A top son of Dellia EX(95) EX(97) Mam EX(94) F&L the Breeds best Brood cow EVER!
 Born 25 years ago he has lost 2,500 lbs PDM in base changes.
Top Fore Udder Attach. and Fr.Teat Placement

Plus sires longer teats...everyone complains about short teats now.
High Fertility, +2.90 Dtr. Preg. Rate (DPR)
Excellent DELIVERANCE  Dtr
Deep Roots Deliverance Paige EX(90), EX(92) Mammary @4-06
 2-00 295d 2x 20,220m 3.5% 673F 3.3% 667P
2-11 301d 2x 22,210m 3.6% 804F 3.3%734P
She had 4 lactations... peaked at 136 lbs per day
Breeder & Owner Albert & Donna Marns Family, NY
DELIVERANCE as a yearling
DELIVERANCE's sire stack...Metro, Mark, Bell, Wonder
138HO01565 Regancrest DELIVERANCE-ET TV TL, Reg. No. 123868372   
EX(91) @ 5-08,EX(91) Frame EX(95) Dairy
aAa 342516  
Dtrs avg  25,443m 3.7% 940f  774p, 78 dtrs ,38 herds
PTA  + 0.04% F + 0.02% P, 90% Rel.
 +2.90 DPR (Dtr. Preg. Rate)
Calving Ease 3.3, Mat. CE 3.7  
 Still births7 .9% dtr
Dtrs avg.78.2 actual, 81 age adj.
   +1141TPI (4/23)  Went up!
The DELIVERANCE dtrs. are  tall, strong and deep bodied like his sire, METRO, and they have outstanding udders, like his dam, Dellia.    

They have outstanding, frames, udders, feet & legs... the whole type package!      

Many of his dtrs. are in very large commercial herds, where they excel due to their size and strength

DELIVERANCE was one of Dellias  proven sons.
His dam, Dellia, the breeds best brood cow ever...was EX(97) in Mammary and EX(94) in Feet & Legs,  is the former No. 1 for Type and Udder Composite.  Also importantly, his sire, METRO, EX(94)GM, an outcross sire, was +2.04 on Stature, +2.65 on Strength, and +2.27 on Body Depth (2/03). These traits are badly needed by today's extremely high producing herds. 
As shown in the photos above, DELIVERANCE (dead but still available) was very correct.   Viewed from the rear, he had a wide box-car rump and front shoulders blend beautifully.  He was tall, strong and long, as are his daughters.  His first milking daughters calved in at 1-10, primarily in large commercial herds.  They have very well attached udders and are milking very well, with several milking over 100 lbs. per day.  The highest 2yr. old, at Veeman's in Oregon, a 566 cow dairy, has 5 tests over 100 lbs. and peaked at 115 lbs. per day so far.  Her M.E. is 33,904m 1163f 1040p.  The second highest 2yr.old, at Siemer's, a 1,738 cow dairy in Wisconsin, has 4 tests over 100 lbs. and peaked at 110 lbs. per day.  Her M.E. is 33,625m 1279f 1033p.    DELIVERANCE is a  good component and type improver.
Regancrest Metro Dionis-ET 
VG(89) @ 2yr.!! EX Mam., EX Feet & Legs! 
Later... EX(92) owned by James & Dennis London, Pa.
2-1 365d 26,348m 3.8% 1,001f 3.5% 922p 
Sired by METRO, gr.dam is Dellia 
3/4 Sister to DELIVERANCE
Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mam., Dam of DELIVERANCE, DELLSTAR, & MAGNIFICENT, G'dam of DIAMOND,
4th Dam of DORON
Snowden.jpg (134839 bytes)
Reg. 12895802
Dam:  Snow-N Denises Dellia EX(95-2E), EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L
2nd Gen. EXCELLENT, 2nd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary!
PTA +704M +0.02% +29F +0.07% +37P
 +2.92T +2.65UDC +2.45FLC  CTPI +1542 (5/03)
2-01 2x 365d 23,550m 3.6% 855f 3.4% 800p
4-00 2x 365d 31,590m 3.6% 1153f 3.3% 1028p
6-00 2x 365d 35,230m 4.0% 1425f 3.2% 1116p
7-06 2x 365d 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1103p

Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L, was over 63 inches tall.  As indicated above, Dellia was a former No. 1 PTA Type cow.   Dellia is a SUPER BROOD COW, with several plus-proven sons (including a former No. 1 Type bull, DURHAM),  and many high-producing dtrs.  She had over 13 Excellent (up to EX-94) and 30 Very Good dtrs., 20 dtrs. have Excellent Udders.  She also had many Excellent granddaughters (up to EX-94) with Excellent Mammaries.

DELIVERANCE was bred by Regancrest and was proven and owned by Flatness International. He a was top bull. However his two maternal brothers that we also owned DELLSTAR and MAGNIFICENT had more popular aAa numbers at the time. All three bulls are now gone...the other two have very little semen left...and are $100 per unit. All three bulls had very fertille semen packed at over 30 million sperm cells per unit ...which is THREE  times the normal AI stud amount.

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