555HO00007 Regancrest-BH GOLDEN EYE  EX(92)

Top bull .....dead,very small amt of semen left

Born 15 years ago was Plus proven..3 base changes lowered his PD milk by 1500 lbs

Top Production and Type bull.....2.77 Somatic cell score...outstanding!

555HO00007 Regancrest-BH GOLDEN EYE, EX(92) @6-00,

USA 64943657, born 5/21/08 , 100%RHA-NA, TR TV TL TD,  A1A2 ,aAa 432156
PTA -795M -5F +0.09% -13P +0.04% PTA  -$73 Net Merit,  100% US,
CE 2.4, Mat. CE 2.8
PTA -0.50 Prod. Life, 2.77 SCS,  -0.40 DPR  
Progeny Proven,
174 dtrs in 77 herds, 95% Rel., 
Type.. 80 actual, 83 adj  
 +0.50 Type, +0.59 UDC, +0.43 FLC
+1892 GTP (8/22) Went up!

Sire Stack: GOLDWYN , an EX(93)2E DURHAM, an EX(95)3E RUDOLPH, an EX(90)3E JOLT

GOLDEN EYE is very unique in many ways.  He was Delight's only Goldwyn offspring, her natural calf. He is a high...progeny proven bull  with no Shottle, O Man , BW Marshall or Prelude in his pedigree. He follows our criteria of offering the breeds very best cow families, for ACTUAL production both high lactation and lifetime, Excellent type for generations, extremely high components, depth of pedigree and the ability to produce top proven sons.  He is a BIG. TALL, LONG... fancy bull, much better than his photo. 

His aAa code is 4(strong) 3(clean bone) 2(tall) 1(dairy) ,56...which confirms that he will sire Dairy Strength.. His dam is scored EX(94) and his gr dam is EX(100) for Dairy Strength!  He is siring clean flat boned, tall dtrs. with outstanding production and type .Many offspring  are now milking....long black and FANCY!

He has been tested negative for all known genetic recessives. He is an outstanding overall type improver, a breed leader in Dairy Form  and  Rear Udder Hgt & Width.  Fore Udder, Rear Legs, rear view. A great cross on most cows including DELLSTAR,  CARL , ZADEDORON , Morty, Braxton, Blitz and Shottle dtrs. He is siring TALL, FANCY cows now  milking as 2, 3& 4 yr. olds when the really blossom, the best cows in their herds!


GOLDEN EYE Dtr.Flatness-Intl GE Lucky VG(85)VG(88)Mam,@3-05,2nd lact.103 lbs milk 3.8%F 3.6%P daily. 2nd lactation photo Now fresh 3rd time, may  go EX with EX Mam... but now VG(86)..maybe next time! Now milking 120 lbs M 4.9% F,3.6% P...many GOLDEN EYE dtrs. with 5% Fat!

GOLDEN EYE's Dam....Sold for $94,000 (2008 Regancrest Sale)
Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET TV 2E,EX(93),EX(92) Mam.GMD, Zip's best dtr.
3-08 2x 365d 40,820m 3.8% 1543f 3.2%1306p, 5-10 2X 365d 40,930m 3.7% 1539f 3.2%1310p
GOLDEN EYE's Mat. Granddam...........Windsor-Manor Rud Zip TV TL, EX(95),EX(94)Mam.,EEEEE,4E@9-09       
 Gold Medal Dam, Dam of Merit, 3 sons on (4/10) top 100 TPI list ! Former No.1 Prod. Life Cow of the breed!
4-07 2x 365d 39,230m 3.8% 1490f 3.3% 1298p,  .over 200,000m Lifetime!  THIRTEEN Excellent offspring.
GOLDEN EYE's 3rd Dam, a Jolt dtr ,EX(90)3E DOM, also 200,000 lbs m.
GOLDEN EYE...now has fancy milking dtrs...some in 4th lactation. His dtr. pictured above is very typical  ...they all look like that...black ,fancy and VG & EX udders His sire Goldwyn, was the only Top 5 LPI bull ever...to be Premier Sire at the Can. Royal Winter Show, three years in a row!. His dam and gr. dam are exceptional. Their EX(94) and EX(100) Dairy Strength forecasts the high production... both 1st lactation and high lifetime totals..over 200,000 lbs milk, that we all want and need.  We all want cows like that. It all starts with good Calving Ease he is 7 and Maternal Calving Ease 6 (94% no problems). GOLDEN EYE has NO undesirable recessives...tested neg, for Blad, CVM and Dumps. His more than Triple Strength semen is very fertile. He is owned by and is exclusively available from Flatness International Inc. However he is now dead ....with VERY limited semen left. His Progeny proven mat. brother MOONRAKER  EX(93).... is now a better choice


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