High Components!     (HOLSTEIN)

with Outstanding Type and Extreme Pedigree Depth!
SFL BootpegW Bethany-ET
EX(93) Frame, EX(100) Body
2-1 2x 365d 25,133m 4.6% 1145f 3.5% 891p
5-2 2x 365d 48,660m 5.3% 2571f 3.6% 1753p
5-2 2x 733d 72,895m 5.3% 3874f 3.6% 2644p
PTA +1698M +.35% +149F +.08% +70P  CTPI +1748 (11/02)
#1 PTA Fat Cow in the U.S.
3rd Gen. EX Mam.
7th Gen. GMD DOM
Con-Acres HS Zita-ET
EX(98) Frame, EX(94) MS
2-3 2x 365d 29,940m 5.3% 1586f 3.9% 1182p
5-5 2x 365d 39,620m 5.2% 2039f 4.0% 1598p
PTA +1340M +.22% +102F +.11% +68P  +2.16T +2.02UDC +1.58 FLC  +1878 CTPI (11/02)
Former No. 1 CTPI Cow
Gr'dam of
ZADE..The No. 1 Udder Composite bull in theWorld and No.1 comb. PL, SCS  and DPR.
Futuraland Tesk Zanadu-ET
VG(89), EX(91) MS
2-3 2x 365d 35,460m 4.7% 1655f 3.7% 1305p
5-6 2x 365d 31,770m 4.9% 1551f 4.1% 1309p 
PTA +1548M +.19% +104F +.12%  +76P 
+2.24T +1.97UDC +2.15FLC
+1948 CTPI (11/02)
FormerNo. 1 CTPI Cow, No. 3 Fat Index Cow 
3rd Gen. EX Mam.!
Dtr of Former No. 1 CTPI Cow
Dam of Former No. 1 CTPI   Cow
Dam of ZADE
Plushanski Holi Frisco-ET
VG(85), VG Mam.
2-4 2x 365d 33,547m 5.1% 1712f 4.0% 1355p
PTA +325M +.22% +65F +.16% +46P
+1.10T +1355 CTPI (11/02)
Exported to Japan for $50,000 after 1st Lac.
Dam former No. 1 CTPI Blackstar dtr.
Gr'dam former No. 1 CTPI cow of the breed.
Dam of BECK, BEETHOVEN EX(95),  PYRAMID EX(90), and Fresno 2E(91), 3rd Gen. 5% BF, now 42,464 M !.Gr.dam of Fresno's Favorite bred to TORNADO  Also Gr. dam of FREEDOM

There are approximately 9 million dairy cows in the U.S.  Over 90% of these are Holstein.  Let's look at the very elite Holstein cows...

There are very few Holstein cows in the world that meet these genetic standards.  When you add 5.0% fat test and 4.0% protein test ("cheese use has been driving the dairy market") there are only four cows.  Flatness International, Inc. has 3 sons from one of them, Frisco.  They include BECK, BEETHOVEN EX(95) EX(96) F&L (by Bellwood), and PYRAMID EX(90) EX Frame, Dairy, & Body, her only son by Formation.  The other three cows include the EX(94) Zita, gr'dam of ZADE, and ZADE's dam, Zanadu VG(89),  the No. 3 CTPI and No. 5 Fat index cow.    ZADE is her only Wade son.  Also, Bethany EX(91) 2E, No. 1 Fat Index Cow in the U.S., the dam of KINGBRILLIANCE.

These elite sires from the Crown Jewel Collection™ are available around the world.  We are looking for additional distributors in some areas.  Contact us today!


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