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If LIGHTNING was a good bull. Why  wasn't he In A Large Bull Stud...

And, Why Is His price So Low?

To begin with, LIGHTNING has been in a bull stud, Sire Tech, since he was one year old. He was owned by a syndicate controlled by his breeder, Rothrock Golden Holstein Farms. Having been involved with them for years trying to market their embryos, I realized that they managed to keep the best, and market the rest at very high prices. They wanted $5,000 per embryo from LIGHTNING's maternal sister, Lupy, for example.

LIGHTNING was stud-sampled by Special Sires (now out of business) around the world. LIGHTNING has a 99% Rel. on both his U.S. and Interbull proofs. The breeder said the following in their March, 1996 Holstein World ad, "He [LIGHTNING] will be Lou Ella's best son." At that time, he was 82% Reliability. That was saying a lot, since his world famous maternal brother, "Leadman", has been a great breed improver.

Since then, there have been many changes with the people around LIGHTNING. The Rothrock herd was dispersed for a high average during March 1996. The herd manager, Jack Miller, died of a heart attack later in 1996. Previously, he had negotiated with the Vice presidents of the largest bull studs in the U.S., who sought LIGHTNING. However, remember that U.S. bull studs have been saying for over 25 years that they don't need any other bulls, beyond the bulls they purchase outright, for their sampling program. So, leasing a proven bull from someone else is always a fragile situation.

To conclude, the president of Flatness International believed in LIGHTNING and purchased - not leased - the bull and his entire semen inventory. Flatness International's NAAB controller number is 2196, and LIGHTNING is listed as an active sire in the U.S. Holstein Association Red Book. Flatness has over 30 years experience in the AI industry.

What about the price? LIGHTNING's semen is highly fertile, and there is a good supply. We believe in pricing by supply and demand. LIGHTNING is the best value in the Holstein breed! Even if you forget that he's a type improver with a fantastic pedigree, at 99% Reliability he was one is the best component improvers at the lowest price in the Holstein breed.

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