MONTORO.....EX(90), EX(91)F&L @ 2yrs 
Kappa Casein...BB (the best!) for High Component Production
Exceptional Udder & Feet & Leg Perfection Potential!
 The Pronto EX(90) son of  Monteil EX(93)3E, 40,000 lb. milk.. 
Gr.Dams Monay EX(93)4E, Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo'94 & Present EX(94)3E
Both Gr DAMS Have EX(96) Mammaries...
His dam Monteil was scored EX(98)Mam. by Switzerland AI Assoc.classifiers!
with outstanding 40,000 lb milk, high component production,
 (Pat.Gr. dam Present:  40,100m 4.9% 1966f 3.5%1405P) 
(Mat.Gr. dam Monay 37,219m 3.6% 1353f 3.4%1263p)
Monay is...All-Time All-American 3yr.old & Res. All-Time All-American Aged Cow 2005
A ONE and ONLY no full brothers or Sisters...Full sibling embryos available
 As a 3yr old, EX(90), EX(91) F&L
(Click on his photo to view an even larger version.)
MONTORO's sire stack...Pronto, Dotson, Jade
555BS02866 &138BS02866  
EX(90), EX(91)Feet & Legs @ 2yrs
Reg. No.196816  aAa 645213
Dead bull ....was Plus Proven back in 2010 & base changes later. 
PTA -396m -0.04% -26F -0.01% -15P
Net Merit $-36, Grazing Merit +$17 3.03 SCS
Prod Life +1.20   DPR +3.01, Livability+2.50 
Calving ease 3.0, Mat CE 3.00
UDC-0.72 F&L+0.20
PTAT -0.80
PPR -41  (12/20)
MONTORO the last natural son of Monteil is sired by Pronto (EX) Superior Sire. Pronto is the one of world's fastest milking speed improvers . Pronto is an Ensign (one the breed's Best All-time Udder Improvers, Conquest is now also  an All Time Great Udder Composite improver) son from Top Acres Present 3E(94)3E96 Mammary ! 
MONTOROs dam, MONTEIL,  3E(93), is one of the most exciting outcross cows in the breed today!  Monteil was 5th place Aged Cow at the 2003 World Dairy Expo. Judge said "One of the Highest ..Widest, Rear Udders in class and the best Feet & Legs." She was a runnerup for Total Performance winner and 2nd Nasco Production& Type Award!
Previously she was 1st 5-year-old, Best Udder and Reserve Grand Champion at the 2000 Wisconsin State Fair.  Monteil was Production Winner and 6th place 5-year-old (over EX-94 Jetway Fashion) at the 2000 World Dairy Expo.  Monteil was nom. All-American 5-yr-old.  MONTORO's granddams are  Present EX(94), EX(96) Mammary, and Monay EX(93) EX(96) Mammary, Supreme Champion at the World Dairy Expo 1994!
8-yr-old photo of Monteil 3E93, 4th lactation, 250 days, 5th Aged Cow, World Dairy Expo 2003
L to R:  Jill, and Monteil
Monteil at 400 days, after completing 40,000m
Outstanding as an Aged Cow & 5-yr-old, 62 inches tall at the shoulder and rump.  
Monays Dotson MONTEIL-ET, Reg. 849936,  3E(93) 3E(93) Mam.
Fr. EX(92), DC EX(95), BC EX(92), F&L EX(92)
50-point linear maximum in Stature and Rear Udder Width!
25 points is optimum in Teat Length.  Monteil is 26 points!
Nom. All-American 5-yr-old 2000!
2-1 365d 2x 22,920m 4.1% 950f 3.7% 837p DHIR
3-4 365d 2x 30,560m 4.1% 1260f 3.6% 1092 DHIR
5-2 365d 2x  39,325m 4.0% 1565f 3.5% 1376p DHIR
5-2 384d 2x 40,997m 4.0% 1635f 3.5% 1435p  DHIR
7-9 365d 2x 39,582m 4.0%1577f 3.5%1385p DHIR
PTA+1017M +44F +35P +396NM$ (5/04)
Pat. Gr. Dam of MONTORO, a Superior Brood Cow
Top Acres Present-ET 3E(94) 3E(96) Mam. 
4-00 365d 2x 40,190m 4.9% 1966f 3.5% 1405p
7-02 365d 2x 38,070m 4.8% 1823f 3.4% 1280p
8-11 365d 2x 38,630m 4.3% 1659f 3.5% 1332p
PTA +1560M +84F +46P +525NM$
CPI +300 PTAT +0.9 P (5/04)
Mat. Gr. Dam of MONTORO 
Hoosier Knoll Jade MONAY 4E(93), 4E(96) Mam. 
2X All-American as an Aged Cow and 3-yr-old 
6-10 365d 2x 37,210m 3.6% 1353f 3.4% 1263p 
Supreme Champion, World Dairy Expo,1994 
PTA +1085M +45F +38P +402NM$ 
CPI +219 PTAT +1.1 (5/04)
Left:  Elaine EX(93), 
Middle:  Present EX(94)3E,EX(96) mam., Dam of Pronto MONTORO's Sire
and Mat. Sister to Jill's EX(92) Dam, Paulette (EX)
Right:  Riki EX(94), 2X All-American, Dam of ROSE VG(89) GR. dam of REQUEST

MONTORO by PRONTO (EX Superior Sire) has no ancestors in his four-generation pedigree with the  SMA recessive, also no Weaver recessives.  The seven bulls in  MONTORO's pedigree include some of the greatest total performance sires of the last century, EMORY EX(91), ENSIGN VG(88) and DOTSON EX, their mat. gr'sire, who have now sired many outstanding production and type daughters, including many EX(93) and EX(94) offspring.  Monteil has PRONTO embryos for sale. 

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