LUST.......EX(91),EX(92)FR. & Cap,EX(92)F&L

Proven Sire...customers rave about his High Fertility!

+607PDM -0.01% +20 Fat +21  CFP +1.40 PL

Great cow family, All-American Produce of Dam 2013, see below

LUST's mat. sister now EX(93). His dam Lizzie is below...his Gr. dam's mat. sister Licorice is below also

LUST's dam... the dam of an EX(93), EX Mam. 3yr.

Savage-Leigh Gold Lizzie VG(87) 2yr. GMD, DOM     

 LUST's gr. dam's, mat. sister 

Savage-Leigh Licorice-ET EX(92)GMD DOM

2-02 2X 365d 35,290m 4.3% 1506f 3.5%1235P

3-10 2X 305d 26,790m 4.4% 1190f 3.5% 938p

4-02  2x 365 51,220m 4.3% 2179 3.5% 1793p   1st Md milk, 2nd for Fat

Dam..All-American Produce of Dam 2013 Gold Lona EX(92) 4yr old  & Leona EX(96) 150,000 lb cow.....their photos are below

LUST's 3rd Dam....Savage-Leah Bellwood Linda EX(92)2E GMD DOM  

2-10 2x 365d 40,240m 5.8% 2349f 3.6% 1434p

Ist National Fat , Ist Maryland Fat ,  Nom. Global Cow of the Year 2005

Sire Stack...Shamrock, High GTPI VG(87)DOM Goldwyn, EX-GMD Leduc, EX92) GMD DOM Bellwood Linda cow family, then VG(87)EX MAM.GMD Blackstar dtr , then an EX-GMD Glenview Joe

No Oman, Bolton , Durham or BW Marshall in this sire stack...Outstanding Potential!

555HO00120 Monanfran-JS Sham LUST-ET  EX(91), EX(92) F&L

EX(91) Final Score EX(92) Fr. & Cap,VG (88)Dairy Str.,VG(87) Rump EX(92) F& L @3-06

USA 71070160,  born 12/25/2011   100% RHA, A1A2,  aAa ...351426

PTA +607 PD milk -0.01% +20F -0.06%+1P  90% Rel.

+$213 NM +1.50 PL  3.03 SCS, -0.70 DPR , CE 3.2 & 3.3%

-0.35PD Type +0.164UDC -0.76 F&L  85% Rel.  

  +2016 GTPI (8/23)

 LUST was bred by our friends, Monanfran Farms and John Sullivan, Erinwood Farm. His outstanding high index dam is pictured above, as well as his gr. dam's famous sister Licorice. This is the famous ,5.8% testing Bellwood Linda (LUST's 3rd dam) EX(92) GMD DOM family, one of the most famous cow families ever in Maryland. LUST is a top production and type improver,our 2nd Highest Fat Index bull. Like all our bulls he is very fertile, over 30 million sperm cells in each unit, post thaw..the industry avg is 9 million, sexed semen is 2 million. LUST a FANCY,tall, strong bull was EX(91) EX(92)F&L. He is one of the highest TPI bulls from this great ...cow family!  LUST's mat. sister now EX(93) . LUST.. PROGENY PROVEN... owned by and exclusively available from Flatness International.  VERY High Fertility.

All-American Produce of Dam 2013!

Savage-Leigh Gold Lona EX(92) 1st 4yr.old All- American 2013

Savage-Leigh Leona EX(96) 1st 150,000 lb cow All-American 2013

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