KLARK.... VG(87) +2149 TPI (8/23)  WENT UP!

 +487 Milk , Top Type and Udders..... SCS 2.98 ,  PL +3.60 , DPR +1.80   

PROGENY PROVEN!   He's had  Over1,000 PDM bases reduction ,he is 12year old!

Dam Klassy.. EX(91) EX(93) Mam. EX(91) F&L..KLARK's full sister nowVG(88),VG(89)Mam.

KLARK's Dam: Hammer-Creek Gold Klassy ET, 

EX(91) EX(93) Mam, EX(91) F&L

 1-11 2X 365d 29,533m 3.5%1041F 3.3% 975P   

3-01 2X 365d 34,990m 3.5%1221F 3.4% 1190P  

5-11 2X 312d 36,348m 3.4%1254F 3.1% 1127P   

Sire stack,...Shamrock, EX(91),EX(93)Mam .Goldwyn, VG(88)GMD ZADE,EX-EX Mam GMD Mtoto dtr....then back to Blackstar Martha EX(93),EX(97) Mam. GMD,DOM cow family!

No Oman, Bolton, Durham or BW Marshall in this sire stack! 

555HO00115 Hammer-Creek Sham KLARK -ET, VG(87), EX(90) (Frame & Cap.)

USA 69708819 , born 8/8/2011, 100% RHA , A1A2  beta-casein

aAa  351426...5 &1 together very rare, width & high milk index!

PTA +487 PD Milk -16 F -0.12% +11 P -0.01%, 93% rel 

        +$273NM, +$271 CM, +3.50Prod. Life,+1.20 Livability                         

2.98 SCS , +1.80 DPR ,  Calving Ease 2.2% Mat. CE. 2.0% 

-0.23 PD Type, +0.66 Udder Comp., -0.19 F&L, 87% Rel. 

+2149 TPI (8/23) Went up!

KLARK is from the famous and outstanding Blackstar Martha cow family....his 5th dam,one of the best (top 2or 3) Blackstar dtrs. The.dam of Ricecrest Emerson EX(96) & Ricecrest Marty EX.. then 6 more gen. of VG & Ex Dams

Wa-Del RC Blckstr Martha-ET,  EX(93) EX(97) Mam. GMD
6-11 2X 365d 33,196m 3.9% 1303f 3.4%1129p
9-05 2X 365d 27,363m 4.4%1195f 3.4% 930p
10-9 2X 365d 28,803m 3.9%1126f 3.4% 979p 

KLARK's granddam: Hammer-Creek ZADE Klassic VG(88)VG-MS,GMD 3-11 2X 365 37,640m 3.5%1312f 3.4% 1280p.  KLARKs 3rd dam: Hammer-Creek Katelyn EX, EX(93)Mam. GMD 3-2 2X 44,240m 4.2% 1871f 3.1%1285p, 4th dam Ricecrest Formation Kate GP(83) GMD, 4-09 2X 53,440m 3.3% 1753f3.1%1657P, the 5th dam Martha above. .

KLARK is much better on Udder Comp., Feet and Legs and Dtr. Preg. Rate...than his sire Shamrock or pat. gr. sire Planet. Shamrock was a former No.1 GTPI sire and his full sister was the No. 1 CTPI cow.  KLARK was bred by our good friend Lavern Martin, Pa. His outstanding dam is pictured above. His  ZADE gr.dam Klassic is pictured on ZADE's page, one of his best dtrs. The maternal line is very deep with EX & VG, Gold Medal dams  with high lifetime production. His Pat. sister from the same family sold for $129,000 in 2012. KLARK's full sister...below ...is NOW VG(88)VG(89) Mam,4th lactation  1st 2 records avg over 30,000M 1100F. Now fresh again 4th lac. milking 125 lbs per day... high components

KLARK's Full Sister Kaylee now VG(88)VG(89) Mam. 4th lactation!    3-2 2x 325d 32,756m. 3.5% 1142P 3.2% 1048P

and their breeder... Lavern Martin, Pa.. (1st lactation, amateur photo)

2nd lactation side view 2nd lactation rear view

KLARK is  a high milk index bull. He is a good  type bulls and will sire very attractive long life dtrs ...much more important... than high scored two year olds that don't last. Prod. Life is now as important as PD Type.,.he is +3.40 Prod. Life

He is a calving ease bull. At  2.20  & 2.10 (98%) no problem for Maternal Calving ease he is one of our best for calving ease!  

Lastly he is a breed improver for fertility,...went up.. +1.80 DPR and his semen with over 30 million sperm cells per unit ,post thaw, is very fertile...like the rest of our sires!   KLARK is a very LONG..impressive type bull as seen above.. photo at 2yr &9mo. He is owned by and exclusively available in the USA from Flatness international Inc. He is now available internationally thru Ag-Link Inc.

NOW..... KLARK is PROGENY PROVEN... better udders and particulaly feet and legs than their dams!  Most impressive.... I have seen in a LONG time.

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