One of the best pedigreed high type bulls..right back to Dellia. DORON dtrs have outstanding temperment. High Component Production,  +0.08% F.  He was a breed Leader...for type. He  had one of the highest progeny proven type proofs of any Regancrest bred bull and was one of the top  bulls in the breed. From the best and most exclusive branch of the Dellia family...thru Jed Deborah EX(95) over 250,000 lbs milk lifetime!  

DORON Dtr.......HBD Doron 131, EX(93)2E, EX(94) Mam.@6yr.
3rd lactation photo...3rd place 5yr the World Dairy Expo, Jr Show 2008, 3rd 6yr old WDE Jr show 2009
DORON Dtr...HBD Doron 131, EX(93)2E, EX(94) Mam @ 6yr.!
Photo directly above, when shown as a 4yr old, Gr. Champ at several Wis. local shows
3-2 2x 356d 31,797m 4.6% 1479f 3.4% 1081p
4-8 2x 365d 35,417m 4.3% 1603f 3.3% 1171p
Her dam was not classified, but was a dtr of Zeplin, a Mandel gr.son of Zita,EX(94)2E,GMD, ZADE's gr. dam!
Bred by Holton Brothers, KS. Now owned by Neil Ledden, WI. Congratulations to both!

DORON is aAa 426
Good calving ease bull, 2.6 & 2.8, plus hard to find ..Extreme stature!
A breed leader for stature and of those.. the best high component production bul
High Component ...Production Improver!
Doron's sire stack....Convincer EX(95),VG(2yr)WADE, EX(95)Jed, EX(94)Blackstar, EX(95)Mark(Dellia), next dam EX(90)Bell dtr.
aAa  426315  Reg. No.207184488
555HO02845 & 138HO02845 
Regancrest BR DORON-ET TV TL 
EX(93),EX Across,EX(93)F&L@ 5-02  
Inbreeding % 4.3 (Breed Avg. is 4.5%)
Dtr. avg.  26,951 m 1030F  817P
1964 dtrs / 74 herds, 94% Rel.
PTA -648m +0.08% -4F -0.01%P
2.91 SCS
Calving Ease 2.4..... Mat. CE. 2.8
 Sire still birth 5.9 %, mat still birth 8.5% 
 +0.34 Type, -0.40  UDC ,
-0.25 F&L, +0.80 Body, +1.28 Dairy Comp.
Dtrs. avg. 80 pts Actual, 83 pts Age Adj. 
107 Dtrs /56 herds, Rel. 89% 
+1681 TPI (18/22) 
AI proven, No... breeder/syndicate involvement of any kind.
S Code (standard AI sampled), stud code 555 (Flatness Intl)

DORON's Linear Type Traits
Breeding Pattern  (8/22)
DORON dtrs. are very high producing with high components.
Very tall ..strong , Deep bodied , with open rib. The rump angle is correct, with some slope , the rump width is outstanding   He sires some set on leg side view Rear leg rear view and Foot angle are very good.
The udders are superb  !  He was one of the breed's best progeny proven overall type improvers and will continue to excel.  

Pedigree:  Princess Di EX(92), EX(92) Mam, EX(91) feet & legs ... probably Convincer's best all-around daughter is DORON's full sister. Their outstanding maternal granddam is Regancrest Jed Deborah 2E(95) , then the EX(94) Blackstar Darlene and then the great Dellia 2E(95) EX(97) Mammary!

DORON's Full sister

2nd lactation photo of Princess Di, EX(92) EX(92) Mam.
DORON's full sister
4-07 2x 365d 31,110m 3.9% 1211f 3.3% 1027P
(more info below
DORON's Full Sister....65 in. tall!
Regancrest BR Princess Di-ET,1st
EX(92),EX(91)Feet & Legs, EX(92) Mam.!
CTPI +1540 PTA +1470M +61F +51P (5/03)
2-5 2x 365d 28,264m 3.9% 1115f 3.4% 961p
DORON's Mat. Granddam...64 in tall!
Regancrest Jed Deborah EX(95) 2E, 4th Gen Ex.
CTPI +1529 PTA +887M +61F +34P (5/03)
5-09 2x 365d 43,740 4.0% 1761 3.1% 1335
Over 250,000 lbs milk lifetime!
DORON's 4th Dam... Snow-N Denises DELLIA
EX(95-2E), EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L GOLD MEDAL DAM - DAM OF MERIT
Former No. 1 Type Index Cow
2nd Gen. EXCELLENT, 2nd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary!
PTA +2.92T +2.65UDC +2.45FLC CTPI +1542 (5/03)
7-06 2x 365d 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1103p

DORON  looked like his Gr. Dam Deborah!  As you can see, he was a very tall, FANCY......impressive bull and is siring the same kind of daughters.   DORON's pedigree... the best in the breed  CONVINCER EX(95) x VG@ 2yr.WADE dtr. x EX(95) JED x EX(94) BLACKSTAR x EX(95) MARK Dellia x EX(90) BELL. 

DORON represents the best of the latest generation Dellia family!  He will be a top cross on many bloodlines, including other Regancrest breeding, particularly cows needing aAa 426 traits. DORON is  an overall high component production and super type improver! Give us a call.....we will deliver promptly.


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