High Components!    (BROWN SWISS)

World Records for Milk, Fat & Protein
with All-American Type!
R Hart CD Connie-ET
2E(92), EX(92) MS
CPI +378 PTAT +0.9 Certified
PTA +1395M +.22% +101F +.08% +63P (5/02)
No. 1 Cow Index 7/96
2-10 2x 365d 25,190m 4.8% 1215f 4.1% 1036p
4-0 2x 365d 40,390m 5.1% 2071f 4.1% 1649p
(All records DHIR)
Nat'l Protein Award, World Record!
JP Eves & HR Searles Awards 1995
No. 2 All-Time Protein Leader
Connie is a huge cow, weighing over 2,000 lbs., 62" tall, and one of the finest total performance cows of any breed!
Connie's Dam
Gentle Breeze Mat Christine TW 3E(90) Elite, Superior Brood Cow
4-4 2x 365d 28,600m 3.9% 1117f 3.5% 994p
6-2 2x 365d 30,890m 4.4% 1360f 3.4% 1060p
7-11 2x 365d 33,190m 4.2% 1398f 3.3% 1105p
(All records DHIR)
All-American 4-yr.-old 1987
Connie is Dam of CONQUESTthe breeds No. I Udder Improver ,No...1 Outcross, and Functional Type Sire! , BB Kappa Casein. No. 1 Net Merit $
Alegria Riki ROSEanne-ET
VG(89) @ 2-04, VG Across except EX Dairy Character.  Rose has perfect udder cleft & teat size and placement. 
PTA +1083M +.07% +58F +.04% +44P (8/03)
+1.4 PTAT  +298 CPI 
2-0 2x 365d 29,144m 4.8%  1410f 3.9% 1137p    1.58 SCS!!
2-0 2x 391d 30,991m 4.9% 1511f 4.0% 1240p 
(All records DHIR)
Rose is the highest type index dtr. of an EX(94) All-American on the Top 110 CPI Index List (5/02).
Rose's Dam
Hawthorne Rhythmic Riki TW
3E(94) Certified
Gr. Champion World Dairy Expo 1997
Res. Gr. Ch. World Dairy Expo '94, '95
All-American 5-yr-old '94, Aged Cow '97
Res. All-American 4-yr-old '93, Aged Cow '95
PTA +894M +.07% +54F +.02% +33P  
+0.9 PTAT  +214 CPI (5/02)
8-4 2x 365d 35,060m 4.6% 1608f 3.5% 1226p
Rose is Dam of REQUEST, BB KCN sired by CONQUESTREQUEST, aAa 513642, will sire width and strength. 



Roll Mead TA Jill-ET
3E, EX(93),3E ,EX(94) Mam. 
PTA +1675M -.03% +60F +.02% +59P 
+0.8 PTAT +312 CPI (8/03)
No. 1 Cow  Index, Sup.  8/97
1-11 365d 2x 36,940m 3.6% 1335f 4.1% 1501p (World, Class Milk & Protein Record)
All-Breed Under 2-yr.-old Protein Record, 1998
4-2 365d 2x 31,115m 4.2% 1320f 3.5% 1087p  (7.7% F&P)
4-2 464d 2x 36,848m 4.1% 1527f 3.6% 1311p
5-9 365d 2x 39,619m 3.8% 1507f 3.7% 1466p
5-9 485d 2x 50,035m 3.8% 1921f 3.7% 1851p
(All records DHIR)
Jill's Dam
Top Acres Westley Paulette
2E(90) Certified
Superior Brood Cow, 
5-10 365d 2x 27,280m 4.9% 1339f 3.8% 1039p DHIR
7-1 365d 2x 29,230f  5.2% 1479f 3.6% 1028p DHIR
Member Hon. Men. All-American Produce of Dam 1993
Jill is Dam of JULIO,Now highly proven in Switzerland and the US, No. 35 PTI Sire. JILLION, Jewel VG(89) EX Mam., JAMAICA,BB Kappa Casein , Jillisa & Jillquest VG(87)over 30,000M @2yr.

These 6 cows combine the best of the Christine, Priscilla, and Riki families.  Of course, the C's and P's are two of the most dominant families in the Brown Swiss breed today, with the Riki family being a nice outcross.  Their accomplishments include No. 1 Cow Index cows, world records for Milk and Protein, and outstanding proven sires and All-American results.  For more information, click on CONQUEST, REQUEST, JILL, JULIO, JILLION,& JAMAICA.

These elite sires from the Crown Jewel Collection are available around the world.  We are looking for additional distributors in all areas.  Contact us today!


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