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Wyatt Earp.... in the movie Tombstone        LAWMA N ..."3" aAa OPEN.. for Top Fertility, Slope to the Rump and SET to the legs. "1" DEEP.. Open rib.... High Production.    A2A2!       POOR PHOTO @1yr. 2mo....will look better next time.!

LAWMAN!Top Prod & Type,High HealthTraits,Dam+1.60 DPR!

Another Breed Leader.... from our branch of the Lou-Ella EX(92)GMD family. Plus crosses to Dellia EX(95) EX97) Mam, GMD

LAWMAN and LINCOLN have the same 3rd dam.... a VG(86) GOLDEN EYE EX(92)dtr.  His dam was an EX(93)Durham dtr ,then EX(95) Rudolph Zip.!!

+1271 PD Milk,  +54 CFP, +1.71 Type, +1.94 UDC , +1.04 F&L,2.77 SCS +3.10 PL +2493 PTPI  Plus GOOD DPR-0.20! = only 8 bulls in the world

ONLY One of TWO  also..... A2A2!!!!

Flatness-Intl Kingroyal Ann....63 in. tall ...LAWMAN's Mat sister, VG across would have been Excellent this time.. but died from bleeding kidney.

2-00 2x 340d 25,043m 4.4%1103f  3.3 823p

Was miking 120 lbs 3.7%f when died. 

A Great young cow. Has a bred heifer by Hancock and beautiful young dtr by King Doc. Top Genomics...close breeding on the best is a good idea.


Flatness -Intl Lisa Ann...LAWMAN's dam.. VERY GOOD ,VG F&L, VG Mam. Highest this 2X, 30,000 lb herd. PLUS 1.60 DPR.. high production cow! 130,000 lbs milk to date..3 lactations!

1-10 2x 365d 26,677m 3.7%1010f 3.3%880p 

3-5- 2x 320d 36,952m 3.6%1315f 3.3%1182p  5-5 2x 365d 43,030m 3.3%1419f 3.3%1419p

Has GP(82)@2-1,dtr.,Lowest Actual SCS in the herd, full sister to LAWMAN, with a beautiful King Doc heifer calf! Our highest on Genomics! 2760 TPI +1473 PDM,+3.25 Type! She is also POLLED!


Outcross...sire stack...Hancock, Heinz, Supersire, GOLDEN EYE..our Goldwyn son .from EX(93) Z Delight!

555HO00150 Flatness-Intl HC LAWMAN  Reg. No.840003215305930 ,  born 2/5/2021   

aAa..315246.....Open, Dairy... Deep Ribbed, Wide  bull.....

1st photo..above...DEEP dairy rib....Nice wide rump for top fertility. high type, will correct those straight legs...a breed problem now. NOTE below.. he will NOT sire high pins!

PTA +1271 PD Milk  +24F  +30P + Rel. 81%

+$402 Net Merit Prod Life +3.10, Somatic Cell Score 2.77

GOOD -0.20 Dtr. Preg. Rate, Calving Ease, 2.5  Mat CE 2.60

+1.71PD Type +1.94UDC +1.04 F&L Comp.

 +2493TPI (8/9/22)  Went UP on UDC and F&L! 

Chart below updated 8/10/22

                                                                                                                                   Contact us at this email address...  or phone 570-836-3527  .        

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