Basically sold out....Only 3 units left.  Basically a reference sire
CARL...aAa 6 (stylish, correct legs& feet) 4 (strong) 5 (wide) of the best in the breed for these traits. 
  +0.00 Foot Angle, + +1.33 Set to the leg
For many bulls they say use on your strong, wide cows...who sires them ?...CARL
Now.. 215 top milking dtrs. Outstanding Feet(deep heel) & Legs, strong, wide bodies, Very Good udders...just like his aAa predicted! They really grow in stature during their 1st lactation. 2nd lactation dtrs milking nearly 150 lbs milk per day and scoring Very Good. His production proof...BORN 20 years ago!
His sire DELLSTAR and 2nd maternal sire Flip, are two of the breeds All-Time best Foot and Leg Improvers. 
  Kurtz-Valley Dellstar CARL TL TV (Free of BLAD & CVM) 
555HO00105    Reg. No.135180680
VG(89) EX(92) Feet & Legs @5-02,  aAa 645213
67 dtrs, 27 herds avg 78 pts actual, 81 pts age adj.
Dtr avg. 25,559m 874f 755p
215 dtrs, 60herds
PTA -722m  -0.14% -62f -0.02% -27p, Rel. 93%
 SCS 3.02, DPR +1.90
Cow fertility +1.50, Heifer fertility -1.0
Net Merit -$143, Prod Life +1.50
Calving Ease 9.1, Dtr CE 10.6 
Still births 8.3%, Dtr. still births 8.5% PTA

+1143 TPI ,  (5/11/22)

CARL's Breeding pattern similar to his aAa code...and his sire DELLSTAR... strong, wide cows with outstanding udders  and great Feet and Legs! They grow substantially during their 1st lactation....look like different cows(concerning stature) by 2nd lactation. 2nd lactation dtrs milking nearly 150 lbs milk per dayand scoring upt to VG(86)
Sire Stack...Dellstar EX(93),Integrity EX(95),Flip EX(94),Vanguard EX(92),Sexation VG(88)
Sire: Regancrest DELLSTAR EX(93) EX(97) Feet & Legs, Former No.1 F&L Improver
       Dam: MS-Kurtz-Valley Chantel-TW EX(90) @5-07  (A huge cow, weighing over a 2,000 lbs)
     1-11 3x 365d  33,050m 3.6% 1190F  3.2% 1045P
    3-01 3x 365d  40,441m 3.7% 1501F  3.3% 1335P
    4-04 3x 305d  34,596m 3.5% 1225F  3.2% 1107P
    5-03 3x 365d  35,473m 3.7% 1304F 3.2% 1135P
 Seven Maternal Generations ...Excellent or Very Good, Avg VG(88)

 Dellstar CARL, is from the Queen of the herd Chantel, a very tall (63 in.)strong, fancy Excellent Integrity dtr, with 4 records over 33,000m, highest over 40,000m 1500F and 1300P.   She had a a great frame, outstanding ,strong feet and legs and was a 7th Gen VG or EX that averaged VG(88). They include an EX(90) Sexation and an EX(91)Astronaut .

Dellstar CARL.. 645 aAa one of the best at these VERY hard to find aAa numbers, which nearly every cow in the breed needs. Kurtz-Valley Dellstar CARL.. with a VERY UNIQUE sire stack...DELLSTAR, Integrity, Flip, Vanguard, Sexation, Glen-Valley Star, Astronaut and Pride Admiral.

 CARL is owned by Flatness International Inc., triple strength semen is available!

CARL's Sire DELLSTAR EX(93), EX(97) F&L
DELLSTAR's Dam Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mam.

Paternal Sister to CARL....DELLSTAR  Season EX(90), EX(94) Mammary

CARL's Mat. Great Gr. dam
Robthom Ivory Mark 2E-94-GMD-DOM 
5-8 307 30,940 4.7 1439 3.0 940 
Queen of the Breed II Finalist
One of Chief Mark's All-Time Greatest Daughters
Nominated All-American 5-yr-old, 1991 
Dam of six Excellent daughters 
Dam of Robthom Integrity (EX-96 Gold Medal) 
8 generations VG or EX Gold Medal Dams
Sire: Walkway Chief Mark 
Dam: Robthom Amber Elevation EX-92

CARL's Maternal Gr. Gr. Sire
No. 1 Foot & Leg Improver in the breed, over 95% Rel.
Sire: Hanoverhill Starbuck �EX�
Dam: Herronholm Elevations Fayvor
12-01 2X 365d 29,060 4.5% 1,312 3.7% 1,064
Lifetime: 246,600 4.9% 12,046 3.8% 7,151

An EX(95) Flip Daughter
3-11 365d 2X 29,000 4.4% 1262 3.6% 1044
Lifetime: 199,534 4.4%F 3.4%P
Sire: Cook-Farm Starbuck Flip EX(94)

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