in. tall, 400 days, 3rd lactation, peaked at 123 lbs. per day and finished with 40,997 lbs. of milk in 384 days.  Her linear score is 50 on rear udder width.  (50 is the highest linear score possible.)  Her dam, Monay 4E(93), is one of only two Brown Swiss cows to be Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo.  Monteil's son, SUPREME's, pat. granddam, Elaine 5E(93), was the only other Brown Swiss Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo.  Monteil has embryos available by PRONTO (EX) and is also bred to PRONTO, No. 15 PTI sire.  PRONTO is the ENSIGN son of Present EX(94).  

August 4, 2000

The JULIO $1,000 Challenge!

As featured in the July and the upcoming September 2000 issues of the Brown Swiss Bulletin, the JULIO Challenge is now underway!  The details follow:

1st Prize:    $500 + professional photo ($100 value)
2nd Prize:    $250 + professional photo
Two Runners-Up:    Free professional photos

To win, you must have the highest Protein JULIO daughter with 1,000 lbs. protein or more in 365 days or less, classified Excellent.  Prizes will be awarded according to the highest protein pounds.  A minimum of five Brown Swiss herdmates are required, must be on DHIR test.  One winner per herd.  The contest ends July 31, 2005.  Add some JILL granddaughters to your herd.  Contact us today!

A full-color ad featuring Jill and JULIO was also included in the Brown Swiss edition of  the July issue of Holstein International.   We've had lots of interest in JULIO recently. 

Our exclusive distributor for JULIO semen  in Switzerland, Triple Genetics Service, reports that JULIO is very popular (he's called "Jill-Julio" there) .  Our exclusive distributor for CONQUEST semen in Switzerland is the Swiss AI Federation (SVKB).  They report that CONQUEST is also very popular.  We are looking for additional distributors throughout the world.

March 5, 2000

SMA Policy

SMA is a recessive trait that causes the death of 25% of the offspring from two SMA-carrier parents, such as JETWAY-M, ("M" being the symbol for SMA), and a cow that was sired by a known SMA carrier, like PATRICK-M, and who is a carrier herself.  Flatness International has selected for cattle that are from SMA-free parents, as much as possible from three generation pedigree analysis ,as illustrated in the following:

1)    JULIO's sire, EARNEST T, is SMA-free.  JULIO's pat. grandsires, EMORY and TELSTAR, are SMA-free.  JULIO's mat. grandsire, PETE ROSE, is SMA-free.

2)    CONQUEST's sire, ENSIGN, is SMA-free.   CONQUEST's pat. grandsire, SIMON, is SMA-free.  CONQUEST's mat. grandsire, DOTSON, is SMA-free.

3)    JILL's sire, PETE ROSE, is SMA-free.  JILL's pat. grandsire, BABARAY, is SMA-free.  Any offspring offered from JILL will be sired by an SMA-free sire, or her offspring will be designated as SMA-free by an SMA test when available.

4)    ROSE's sire, COLLECTION, is SMA-free.  ROSE's pat. grandsires, BLEND and DOTSON, are SMA-free.  ROSE's mat. grandsire, RHYTHM, is SMA-free.  

No cow in the world has been officially designated an SMA-carrier.  In order to do so, she must have two verified SMA calves (dead calves that have been clinically tested and diagnosed SMA.)  


January 17, 2000

Miss Millennium Contest Results!

The contest was advertised as a search for the cow of the new millennium, "In other words, we are seeking a cow that has the traits that will make a hot commodity in the next century."  To me, that does not mean the best cow of the last century, or the best of the old cows, which is the way it turned out.  However, congratulations are certainly in order for the cow that got the most votes, even though later disqualified for not having quite enough energy-corrected production, Jane of Vernon, the queen mother of the breed who was the national show Grand Champion  in 1936.  

Congratulations to Jinx, the winner, Priscilla, the runner up, Jill's granddam, and Christian, second runner up, maternal sister to Conquest's dam.  Jill placed No. 7.  She was the youngest cow in the contest with the highest actual protein production.  Not just because she's my cow, but I think she really has the most genetic potential of any cow in the contest for the next millennium. 

My choice of the two R Hart cows, Christian, or her maternal sister, Connie, would have been Connie.  Even though they are now scored the same, Connie is the breed leader for protein, is taller and strong than Christian, and consequently a better cross for Ensign.   If I could choose again from any calf at R Hart, it would still be Conquest.  

Again, congratulations to all of the outstanding cows in the Miss Millennium contest!

July 8, 1999
Switzerland Brown Swiss Assn. Inspects
Jill, JULIO, CONQUEST, and Connie!
jill-farshot.jpg (45989 bytes)                jill-firstudd.jpg (54328 bytes)                 jill-3rdudd.jpg (27921 bytes)             jill-thumb.jpg (69978 bytes)       
Excellent view                  Swiss said EX-93                 Stall view                 Jill... very impressive!
Click on any of the above images of Jill for a larger view.           

On June 4, 1999, the Swiss Brown Swiss Association visited R-Hart Farms in Ohio, where they admired CONQUEST's dam, Connie, who still looks great, and her family.  Connie is huge; before this lactation she weighed over 2,100 lbs. and she's 62 inches tall. 

On June 5, they admired both CONQUEST and JULIO, who are housed at Interglobe Genetics, Pontiac, Illinois.  CONQUESTwill be co-sampled with the Swiss AI Federation.  JULIO, just a few hours off the truck from Ohio, may be included at a later date.

On June 7, they inspected Jill, who is now housed at Sunshine Genetics in Wisconsin.  One member who had seen Jill last year at 500 days of her first lactation remarked, "I wouldn't even have recognized her!".  They were very impressed with Jill.  They classified her at 99 days in her second lactation... Excellent with an Excellent-93 mammary!  Their tour has now concluded, and that Excellent-93 mammary score was  the highest on their trip!  They inspected most of the best cows in the United States.    Jill is over 59 inches tall, she had 105 lbs. of milk for the tester on June 12, 1999!  On June 15, Jill was officially designated a bull mother for Switzerland.

Obviously, it was a great honor to be included on their inspection tour!  The Swiss were here to purchase the best genetics from the U.S.  We look forward to working with them.  

 Jill The Protein Queen 
Sold to 
October 2, 1997 
Photo (L to R): John Meyer, Brown Swiss Assn., Jill, Colt Voegeli, Ron Flatness, Kathy Flatness & Ryan Flatness, Flatness International, Inc.   

Top Selling Animal, $10,100, at Premier Showcase Brown Swiss Sale, World Dairy Expo October 2, 1997. Consigned by the Mark Witmer Family, Columbiana, Ohio, purchased by Flatness International, Inc. Jill has the highest Protein Index in the Brown Swiss breed. She has 35,630 Lbs. milk at 1 - 11 (Actual 348 days). Jill was classified VG(85) with a VG Mammary prior to the sale. She offers outstanding genetics. Jill will be flushed in the near future for the export market. For more information, click on "Jill The Protein Queen" on this website.

  Click here to place your order!

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