MAGNIFICENT... 6514 aAa!
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EX(93), EX(93) F&L, EX(98) Rump! Mat. brother to Durham CV, dam is Dellia EX(95) EX(97) Mam., best Holstein cow ever.

Born 24 years ago..... was Plus Proven..has had over 2,000 PDM removed thru base changes.. since then.

MAGNIFICENT....has no Deadly Recessives
 Overall High Component Production  and Type Improver
Wide and Strong with Beautiful Udders and Outstanding Feet & Legs!
aAa 651423(hard to find aAa numbers
Combines EX(97) Mam. Dellia & EX(97) Mam. Martha!
+0.92 Rear Legs-Rear View,  +2.01 Rump Width
Fertility, ,+0.70DPR.....Udder Health SCS 2.91 and Calving Ease Improver 2.3!
His full sister Regancrest Marty Donia EX(91),EX(92) Mam.,EX F&L!
Dellias , 2nd highest index offspring, out of 158,+1574 CTPI +1.39 Type,+1.66 UDC,+1.96 F&L (1/10)
MAGNIFICENT.. daughters
Hammer-Creek Magnificent Lisa VG(87) @ 4-10,
VG(87)Mam.,EX(90)Dairy Strength & EX(90)Rump
her dam sired by "Aeroline",was scored @ 4yr., 66 pts, 45 pts in the mammary.
2-00 2x 347d 31,411m 3.8%1205f 3.0% 942p
3-01 2x 333d 32,278m 3.8%1238f  3.2% 1033p
4-02 2x 325d 39,281m 3.5%1133f 3.0% 1178p
5-02 284d inc. making another 30,000lb record.
(Bred & Owned by Laverne Martin, PA)
Ken-Will Research Magnificent
EX(91)F&L, EX(90)Mam.
VG(89) Final Score
3 top records
 4-1 2x 365d 26,133m. 4.0% 1055f 3.2% 836p
1st Place Winter Yearling, 
2003 Wyoming Co.(Pa.) Fair
(Bred & owned by Eric Traver, Tunkhannock, PA)

Miss Magnificent Blonde
VG(87) EX Mammary
in a SET,cows avg 74 pts in SETS
M.E. 27,946m 903f 793p
Peaked at 106 lbs. per day
Pictured very stale, 2nd lac.
(Bred & owned by Ben S. Yoder, NY)
Magnificent's sire stack...Marty, Mark, Bell, Wonder
555HO01790 & 138HO01790
Reg. 126958195
Excellent(93), EX(93) F&L,EX(98) Rump @7yr.
aAa 651423 (Very well balanced)  DMS 345
Dtr. avg.  26,702m 3.7% 984f  8
SCS 2.91  DPR +0.70 
122 Dtrs, 59 herds, Rel 92% 
Calving Ease 2.3, Maternal Calving Ease 4
Sire still birth 6.7, mat still birth 9.5
 Dtrs avg 80 pts Actual, 82.4 pts Age Adj.
Random sampled, "S" code, AI proof
+1402 TPI  (8/22)  Went up!
MAGNIFICENT's Linear Type Traits
Breeding Pattern (12/22)
MAGNIFICENT and his dtrs are extremely well balanced. He is the very rare bull that is an improver in nearly every type trait...  particularly as more dtrs are added! 

Look at those wide thurls ...+2.36 many mating advisors, say use this bull  or that, on your wide cows..who sires them? MAGNIFICENT does!

He can be used broadly throughout the breed ...with outstanding results!

Reg. 12895802
Snow-N Denises Dellia, GMD DOM
EX(95) EX(97) Mam., EX(94) F&L
PTA +704M +29F +37P   CTPI +1542
+2.92T +2.65UDC +2.45FLC (5/03)
7-6 365d 2x 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1108p
Reg. 13907649
Wa-Del RC Blckstr Martha-ET, GMD DOM
EX(93) EX(97) Mam., EX(92) F&L
PTA +1701M +61F +41P  CTPI +1572
+2.64T +2.83UDC +1.64FLC (5/03)
5-4 365d 38,840m 4.2% 1643f 3.0% 1178p

MAGNIFICENT's two nearest dams, DELLIA and MARTHA, are the very best of Regancrest and Ricecrest!  DELLIA has been the breed's highest PTA cow for Type.  MARTHA was No. 4 for Type.   Both Dellia and Martha were over 62 inches tall, strong and wide.  They are two of our all-time favorite cows.   DELLIA is the dam of DELLSTAR, the breed's highest averaging first crop Type sire (84 pts. age-adjusted, 83% Rel.),also DELIVERANCE is one of her highest milk sons. DELLIA has  20 dtrs with Excellent Mammaries.  MARTHA is also one of the breed's greatest brood cows and bull mothers, the dam of EMERSON (a blad carrier), and MARTY, EX, with no undesirable recessives!

MARTHA's son, Ricecrest MARTY (EX), is MAGNIFICENT's sire.  MAGNIFICENT was a very fancy, outstanding individual, straight on top, strong and wide, extremely deep-ribbed, with outstanding feet and legs, EX(93) He has no undesirable recessives!  MAGNIFICENT's full sister is EX(91), EX(90) F&L ,EX(92) Mammary, with over 31,000 lbs. of milk as a 2-yr-old, peaked at 110 lbs. milk per day, 5.5% fat test. Now fresh again milking 142 lbs per day!

MAGNIFICENT, Dellia's only Ricecrest MARTY son in AI, sired correct, well-balanced production and type.  His 651423 aAa numbers are VERY unique, but what's even more unusual is that he should sire outstanding type improvement in every area.  If you have a top cow or heifer and she's in heat, breed her to MAGNIFICENT!  His wide strong ,high producing daughters have beautiful udders! 

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