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LAWMAN! Top Prod & Type + High Health Traits!

Another Breed Leader.... from our branch of the Lou-Ella EX(92)GMD family. Plus crosses to Dellia EX(95) EX97) Mam, GMD

LAWMAN and LINCOLN have the same 3rd dam.... a VG(86) GOLDEN EYE EX(92)dtr.  His dam was an EX(93)Durham dtr ,then EX(95) Rudolph Zip.!!

+1340 PD Milk,  +57 CFP,+1.75 Type, +1.88 UDC , 2.79 SCS +3.10 PL +2499 PTPI  Plus GOOD DPR-0.20! = only 8 bulls in the world

ONLY One of TWO  also..... A2A2!!!!

Flatness-Intl Kingroyal Ann.... LAWMAN's Mat sister, VG across would have been Excellent this time.. but died from bleeding kidney.

2-00 2x 340d 25,043m 4.4%1103f  3.3 823p

Was miking 120 lbs 3.7%f when died. 

A Great young cow. Has a bred heifer by Hancock and beautiful young dtr by King Doc. Top Genomics...close breeding on the best is a good idea.


Flatness -Intl Lisa Ann...LAWMAN's dam ...VERY GOOD ,VG F&L, VG Mam. 4th lactation ,highest producer,this 30,000 lb herd.

PLUS 1.60 DPR....Unbelieveable for such a high production cow! Peaked @150 lbs 2x

1-10  2x 365d 26,677m 3.7%1010 3.1% 880

3-05 2x 320d 36,952m 3.6%1315f  3.1%1145p

4-05 2x 365d 43,030m 3.3%1419f  3.1%1333P

Has a GP(82)@2-1,dtr by Hancock,with a beautiful King Doc heifer calf! Our highest on Genomics! 2760 TPI +1473 PDM,+3.25 Type!


Outcross...sire stack...Hancock, Heinz, Supersire, GOLDEN EYE..our Goldwyn son .from EX(93) Z Delight!

555HO00150 Flatness-Intl HC LAWMAN  Reg. No.142365131  

 born 2/5/2021    aAa...  and 1st photo Soon...Nice type white bull! 

PTA +1340 PD Milk  +25F  +32P + Rel. 81%

+$392 Net Merit Prod Life +3.10, Somatic Cell Score 2.79

GOOD -0.20 Dtr. Preg. Rate, Calving Ease, 2.5  Mat CE 2.60

+1.75PD Type +1.88UDC +0.99 F&L Comp.

 +2499TPI (4/12/22)  Went UP! 

Chart below updated 4/12/22

                                                                                                                                   Contact us at this email address...  or phone 570-836-3527  .        

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