DEFENDER..EX(92)F&L..100% Reg..A2A2...Progeny Tested, 2.83 SCS +1.30PL


Sire stack, Planet, ZADE,  Desperado (a Jed son), Trust (a Tesk son)

Outcross...No OMAN, Goldwyn, Shottle, Durham, Bolton or BW Marshall!

a One and Only... no full brothers .......Outstanding.. Feet & Legs...EX(92)

555HO00110 Premo-Vale Planet DEFENDER, EX(90)@3-06,EX(90)Frame & Cap.,EX(92)F&L

USA 139856176 , born 4/7/2009, 100%RHA, aAa  345126 A2/A2.. here

PTA+54 PD Milk  -13F  -0.05% +2P +0.00%, 94% rel 

+1.30Prod. Life( more important than PD Type)+2.70 of the highest! (new)                        

2.843SCS (Very Good.. no udder balm needed) , DPR -0.70 Calving Ease 2.1,mat. calving ease 2.9%

-1.05 PD Type, -0.95 Udder Comp., -1.62F&L (comes from Planet), 87% Rel.

+1819 GTPI (8/23) WENT UP!


Premo-Vale DEFENDER Darby VG(86) !

Plus two new....VG's at Joe' today...12/18

Diane and Buffy below....

Now several new Very Good DEFENDER dtrs including Darby above...see also below

Premo-Vale Defender Darby complete record is: 5-07 2X 365d 30,674m 3.3%1026F 3.2% 986P.

Blue-Gene Defender Diane was re-scored VG(85) VG Mam.. moved up. Milking over 100 lbs right now. Another dtr. DEFENDER dtr, Premo-Vale Defender Buffy now VG(85)VG Mam. She is a linebred bred Dizzy, as her dam was by Dizzy's Toystory son and was classified VG-89.  Thanks and Congratulations....Joe Premo!

Also.... Jacannna DEFENDER Samina is VG(87),VG(87) Mam.  Congratulations to... Joe Conley ,Pa.!

ZADE Dizzy..DEFENDERS dam...above, at 12 years of age EX(92) 3E, EX(93) Mam!

No Photoshopping here.... better than the professional photo below at a younger age.


Premo-Vale ZADE Dizzy        

EX(92)3E, EX(93)Mam.@12-03, Dam of Merit

EX(90) Fr.& Cap.,EX(93) D. Strength, EX(92)Rump.EX(90)F&L, 9th Lactation!!
4-03 2X 365d 26,565m 4.3% 1133f 3.3% 884p
6-11 2X 365d 33,196m 3.9% 1303f 3.4%1129p
9-05 2X 365d 27,363m 4.4%1195f 3.4% 930p
10-9 2X 365d 28,803m 3.9%1126f 3.4% 979p

DEFENDER'S Maternal sister

Premo-Vale Oman Ditzy, VG(87) EX Mam.

3-09 2X 365 25,580 4.5% 1150f 3.8% 972p

6-09 2X 365 26,235 4.5% 1169f 3.8% 996p

One of the very best Oman dtrs...see the great udders

in this family!   Both Dizzy and Ditzy Bred & owned by Premo-Vale

However she did NOT out live her dam to the left and above..

Defender's granddam: Premo-Vale Desperado Daffy VG-85 VG-MS. 6-10 2X 365 30,906m 1000f  929p. Lifetime total: 228,797m  7479f 7152p.Defender's 3rd dam: Premo-Vale Trust Diana VG-86 EX-MS. 8-11 2X 365 36,082m 1066f  936p. Lifetime total: 186,385m  5551f 2 5258p.  Zade Dizzy's lifetime totals 246,335m 4.1% 10,083 f  3.4% 8375p    

DEFENDER..bred by Joe Premo from near the Quebec border, is from one of ZADE's very best dtrs., scored EX(92)2E, EX(93) Mam. at over 12 years of age. The maternal line is deep with Very Good cows with high lifetime production, in a farmer breeder herd with high production ,without being pushed. an outcross. He is now Progeny &Genomic proven and one of our highest milk index bulls. He will sire very attractive long life dtrs ...much more important... than high scored two year olds that don't last. Prod. Life is now more important than PD Type. He is siring beautiful, wide strong cows, with outstanding udders and feet & legs... yielding repeat buyers.  He is a calving ease bull...that is A2A2. Plus he is very high +3.00 on the new Livabilty trait. At EX(92) Feet & Legs..he is one of the best legged Planet sons. The dairymen like his dtrs . He is owned by and exclusively available from Flatness International Inc.

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