BRILLIANCE .... dead, limited semen supply.
Outstanding Fat & Protein Improver... outstanding ,deep pedigree
 High Fat bull +0.22% F!

EX(91) His very large EX(91) dam,was former No.1 Fat Index cow!

Full sisters scored VG(86) and VG(87)
Reg. 128665367    A1/A2   aAa 432561
555&138HO01990 Ver Hages BRILLIANCE-ET (NC)
Dtr avg. 23.949m 4.2% 1000f  732p
+0.22% F +0.03% P 
born 22 years ago has lost over 2000 lbs PDM in base changes
PL -1.7 SCS 3.15 DPR +0.40
Calving Ease 2.6.%, Mat. CE. 3.7% 
Sire still births 6.4%,Mat still birth 8.4%
AI Progeny Proven, S code
BRILLIANCE'S.. sire stack...CELSIUS, from EX(91)2E, WISTER, VG(88) EX Mam., MARK, EX(91) EX ,Mam.VALIANT

BRILLIANCE is Dead(died during sampling) semen availability, good fertility!

Reg. 14821589
SFL Bootpeg W Bethany-ET, 2E(91) 7th Gen. GMD & DOM
PTA +1356M +.41% +151F +.08% +60P (11/04)
A former No.1 PTA Fat Cow in the U.S.
No. 2 CTPI Cow , EX, with EX Mam. and EX Feet & Legs (2/01)
No. 5 CTPI Cow with Over 40,000 lbs. Milk Actual
No. 6 PTAP Cow with EX Mam. from EX Mam. Dam
(No. 1 PTAP Cow with EX Mam. from EX Mam. was Dam of ZADE)
2-1 2x 365d 25,133m 4.6% 1145f 3.5% 891p
5-2 2x 365d 48,660m 5.3% 2571f 3.6% 1753p
5-2 2x 733d 72,895m 5.3% 3874f 3.6% 2644p

His Maternal Sisters below:
Reg. 18006049
Ver Hages Bootpeg Patti-ET VG(86)
2-0 2x 365d 39,251m 3.7% 1467f  3.8% 1481p
+1797CTPI  (11/04)

Reg. 17116711
Ver Hages Bootpeg M Rose-ET VG(87)
1-11 2x 365d 39,084m 4.2% 1641f 3.9% 1527p
+1630 CTPI  (11/04)
No. 3 All-Breed Protein Record (under 2-yrs)
(No. 4 is Jill, 5th Gen. EX)
Reg. 122399312
Ver Hages Bootpeg Patsy-ET
VG(85),VG(87) Mammary
2-1 2x 365d 42,039m 3.8% 1598f  3.7% 1555p
+1876CTPI  (11/04)
Reg. 17232341
Ver Hages Bootpeg Maesa-ET VG(87)
1-11 2x 365d 36,710m 4.6% 1692f 3.9% 1433p
+1742CTPI  (11/04)
BRILLIANCE's Paternal Sister below:
Reg. 15752531
Felder Den Barb Cindy-ET, EX(90) GMD
4-09 2x 365d 41,189m 4.1% 1707f 3.3% 1367p
CTPI +1938
PTA +2255M +99F +80P (11/02)
Several sons in AI!
 BRILLIANCE's EX-GM  sire is CELSIUS, his dam, Bethany, is a huge cow, 64-1/2 inches (164 cm.) tall, weighing over a ton, and is extremely wide, EX(93) in Frame, and deep-bodied, EX(100) in Body.  CELSIUS and Bethany was a "brilliant" mating for  breed-leading production and components.  
Bethany has a 3rd Gen. Excellent Mammary.  She's a 7th Generation Gold Medal Dam and Dam of MeritBRILLIANCE's seven maternal dams are all VG or EX, up to EX(93).  They average EX(90).  Furthermore, Bethany's dam, Bootpeg Bess  EX Mam., who was VG(88) when exported to Japan, was a former No. 1 Type index cow, and Bethany's granddam, Valiants Bess EX(91) EX Mam., was also a former No. 1 Type index cow.   Bethany EX(91) 2E, EX Mam., EX Feet & Legs, is an outstanding brood cow,  with many outstanding, high-performance daughters with beautiful udders.  
Bethany is a member of the famous BOOTPEG family, which has produced many outstanding individuals, including several No. 1 CTPI cows, many Excellent cows up to EX(95), outstanding proven bulls, such as BELLMAN, CELSIUS, PARK, and MTOTO....the sire of SHOTTLE !

 BRILLIANCE   sires  good overall Type, including Udder and Feet & Legs improvement.  His dam and sisters are among the top total performance cows in the breed.  

 BRILLIANCE  is siring outstanding components.  Bethany was a former No. 1 Fat cow in the breed, and CELSIUS is a former No. 1 Protein and TPI bull at 99% Rel. He was a top sire of sons and daughters. BRILLIANCE dead, limited semen supply available. Please contact us today.


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