JAMAICA ...+117 PD Milk (after losing over 1,000 Pred.Diff milk) from base changes
2.5 & 2.90 Calving Ease

World Record dam..Jill EX(93) ..see below

Now...A2A2 Beta-casein and BB Kappa-casein...both are the best!

JAMAICA's full sister, Jewel VG(89) @2yr.EX Mammary!
Jewel, 5th place Fall Yearling at World Dairy Expo '02
Also 1st bred & owned& the Genetic Award Winner in Class
Jewel, 2-year-old udder photo
VG(89) EX Mam. @2yr.
Flatness Intl Jewel-ET, VG(89) @ 2-07 EX Mammary
5th Place Fall Yearling, 1st Bred & Owned & Genetic Award Winner at World Dairy Expo 2002
+798M -.01% +29F +.01% +29P (5/05) 
2-04 2x 306d  23,018m 4.0% 917f  3.6% 829p
   3-05 2x 365d  30,583m  3.8% 1168f 3.5% 1070p
Jewel had a milking dtr, Montoro Jem  and a dtr Montoro  Jenna born 12/10/06, both by MONTORO.
Jewelquest, sired by CONQUEST, has a beautiful Jetway (Premier sire at World Dairy Expo last seven years )dtr,  Flatness Intl Jetquest , now owned by Kevin Shearer.  Jewelquest  finished with 2-02 2x 365d 22,627m 910f 753P , had a top milking dtr. by  MONTOROMontoro Judy, born 10/11/06.
JAMAICA's photo is below
Flatness Intl JAMAICA-ET (M) . ....His full brother was an All-American in 2002
VG(88) EX(90) Frame & Body@4-07Reg. No. 194833   aAa 132546  
 Beta-casein A2A2   Kappa-Casein..BB (the very best)
555BS02300 &138BS0230

Sire Stack..Collection, then EX(93) 3E Pete Rose dtr Jill, EX Westley ,and the EX(91) 5E Simon Peggy!

Calving Ease 2.5%, Mat. CE 2.9%
BEFORE two base changes!+1114m -0.01% +2F +0.00% +3P Rel. 80%
--3.20 Prod Life, 3.02 SCS, -0.60 DPR ,-128$ NM (all much better than his famous sire, Collection ) 
PTA Type -0.400 Rel. 756%
PPR -35(12/22)
Their sire was COLLECTION EX(93) Superior Sire. Their full sister, Jasmine ET VG(85)VG(87) Mam. topped the Elkhorn Spring Sale at $4,700 during April, 2001, sold to Elizabeth Shearer of Sandy Lake, PA.    She was 3rd Sr. Heifer Calf and 1st Pennsylvania at the All-American Dairy Show in 2001and 5th and 1st PA. at the 2002 All-American. Their  full brother JILLINGER was All-American Bull Calf in 2002, he was also owned by Elizabeth Shearer.
COLLECTION was one of the breed's best all-around proven sires.   He was a  former No. 1 Type sire in the breed!   On linear traits, COLLECTION was No. 1 for Stature, Strength, and Rear Udder Width,  No. 2 for Dairy Form and Thurl Width.  His EX(93) high-component dam was Reserve All-American Aged Cow in 1997.
Reg. 189182
Excellent (93) Superior Sire
One of the best of the Past Milk & Type Proven Sires,.  Sire of the breeds All Time Highest Selling cow,  $86,000!
PTA +1180M +.03% +53F +.04% +47P
PTAT +1.4 PTI +245 (5/03)
Their Pat. Granddam, CLAR
R Hart CD Clar ET
Reg. 802797
Excellent (93) 2E Certified
Gr. Champion Royal Winter Fair 1997
Reserve All-American Aged Cow 1997
6-10 365d 3x 34,680m 4.3% 1476f 3.6% 1239p DHIR

JAMAICA & JILLION'S dam Jill, remains the Brown Swiss World Protein Record holder, and former No. 1 Protein index cow.  Jill currently ...OVER 24 years later...is the World Record holder for Milk and Protein for both 305 and 365 days, under 2-years-old.  She was voted No. 7 in the Miss Millennium contest, and was the youngest and highest protein cow in that contest.  JILL's granddam, Priscilla, was voted No. 2.   You can expect  extremely high production potential, early maturity, combined with exceptional longevity from JAMAICA & JILLION.  Jill's dam is over 10 years old, and Jill's 5E(91) gr.dam lived at to be over 17 yra of age.

Jill is the breed's only cow ever.....with her 1st 4 records over 30,000 milk !  

Photo of Jill...JULIO, JAMAICA, JILLION & Jewel's Dam
3E, EX(93), EX(94) Mam. Fifth Generation Excellent!
wpe66436.gif (1694238 bytes)
Their Mat. Granddam:
Top Acres Westley Paulette 2E90-Certified
Their Mat. Gr. Granddam
Arnola Peggy Priscilla 5E91-Elite
JILLION & JAMAICA's Dam....Reg. No. 851132
Roll Mead TA JILL-ET, 3E(93)  3E(94) Mam.!
Fr. EX(91), Dairy EX(95), Body VG(89), F&L EX(90), Mam. EX(94)
Linear 45 Udder, 50 Rear Udder Height, 50 Rear Udder Width, 25 Teat Length (perfect score!)
5th Generation Excellent, 59-1/2" (151 cm.) tall at the shoulder & rump
No. 1 Protein Index 8/97
1-11 305d 2x 32,880m 3.7% 1203f 4.1% 1351p DHIR (World, Class Milk & Protein Record)
1-11 365d 2x 36,940m 3.6% 1335f 4.1% 1501p DHIR (World, Class Milk & Protein Record)
1-11 502d 2x 44,870m 3.6% 1601f 4.1% 1818p DHIR (7.7% F&P)
4-2 365d 2x 31,115m 4.2% 1320f 3.5% 1087p  DHIR (7.7% F&P)
5-09 365d 2x 39,619m 3.8% 1507f 3.7% 1466p DHIR
5-09 485d 2x 50,035m 3.8% 1921f 3.7% 1851p DHIR
7-10 365d 2x 37,792m 4.2%1565f 3.7%1398p DHIR
Lifetime over 200,00 lbs milk and 15,000 lbs fat and protein combined!
Jill's 365 day 1501 lbs. Protein record is the current...now over 20 years .....Brown swiss...Protein Record at 1-11. 
JILL..has embryos available see.. pricing page
JILL 's Maternal Sister:  Rolling Meadows ST Paula-ET, E-91, EX-Across
5th Generation EXCELLENT
No. 1 Cow Index 8/97
1-11 305d 2X 23210 5.5 1270 3.6 831 DHIR
1-11 353d 2X 26670 5.2 1376 3.5 938 DHIR
3-02 305d 2X 30780 5.0 1530 4.0 1223 DHIR
3-02 365d 2X 37510 5.0 1889 3.9 1454 DHIR
Nat'l Milk, Fat, & Protein Leader, Jr. 3 yr.old
JILL'S Dam: Top Acres Westley Paulette2E90 - Certified 
Superior Brood Cow, Excellent Feet & Legs, & MammarySystem, 4thGen EX !
2-04 365d 2X 28320 4.4 1244 3.6 1016 DHIR 
3-06 365d 2X 25400 4.7 1194 3.7 934 DHIR
5-10 365d 2X 27280 4.9 1339 3.8 1039 DHIR
7-01 365d 2X 29230 5.2 1479 3.6 1028 DHIR
JILL's Granddam, the Legendary PRISCILLA:
Arnola Peggy Priscilla 5E91-Elite 3rd Gen. EXCELLENT, Superior Brood Cow. 
6-10 365d 2x 30,250m 4.4% 1339f 3.4% 1034p DHIR
National Total Performance Winner 1989 & 1991
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