Jill An All-Time Great....
still has embryos available and semen from her sons JAMAICA and JULIO
3E(93)3E(94) mam. @ 10yrs.
Superior Brood Cow!..weighed over 2,000 lbs at her death at 14 years of age
1) Brown Swiss...World Record
Jill's 1st ...FIVE records over 31,000lbs milk! (2005)
Avg  2x.. 35,942m 4.0% 1432f  3.7%1324p DHIR
Over 200,000 lbs milk & 15,000lbs fat & protein lifetime!
2) Brown Swiss ...World Milk & Protein Leader
(2-Year-Old Class record, set in 1997...still record holder 26 years later... in 2023)
36,940 lbs. milk (at 1-11)
1,501 lbs. Protein! (Actual 2x ,365 days)

 5 outstanding dtrs., an All-American & Two Top Proven sons,

JULIO ...Proven in Switzerland, The Netherlands and the USA also ...JAMAICA

Jill...Former No. 1 Protein Index (8/97)
     EX(93)3E, EX(94)3E Mammary
      5th Generation Excellent!
JILL's Dam:
Top Acres Westley PAULETTE 2E90-Certified
JILL's Mat. Granddam:
Arnola Peggy PRISCILLA 5E91-Elite
Reg. No. 851132
Roll Mead TA JILL-ET, 3E, EX(93), EX(94) Mam.!
Superior Brood Cow!
Fr. EX(91), DC EX(95), Body VG(89), F&L EX(90), Mam. EX(94)
Linear 45 Udder, 50 Rear Udder Height, 50 Rear Udder Width, 25 Teat Length (perfect score!)
5th Generation Excellent, 59-1/2" (151 cm.) tall at the shoulder & rump
PTA: +978M -.04% +30F +.01% +35P (11/06)
+0.86PTAT  CPI +283 
No. 1 Supp. & Protein Index 8/97
1-11 305d 2x 32,880m 3.7% 1203f 4.1% 1351p DHIR (World, Class Milk & Protein Record)
1-11 365d 2x 36,940m 3.6% 1335f 4.1% 1501p DHIR (World, Class Milk & Protein Record)
1-11 502d 2x 44,870m 3.6% 1601f 4.1% 1818 Protein DHIR
4-2 365d 2x 31,115m 4.2% 1320f 3.5% 1087p DHIR
4-2 464d 2x 36,848m 4.1% 1527f 3.6% 1311p DHIR
5-09 305d 2x 34,851m 3.7% 1306f 3.6% 1255p DHIR
5-09 365d 2x 39,619m 3.8% 1507f 3.7% 1466p DHIR
5-09 485d 2x 50,035m 3.8% 1921f 3.7% 1851p DHIR
7-10 365d 2x 37,792m 4.2% 1565f  3.7% 1398p DHIR
 9-10 365d 2x 34,242m 4.3%1459f  3.4%  1164p DHIR
Ist 5 records over 31,000 lb milk, a Br. Swiss World Record !
Lifetime totals: 200,895m, 4.0% 7,980lbs. fat , 3.6% 7,167 lbs.  protein!
Jill's 365 day 1501 lbs. Protein record is a former All-Breed Protein Record at 1-11.
 JILL is a MILK & COMPONENT QUEEN.   Her first lactation accomplishments occurred under everyday farmer, free-stall , commercial conditions.   JILL was right out there with the rest of her herdmates at Rolling Meadows Farms.  For the next 9 months, she was housed at Lou-Ida Farms, Mineral Ridge, Ohio.  Jill was then housed in a tie stall and  completed her 4th lactation...they average, over 36,000 lbs of milk .When she was housed at Sunshine Genetics. Lastl she has produced  her 5th straight 30,000lb record  She has been housed in 5 different barns during her career.  
 If you want the best, JILL's embryos are among the world's most valuable Swiss embryos. Jill now has four Very Good dtrs. Jewel VG(89),EX mam. Jasmine VG(85) VG(87) Mam. both at 2-07.,and Jillquest  VG(87),VG(87) Mam.,2nd lactation and now Jillisa VG(86), 2nd lactation. Jill is also the dam of  Flatness-Intl JILLINGER..All-American. 2002 .Not scored but the best type of the bunch easy EX.  JULIO VG(88) BB KCN and JAMAICA VG(88)  A2A2 BB KCNboth high PPR bulls in the US. Contact us today!   We look forward to hearing from you.
JILL 's Maternal Sister:        
Rolling Meadows ST Paula-ET, E-91, EX-Across
5th Generation EXCELLENT
No. 1 Cow Index 8/97
1-11 305d 2X 23210 5.5 1270 3.6 831 DHIR
1-11 353d 2X 26670 5.2 1376 3.5 938 DHIR
3-02 305d 2X 30780 5.0 1530 4.0 1223 DHIR
3-02 365d 2X 37510 5.0 1889 3.9 1454 DHIR
Nat'l Milk, Fat, & Protein Leader, Jr. 3 yr.old
Top Acres Westley Paulette 2E90 - Certified 
Reg. 795775
Superior Brood Cow, Excellent Feet & Legs, & MammarySystem, 4th Generation EXCELLENT
2-04 365d 2X 28320 4.4 1244 3.6 1016 DHIR 
3-06 365d 2X 25400 4.7 1194 3.7 934 DHIR
5-10 365d 2X 27280 4.9 1339 3.8 1039 DHIR
7-01 365d 2X 29230 5.2 1479 3.6 1028 DHIR
Member Hon Men All-American Produce of Dam, 1993  
Sold for $11,500 at Top Acres Sale, 7/1/98.
JILL 'S Full brother
A  previous No. 1  LPI bull in Canada.
JILL'S Grand Dam, the Legendary PRISCILLA:
Arnola Peggy Priscilla 5E91-Elite
3rd Generation EXCELLENT, Superior Brood Cow!
6-10 365d 2X 30250 4.4 1339 3.4 1034 DHIR
National Total Performance Winner 1989 & 1991 Nominated All-American 3 Year Old, 1986
PETE ROSE dtr. POM-POM sold for $40,500, 7/1/98.
Jill's first Outstanding Proven son,...JULIO, by EARNEST T is straight-topped, long and strong.  He has semen available. Click here for more JULIO info.   
Jill's COLLECTION sons,  JILLION & JAMAICA, are online (click here).
JILL has embryos available...see the pricing page.

We were very pleased to acquire JILL, a PETE ROSE daughter, at the 1997 Premier Showcase Sale from the Mark Witmer family.  Prior to the sale, JILL had a bull contract with Flatness International. When I first saw her she was a rather small , unscored 2r old. half way thru her 1st lactation, a foot smaller than her mat. sister the EX(91) Paula above(at maturity Jill was the same size as her sister).We had no intention of buying her..but when put up for sale .we NEEDED to protect our contract and bought her! We were very impressed with JILL's development over the years.. She is from the All-Time Great Priscilla cow family.  JILL offers the most exciting genetics ever in the Brown Swiss breed.  A limited quantity of embryos were exported.A very FEW left.  Please contact us by phone, fax or e-mail.  Also, please check this website often for the latest information about JILL and other All-Time Great Genetics™.

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