A Top Profit (NM$) & Prod. Longevity Improver (Prod Life, SCS & DPR)
+3.60 Prod Life......+3.00 Livability...2.75 SCS +1.20 DPR
A top Sire for Udder Depth...( the No.1 type trait predicting Longevity)
GREAT dam...EX(92)4yr  2x 40,390m  5.1%F  2017F 4.1% 1649P
5th Gen Excellent, EX(90), EX(92)F&L
BB KCN (the best) 
High Reliability (AI proven in the U.S. and Switzerland)
Total Merit Index 115 (Switzerland)
More Dtrs, Even Higher Proof
  Production: 695 dtrs. in 440 herds....27% USA.....proven around the world. 
Fast Milking Speed(108) and Low Somatic Cell Score*
* official data from Switzerland and USA
Ensign's best son over several summaries.. much higher components than his sire. CONQUEST has been No. 1 for most of the important traits for the last sevral years... these are his current  rankings! Allow him to improve these  important traits in your herd. 
CONQUEST...For Strength, Style ,Udder & Foot & Leg Improvement
Outstanding Milk, Fat & Protein
The only Ensign son from Connie
Outstanding Milking Speed Improver,
  like his sire, ENSIGN
 High Quality.... TRIPLE STRENGTH semen
Conquest's sire stack: ENSIGN....dam EX(92), former World Protein record, DOTSON dtr,
Gr. dam, EX, All-American 4yr. old
555BS01550 & 138BS01550  
R Hart CONQUEST-ET, Reg. No. 193043 ET (M)
Excellent (90), EX(92) Feet & Legs ! 5th Gen. Excellent 
aAa 426315
  Superior Sire ,  Kappa-Casein  BB (the best!)
CONQUEST dtrs avg 22,272milk 4.0%f 891 fat 735 protein 
AI Proven "S" code, 681 dtrs/438 herds in US (32%),4 country prrof
Longevity (Prod. Life + 3.60), Udder Health (SCS 2.75), Fertility (DPR +1.20)
  Net Merit +$122, Cheese Merit +$122
Calving Ease 2.7, Mat. Calving Ease 2.5 
A former..breed leader for Udder & Foot & Leg improvement
PTA Type -0.80 ,Rel.94%
Dtrs. Ave VG(85) actual,  VG(86) Mammary! 
PPR+8 (4/23)  Went up!

ALL old bulls like Conquest  born 25 years ago end up minus on their proofs like every other bull,with 5 base changes! A Great bull in his day and today.

Breeding guide:  CONQUEST will improve Stature, Strength, Body, and Dairy Frame;  Rump Angle, slight slope, thurls are wide.  He will straighten rear legs, both side and rear view, and has outstanding foot angle.  CONQUEST is an outstanding overall udder improver.  He is a breed leader in Fore Udder and Teat Placement improvement.  The Rear Udders are high and wide, Udder Depth and Udder Cleft are exceptional.  He will shorten teats.  He's the breed's best for Functional Type Index and Productive Life +5.20  He is also a milking speed improver. 

Note: the linear trait ...R. Legs side view, below is a two way trait. Conquest is an outstanding sire of legs and feet and is a top bull on Udder Comp. and Foot and Leg Composite.

Mating guide:  CONQUEST is an overall High Component Production and Type improver. He will sire All-American show type results and EX(94) pt. cows, like his two nearest sires Ensign and Dotson. Most importantly he is siring beautifully uddered, FAST Milking Speed, healthy young cows that will last (was +6.00 Productive Life). Use him on dtrs of COLLECTION, DALTON, GORDON , PRELUDE and EMORY daughters and gr. dtrs and others needing overall improvement.

CONQUEST daughters below:
Ingleside Conquest Kanya EX(90)-EX mam.
(Breeder:  Ingleside Farms, WI / Owner: Beutel Family, WI)

4-7 2x 365d 32,781m 4.4% 1412f 3.6% 1180P

Nolandale Conquest Cody VG(87), VG(86) Mam.
4th Place Sr. 2yr.old Ill. State Fair 2003  
(Breeder & owner:  Nolandale Farms, IL) 
Ingleside Conquest Clari
VG(86),VG(85) Mammary,VG(86) F&L
(Breeder & owner:  Ingleside Farms, WI)
Ingleside Conquest Molly
VG(85), VG(86) Mammary, VG(87)F&L
(Breeder & owner:  Ingleside Farms, WI)
"We bought 20 units of CONQUEST as a young sire and used him on repeat cows. We are now milking 6 CONQUEST dtrs .We really like their udders in everyway, good crease, they are producing well, with fast milking speed. Also outstanding feet and legs and dairy strength. Kanya is fresh again with 2nd calf and looks even better. We like Conquest and are using him again." Randy Scheidler ,Ingleside Farms,Cadot,Wis.
Randy's...Conquest's were scored as 2yr.old s they averaged VG(85) and VG(86) Mam.! 
Conquest dtr. in Switzerland, Helen, (Photo SBZV)
CONQUEST Dtr. Resi VG(85), Switzerland
(Photo courtesy of SBZV)
CONQUEST Dtr. in Switzerland  (photo SBZV)
Al Bar Conquest Lana-ET,EX(90) F&L,VG(86) FS 
2-01 2x 365d 33,912m 4.5%1538f 3.5%1186p
3-10 2x 332d 32,277m 4.0%1258f 3.6%1162p
4-10 2x 365d 33,250m 4.4%1461f 3.6% 1197p
(Bred by Alton Kauffmann, MD,  Owned by Rob Landgraf, MO)
CONQUEST Dtr., 2nd Lactation
Flatness Intl Jillquest-ET VG(87),VG(87) Mam.,EX(92) Body, 2nd Lactation photo
2-1 2x 365d 30,245m 4.1% 1195F 3.6%1089p

Jillquest VG(87),VG(87) Mam.,60 in. tall and strong is Jill's dtr. by CONQUEST,  peaked at 98 lbs. with 4.5%F, 3.5%P,  M.E. 34,805M 1355F 1139P.  Her 8/04 Index is +1630M +0.00% +65F +0.01%+56P +1.8 PL - Very fast milking Speed and the lowest somatic cell score! Her fancy 6/1/04 miking dtr by Blue Chip is now owned by Kevin Shearer, Pa.  Jillquest and her miking 2yr old dtr by MONTORO born 9/22/05, are now owned by Tim & Carrie Demuth ,Colfax, Wis.

High Scoring CONQUEST dtrs.
Nolandale Conquest Cody VG(87) VG(86) Mammary (owner Nolandale Farms, Ill.)
Flatness Intl Jillquest VG(87),VG(87) Mammary. (bred by Flatness Intl. Inc, Pa., now owned by Tim & Carrie Demuth, Wis.)
Al Bar Conquest Lana-ET VG(86),EX(90)F&L (owner Rob Landgraf, Mo).
Al Bar Conquest Lanita-ET VG(87), Excellent Mammary (owner Alton Kauffman, MD)
Frontline Conquest Prom VG(88) VG(88) Mam..(owner,Twinkle Hill Farms, Watertown, Wis.)
Ingleside Conquest Kanya EX(90), EX Mam. (breedeRandy Scheidler,Cadott,Wis.,current owners Steve and Rebecca Beutel,Brodhead,Wis.)
Ingleside Conquest Clari VG(86),VG(85) Mammary,VG(86) F&L (owner Randy Scheidler ,Wis)
Al Bar Conquest Laura-ET VG(86),VG(88) Mammary (owner Dennis Carnahan, NY)   
Shafdon Conquest Valerie-ET VG(86), VG(87) Mammary (owner Brent Dwight Shafer, MD)    
Al Bar Conquest Viola VG(86), VG(87) Mammary (owner Janet Archer, MD)
VB Conquest RHYM Mirth VG (86), VG(87) Mammary (owner Voegeli Farms,  WI)
Al Bar Conquest Linette-ET VG(85), VG(86) Mammary (owner Alton Kauffman, Md.)
Nolandale Conquest Jodie EX(90),Excellent Mammary (owner Rachel Retrum,WI
Ingleside Conquest Molly VG(85) VG(86) Mam. VG(87)F&L (owner Rany Scheidler Wis.)
CIE Alpine Hills Fancy VG(89),VG(88)Feet&Legs,VG(88) Mammary (owner Daniel Colson.KY,
Twinkle-Hill Conquest KassieVG(88) VG(88) Mam.,John Winlemam Wis breeder& Owner
Kinderkay Quest Casy VG(85), VG(88) Feet&Legs (owner Anne Marie Kress,Ohio)
Ingleside Conquest Janie VG(85)VG(85) Mammary (owner Randy Scheidler Wis)
Resi VG(85) (owner Ruedi Tanner, Switzerland)
Helen GP(84) (owner Urs Schildknecht, Switzerland
IDR Pimms View Streetcar VG(85), VG(87) Mammary (owner Adelia Pimm, NY)
Ingleside Conquest Jodell GP(84)VG(87) Mammary ,VG85) F&L,(owner Randy Schleidler Wis.)
Al Bar Conquest Loretta-ET GP(83), VG(86) Mammary (owner Alton Kauffman, MD)
Shelburne Conquest EvetteVG(86),Excellent Mam. (Shelburne Farms ,Vermont)
Congratulations to the breeders and owners of these outstanding young cows!  One of CONQUEST's top daughters, Lana (above), Her 8/04 index is:  +1758M +0.01%F +73F +55P, +3.3PL. 8/06

More CONQUEST Dtrs. in Switzerland

CONQUEST Dtrs. in Switzerland 
(Photo courtesy of SBZV)

REQUEST is a CONQUEST son from a COLLECTION daughter.  Likewise, Jewelquest is from a similar mating. 

Conquest's Dam   Reg 802799
R Hart CD CONNIE-ET, 2E(92), EX(92) MS
CPI +378  PTAT +0.9 Certified 
PTA +1359M +.21% +98F +.09% +63P (5/03)
Former No. 1 Cow Index, "Superior Brood Cow"
2-10 2x 365 25,190m 4.8% 1215f  4.1% 1036p 
4-0 2x 365 40,390m 5.1% 2071f 4.1% 1649p  7-5 2x 365d 29,310m 5.3% 1567f 3.9% 1131p 
(All records DHIR)
Nat'l Protein Award, World Record!
J.P. Eves & H.R. Searles Awards 1995
No. 2 All Time Protein Leader
Conquest's Mat. Gr. Dam
Gentle Breeze Mat CHRISTINE, TW, 3E(90)
Elite," Superior Brood Cow"
4-04 2x 365 28,600m 3.9% 1117f 3.5% 994p 
6-02 2x 365 30,890m 4.4% 1360f 3.4% 1060p 
7-11 2x 365 33,190m 4.2% 1398f 3.3% 1105p 
(All records DHIR)
All American 4 Yr. Old 1987

Conquest's Pat. Gr. Dam
High Spruce Stretchy EVE, 3E(90) Elite
Superior Brood Cow
8-07 2x 365d 31,780m 5.2% 1668f 3.3% 1037p DHIR
Nat'l Total Performance Winner, 1986, '87, '88, '90
Dam of R Hart Simon ENSIGN-ET, VG(88)
Superior Sire
Conquest's 3/4 Sister
R Hart Ensign Crystal, EX(91), EX Mam.
3-7 365d 2x 39,080m 4.1% 1612f 3.5% 1347p
CONQUEST's sire, ENSIGN, is a great mating on this cow family.  Crystal, CONQUEST's 3/4 sister, is by ENSIGN from Connie's mat. sister, Christian.  CONQUEST is a "one and only"!  He has no full brothers or sisters. 
ENSIGN was the perfect mating for CONNIE, one of the most outstanding daughters of DOTSON.  ENSIGN was No. 1 in the breed for Milk and Protein (over 600 U.S. dtrs., 98% Rel.), No. 1 for Fore Udder Att., Udder Depth, and Teat Placement,  No. 2 for Rear Udder Height, and  No. 3 for Dairy Form, and he is a top  non-SMA Type Improver (98% Rel.)   Add that to the tall (62"), exceptionally strong(over 2,000 Lbs.), EX(92) FS, EX(92) Mammary, high-component (5.1%F, 4.1%P)   CONNIE, and you have, CONQUEST, the finest genetics to enter the new Millennium!  CONNIE is 49 on thurl width and 50 on stature, strength, and body depth.  A score of 50 on linear traits is the highest possible.

CONQUEST  daughters in the US  average 84 pts. actual and VG(85) in Mammary.   His current U.S. daughters scored include 10 Very Good, 5GP, 1G(78).  For Mammary, 1 EX, 11VG, and 4 GP.  CONQUEST is also a milking speed improver! 

CONQUEST's sire, ENSIGN, was one of the best udder improvers of all time, and also one of the highest sires for longevity (productive life +3.3, 95% Rel., with nearly 3,000 dtrs.)   CONQUEST's dam is Connie 2E(92), 2E(92) Mam., 4th Gen. Excellent.  

CONQUEST is considered one of the most outstanding  new sires in the Brown Swiss breed today!   Why?... for several reasons. First....he's now the No. 3 Udder Improver !No. 1 in several  other categories as noted above.The majority of his dtrs. have scored Very Good ,as 2yr.olds avg. VG(86) mam! 
His sire, ENSIGN, is dead, with very little semen available; it has sold sells for up to  $375.00 per unit in the U.S., and previously sold at auction for $300.00 per unit in Switzerland.  ENSIGN, one the breed's All Time Great type and udder improvers, has many outstanding offspring, including All-Americans, and EX(93) and EX(94) cows.  The 1999 All-American and the $30,000 Res. All-American, now EX(94) 5-year-olds are sired by ENSIGN.  If you were to improve ENSIGN's on the average, they could be a little bigger, with higher butterfat test.  CONQUEST's dam, Connie, is a huge cow weighing over a ton, 62" tall, with 5.1% butterfat test, 4.1% protein, and 1649 lbs. protein, which is the world record for an Excellent cow!   CONQUEST is very impressive, note his new photo above.   He offers the very best genetics available.
Regarding  recessives, his sire, ENSIGN, his pat. grandsire, SIMON and his mat. grandsire, DOTSON, are free of  recessives including SMA  and Weavers. Most importantly like CONQUEST they all had dominant genes for high production and type improvement.
CONQUEST is popular in the U.S. and was sampled in Denmark, also in Switzerland by Swiss AI.  He has a son of Rose, Riki's outstanding daughter,  Flatness Intl REQUEST-ET.  Jill... Milk and Component Queen has a very nice milking dtr. Flatness Intl Jillquest-ET.,completed over 30,000 lbs actual... above.
CONQUEST has a very correct rump structure with pins slightly lower than hips, like his dam, Connie, and unlike most Ensign sons.  He is an excellent  mating on the typical Banker, Gordon, Prelude, Collection,and Emory dtrs. and Gr.dtrs. daughters. He is an outstanding overall production and type improver.

CONQUEST is available around the world now!  He is owned by and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc.  We are seeking additional authorized distributors.   Contact us today!

Dams of CONQUEST Offspring...we have always believed in him.

Alegria Riki ROSEanne-ET, VG(89) @ 2-04
2-00 365d 2x 29,144m 4.8% 1410f 3.9% 1137p
2-00 391d 2x 30,991m 4.9% 1511f 4.0% 1240p
The COLLECTION EX(93) Dtr. of Riki 3E(94), 2X All-American
Dam of Flatness Intl REQUEST-ET
Roll Mead TA Jill, EX(92)
EX(93) Mam., 5th Gen. EX 
1-11 365d 36,940m 3.6% 1335f 4.1% 1501p DHIR
All-Breed World, Class Protein Record
Dam of Flatness Intl JILLQUEST-ETVG(87)VG(87) Mam.
CONQUEST calves, all are now milking. Their "Good Plus" dam was a top producer ,but had slow milking speed. These dtrs. are better type with faster milking speed.
CONQUEST calves another view. Though all are now milking, three are not yet in CONQUEST's production proof because they don't have enough herdmates.
CONQUEST calf admired by German tour group led by Dr. Stefan Rist.
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