Embryos and Cattle

Most of our business is semen sales, and Rothrock BS LIGHTNING was the foundation of our semen business. He combines All-Time Great Genetics™ with 98% reliability for production, component, and type improvement. At a low price, he is the best value in the Holstein breed!

Now LIGHTNING is joined by BECK, BEETHOVEN, PHARAOH, PYRAMID, DELLSTAR, DELIVERANCE, MAGNIFICENT, DIAMOND, ZADECONQUEST, JULIO, and JILLION, the most elite group of young sires in the Holstein and Brown Swiss breeds.   

These sires represent the most outstanding cow families in the Holstein breed, LOU ELLA, CHIEF FAITH, DELLIA, and ZITA.  The two most outstanding Brown Swiss cow families are the PRISCILLA's and the CONNIE's The sires offered above are the very best from these prestigious families. 

We also export embryos from the top cows in the U.S. The U.S. embryo market changes nearly every day. If we know your genetic requirements and financial limit, we can offer you outstanding genetics. Since we feature the cow families mentioned above through their sons, we also offer embryos from these great cow families along with other great cows in the breed.

We exclusively offer embryos from four world record Brown Swiss cows, JILL, PAULA, PAULETTE, LIN, and LACY.  For more information, visit "Jill The Protein Queen" on this site. 

Regarding cattle... young sires from some of the top U.S. cows are also available to you from Flatness International, Inc., including a COLLECTION son and daughter from JILL

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