Latest bulls available....LINCOLN   VIKING, KLARK , LUST   and TYBALT

12/21/21..............LINCOLN is the BIG NEWS!!!!!

9/26/21 VIKING milking dtrs look great....... tall and strong.... Fancyudders and wonderful feet and legs!

9/26/21 Our new super star is LINCOLN check him  out!

11/21...Our bulls looked just fine on the 12/20 proofs. All bulls look much better on calving ease now. LINCOLN our FANCY bull for the future looks incredible! Outstanding production and type. great linears and pedigree! 

2/21/20....VIKING's dam now over 40,000 milk 2nd lactation. His calves now over a year old , are strong, tall and fancy.

12/4/19.....Most of our bulls went up on their proofs VIKING's went up he is very impressive, the more you look at him. For all at a glance.. Sire Summary.

 8/13/19.... Ist VIKING calves on the ground and look great... show calves. Good calving ease,better F&L than dam. No surprise VIKING has EX Feet & Legs!

5/13/19.....Dellia EX(95) EX(9) Mam. Best brood cow of All -Time.We have Three sons and a gr. son available now! DELLSTAR EX(93)MAGNIFICENT EX(93) , DELIVERANCE EX(91) and DORON EX(93). DELIVERANCE is lowest price, only $10 per unit...30 unit min.

5/12/19   BRAVEHEART......something for the future!

4/4/19....Consider this... his dam made 48,660m 5.3% fat 3.6 protein.... was 2E EX(91) Former No.1 fat index cow in the breed.Her proven sons dtrs. ave 4.1%fat and he is +0.23 %fat. Look here. BRILLIANCE

4/2/19....Our outstanding bull... VIKING !  Iittle change this proof run. .except he is now Plus on Component % He has it all ...also A2A2....immediately available.Very high Genomic proof. Plus SEVEN gen of Very High production ....40,000-30,000 lb Very Good dams behind him. They didn't classify before those 7 gen..

 KLARK ...remains a top TPI proofs are in....he looks even better!

 March 7, 2019.....A2A2 bulls are really getting popular now. One of the best.... at a reasonable price... is the top Planet son DEFENDER EX(90) EX(92) F&L.... from the outstanding long lived ZADE Dizzy EX(92) at 12 years . Also A2A2 + Kappa Casein BB is Flatness-Intl JAMAICA  a Dtr of a our World Champion cow... Jill EX(93). Yes, he's a Br. Swiss ....perfect for produce Black Diamonds!


Dec 26, 2017

 The bulls are updated with their Dec proofs..all went up..particularly KLARK now 7.3 on Prod life and the other heath traits... as well as Prod &Type

 Sept 14, 2017

MOONRAKER dtrs have EX type. Beautiful dtr. at Delaware Valley University,will be EX and going to the shows this month and another recently scored VG.... for Glendon Martin  Lebanon Co, Pa...... saw her last week..... Pot.Excellent!

 April 4,2017

New proofs came out today.....good results ....nice increases for KLARK and DEFENDER!!

 January 7, 2017

New Exciting ...VG And EX dtrs for GOLDEN EYE, MOONRAKER and DEFENDER!

 Oct, 2016

World Dairy Expo,Madison,Wis, ! The largest and most outstanding dairy show in the world with over 80,000 attendees including over 4,000 International visitors from over 90 countries. We will be in our normal location....Arena Level, AL 205, near Hoards Dairyman. We have exhibited at WDE now for 46 years. We enjoyed seeing old and new friends.

Sept 6, 2016

Outstanding new MOONRAKER Dtr...67 in tall!


D-V-C Moonraker Darcy VG(88)EX Mam


August 9, 2016

August proofs are out...very little change. The bulls you liked before will still appeal to you now .Site will be updated thruout the week


 May 6, 2016

 Beautifull new heifers by TYBALT and new miking dtrs by KLARK .MOONRAKER and DEFENDER


April 9, 2016

Our top bulls went up on the April USDA proofs. KLARK  now has REALLY outstanding milking dtrs.

October 27, 2015

TYBALT and THAXTR's full sister is makinga big record ...peaked at 96 lbs milk, 2X at 2yr. Now classified VG(86) Final score,VG(85) F&L and VG(86) Mam. @2-09! You too can get Red ,Polled cows lke her.... from us today!

August 11, 2015

KLARK ,LUST ,GOLDEN EYE& MOONRAKER top our GTPI list...see all the Holstein updates on the updates on their pages and our Sire Summary page.

August 10, 2015

The new (8/15) type proofs are listed on the sire summary page. MOONRAKER is our highest +1.70 type bull but that barely descibes his greatness many outstanding dtrs have not been classified yet. GOLDEN EYE and LUST are tied at No.2 at +1.29 for type.

July 17, 2015

Now another great GOLDEN EYE  dtr.!

Crave GOLDEN EYE Lena 6351 recently scored VG(88) EX Mam, 3rd lactation. Mark Crave says she is underscored, only 4 hrs milk in her udder when scored. Now look at her record.

2-1 318d 26,120m 4.1% 1070f 3.3% 862 p
3-1 364d 40,719m 3.8% 1540f 3.3% 1343p
4-3 now milking 122 lbs per day 4% fat

Congratulatons to the Crave Bros, Wis. We hope to get a photo of Lena soon. She is milking in a 1400 cow herd! Very fertile 3 heifer calves and low somatic cell score!

 July 2,2015

GOLDEN EYE      dtr for sale.  Would you like to buy the best cow in a commercial herd?  She is tall and stylish  VG(86) as a 2yr old mlked over 100 lks per day 1st laction with 5% test .....doing the same now 2nd lactation..       info

June 16,2015

  LUST was classified for the 1st time at 3yrs and 6 mo. He looked great and scored as well... EX(91), EX (92) Feet & Legs!

June 16, 2015

On our bulls that were born nearly 20 years ago...all of which are dead now...their proofs for production and type have had at least 3 base changes reducing milk for example... by over 1500 lbs. So no matter how great a  bull  was his official proof  is now minus. Thus we are now on .. old bulls...basically listing their pedigree... sire and dam ,breeding pattern and dtr photos.... proof .of what they actually did.  Results is what counts!

 June 16,2015

People really like their milking ....GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER dtrs . The GOLDEN EYE's some now in their 3rd lactation...are the highest producing ,highest component...some testing 5% fat and best type cows in many herds. Likewise the MOONRAKERS are a bit taller and higher milk as 2yr olds. Thus people are again buying their semen. Several new VG dtrs.....big increases in scores some  G(76)  to VG(85) now

Feb., 2015

Every bull and bull owner's ego was deflated by the huge....every 5 yr..... base changes for Prod., Type and Longevity traits in the 12/14 summary. 

TYBALT's sire....LADD P Red is very well liked. His 1st  progeny proof for Prod and Type was less than expected... it can easily rebound..

Dec. 4, 2014

The Dec. proofs are in...GOLDEN EYE, MOONRAKER , KLARK   LUST and DEFENDER now look better than ever!

July 5, 2014 

The Proud Tradition continues. Yes bull classification is important..ALL our bulls old enough to classify are listed below, they average EX(90) ..ALL are VG or EX!  Br Swiss bulls included also.

New...classification results... GOLDEN EYE  now EX(92),@6-00..EX across Potential EX(94). Also MOONRAKER EX(93),EX(94) Fr.&Cap and Dairy Strength, EX(91)F&L..Potential EX(94). They are housed in Ohio our only bulls at that location.

Our bulls classification scores are below. 

BEETHOVEN...... EX(95) @ 7-00, EX Across, EX(96) Frame, EX(96) Feet & Legs
LIGHTNING.........EX(94) @ 9-00, EX Across, EX(100) Body, EX(96) Feet & Legs
MOONRAKER.....EX(93) @ 4-11  EX(94) Fr & Cap and Dairy Strength EX(91) F&L
DORON.................EX(93) @ 5-02,  EX Across, EX(93) Feet & Legs
DELLSTAR ..........EX(93) @ 5-09, EX(97) Feet & Legs, 
MAGNIFICENT.. EX(93) @ 6-01, EX(93) Feet & Legs, EX(98) Rump
GOLDEN EYE.......EX(92 @  6-00  EX  in every category!
TORNADO............EX(92)@ 5-02, EX(90) Fr.& Cap.,EX(93) Dairy Strength,EX(93) Rump, EX(94)F&L
FREEDOM............EX(92)@ 6-04, EX(93) Fr.&Cap.,EX(93)DS, EX(95)Rump,VG(87) F&L. 
DELIVERANCE...EX(91) @ 5-08  EX(95) Dairy
PYRAMID ............EX(91) @ 6-04, EX(90) Frame & EX(95)Body, EX(94) Dairy
DEFENDER......... EX(90) @ 3-6,  EX(90)Frame & Cap.,EX(92)F&L, among the best of the Planet sons. Potential EX(95) F&L 
PHARAOH........... EX(90) @ 5-03, EX Frame, Dairy & Body, VG(86) Feet & Legs
CONQUEST..........EX(90) @ 5yr,   EX(92) Feet and Legs      Brown Swiss
MONTORO..........EX(90) @ 2yr,   EX(91)Feet and Legs
CARL....................VG(89) @ 5-02.  EX(92)F&L
JULIO...................VG(88) @ 6yrs, EX(91) Dairy                    Brown Swiss
JAMAICA............VG(88) @ 4yr,  EX(90) Frame and Body   Brown Swiss
REQUEST............VG(87) @ 4yrs, EX(95) Body
DIAMOND...........VG(85) @ 3-06, EX(91)Dairy Character
KING.....................VG(85) @ 2-05, 
ZADE.....................VG(85) @ 5-03, still sound... at 13years of age
BECK ....................VG(85) @ 5-01, full brother to BEETHOVEN above, dead no longer available.
It's important to classify bulls because it gives a good indication of the Frame and Feet & Legs they will sire.  However, since 40% of the scorecard on cows is Udder, it's very important that the bulls also have outstanding potential for mammary improvement.   All of our proven sires, LIGHTNING, BECK, BEETHOVEN, GOLDEN EYE, PHARAOH, PYRAMID,  DELLSTAR, DELIVERANCE, MAGNIFICENT,  ZADE,  DORON , CONQUEST,REQUEST, TORNADO, CARL and FREEDOM have sired daughters classified Excellent or Very Good, producing over 100 lbs. of milk per day and over 30,000 lbs milk. Classification scores highlighting their individual appearance stay on pedigrees long after indexes fade. These sires (those old enough) all graduated from our young sire program the "Crown Jewel Collection" and all are Standard AI sampled," S code" ...NOT breeder /syndicate proven. One exception LIGHTNING was purchased as an unclassified proven sire, but was also S code. The biggest increase..PYRAMID was GP(81)@ 2yrs....EX(91)@6-04

June 10, 2014

Classification results...GOLDEN EYE raised from EX(90) to EX(92)!

MOONRAKER raised from EX(90) to EX(93)!

June 9, 2014

 GOLDEN EYE.... has a new VG(86) dtr at Ben & Dean Jackson's in Bradford Co. Pa.

 2nd lactation peaked at 108 lbs m. 5.5% BF Also the Jackson's only TORNADO dtr was  EX(91)

June 6, 2014

View new adv. on TYBALT   in the Polled Place magazine,. He will also be in the next issue of the Red Bloodlines!

Also see please view....the NEW photo of  KLARK   

April, 2014

April 2014  proofs are in ...our bulls did very updated.

April 16 2014

TYBALT ... is a young bull,..he will be in short supply for a long time....his first semen is available at $200 per unit.   

TYBALT's 1st semen is for the US only... but can be shipped anywhere in the USA immediately...we accept credit cards.  Later his semen will be available around the world.   No.1 TPI  Homozygous Polled Red bull with Intl. availability!

Get your orders in now... we can ship immediately and take all credit cards.

March 29, 2014

LUST''s family members now All-American Produce of Dam...2013!

March 29, 2014 

We now have two official A2A2  bulls.....DEFENDER and our top Brown Swiss  bull JAMAICA

March 29, 2014

The breeds.... No.1....GTPI... Homozygous Polled...Red Holstein bull ...TYBALT.....available NOW!

The VERY FIRST semen,,,, now available ...Contact us for or Phone 570-836-3527.

555HO00125 Hickorymea TYBALT -PP -Red-ET.  Reg. No.142365131 . Sire Stack...Ladd P, Mr. Burns, Paradox, Cliffhanger, Commotion.  Dam is VG(88) potential EX.. Gr. dam EX all other dams VG or EX.   +1906 GTPI, +2430 LPI....highest Homozygous Red bull!

Not  everyone is a polled expert. When most people talk about polled bulls, they mean Heterozygous polled ..they dehorn calves 50% of the time A Homozygous Polled bull dehorns calves 100% of the time!

However.. experienced breeders ....would say so what ....does he have ALL the goodies?   the answer is yes!  This OUTCROSS... Fancy bull, seeing ....4(strong) and 5 (wide) numbers so far....any way he is a well balanced bull. What to breed him to? .... a cow or heifer in heat.

As legend relates...Tybalt... was a Viking king from the area which is now Vindafjord, Norway.  However it is also believed that his mother was from East Friesland in Germany... that area... plus Denmark, Sweden and Norway were all home to the Vikings. Thus he was probably named by his mother, since Tybalt is a Germanic name meaning "brave people". One thing we know for sure... our bull TYBALT ... has great potential!

February 17, 2014 aAa 423615

This is what we expected...he is a strong, tall ,stylish bull with a fancy rump. The 2 also shows that he will sire high wide rear udders his top traits. Big need for a bull like this. The aAa evaluator Ed Smith was very impressed.

 February 3, 2014

 In other very exciting news.... KLARK's  ONLY full sister Kaylee is now VG(85)VG(86)Mam.@2-05 109.2 BAA. ...pictured on KLARK's page

There was also another new EX(90)EX(90)Mam. ZADE dtr  Scarlet, @ 5-07, 4th lactation 112.2 BAA  a Maternal sister to TORNADO dtr Snickers VG(86) on his website.  All these cows are owned by Lavern Martin, Lebanon, Co. Pa.                                                                                           

January 31, 2014

Look below...that's what we predicted!  Anyway  GOLDEN EYE dtr GE Lucky is nearly there..VG(85) VG(88)Mammary @3-03 108 BAA. She is  now projected to be an EX cow with an EX Mam....she is a very fancy young cow. She has fancy high genetic value dtrs. by Shamrock and Supersire and is owned by Flatness Intl.  Yes she will take a better photo than her Gr. dam below! She is 58 in tall and growing...with VERY high component, low somatic cell score milk and excellent disposition.  She is now pictured on GOLDEN EYE's page.

March 20, 2014

GOLDEN EYE   dtr.....Flatness-Intl GE Lucky a potential  EX Mammary, VG young cow.... was re-scored on Monday 1/20/2014.... milking 95 lbs per day ...fresh 20 days.and went VG(85) VG(88) Mam! She was scored GP(82)@2-04 106 BAA  March 5, 2013 and was Genomic tested as well....she was  +1833 CTPI, 133 pts over Ped Avg.. She has a fancy heifer...Flatness-Intl Lucky Shamrock.... just bred to Mogul Defender. that calf will have GOLDEN EYE's dam on both sides of the pedigree.  Lucky  also has a heifer calf by  Supersire ,a former No.1 GTPI sire.  Lucky now milking 103 lbs per day, is now bred to Megasire...also a former No.1 GTPI sire.

She is from the Rothrock Lou Ella EX(92) family, the dam of Leadman EX(93) and  LIGHTNING EX(94) and many other high scoring dtrs up to EX(94). Flatness-Intl GE Lucky has 3 crosses to Dellia...her sire's dam was a Durham(son of Dellia) dtr. .Her dam was a MR Sam dtr a Durham son(dam Dellia) and her gr dam was from a DELLSTAR (dam Dellia) son .  There are other fancy GOLDEN EYE milking dtrs in several states now....some were VG as 2yr.olds including a herdmate to Lucky..

GE Lucky's grand dam.

Flatness-Intl Lonestar VG(85),VG(87) Mam.@ 2-07, 2nd lactation photo 
                                                                                     2-03 2x 365d 31,982m 3.4% 1087f 3.2% 1023p over 64 in tall! 

Her fancy.. Mr Sam dtr., Flatness-Intl Lonesome was GP(83)@)2-8 and has milking dtrs , Flatness- Intl Lonely by FREEDOM and  GOLDEN EYE EX(90) dtr. Flatness-Intl GE Lucky mentioned above.

Lonestar VG(85)VG(87) Mam., @ 2-07, 50 on stature, 109.7 BAA  was the only dtr of SUPERSTAR a natural mating, who died just prior to sampling. She is a mat. sister to Laurette(below )and a grand dtr of Lauren (below her). She is a mirror image of her dam. Lonestar peaked at 102lbs milk 3.7% 3.2%p, Actual 2-03 2x 360d 31,594m 3.5% 1073f 3.2%1011p inc. ME 34,458m 1195f  1002p 6,000lbs milk over herdmates

Flatness-Intl Laurette-ET,VG(87),VG(87) Mam ....Lonestar's mat.sister
Excellent.. Dairy Strength @ 2-10, 111.2 BAA   
+1080M +39F +40P, Herdmate Dev.+3,502M +129F +124P,  (11/06)
1-10 2x 365d 34,827m 3.9% 1356f  3.4% 1184p 
3-2 2x 365d 34,997m 3.9% 1399f 3.7% 1295p   
Laurette...Lauren's(pictured below) Dtr by Manat, was the dam of  TORNADO  dtr , Flatness-Intl Lysah GP(83) 2yr. 1-10 2X 365d 31,857m 3.6 1141f 3.2%1019p,+1,323 PD milk.  Lysah had a dtr DORON Lovely GP(81)@2-8..with 2-04 28,294m 4.4%1140f 3.5% 920p

Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam (below) Double Gr. Dtr. of Walk Up Valiant Lou Ella EX(92)2E! 

Hyndl Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam....2yr 2x 365d 35,308m 3.6% 1268f 3.5%1243p

Hyndl Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam, above ,was one of the top DEMAND, EX(92)GM, dtrs.  Lauren's dam was Rothrock BT Lu, VG(88) EEVVV, 2-10 365d 2x 27,980m 4.2% 1175f 3.6% 1021p.   Lu was the highest index dtr.of the world-famous Rothrock Valiant Lou Ella, EX(92) GMD-DOM, dam of LEADMAN EX(93) GM and LIGHTNING EX(94) GM.  LIGHTNING is one of three EX(94) offspring of Lou Ella.  DEMAND is a LEADMAN son, thus Lauren is a double-granddaughter of Lou Ella.  Lauren GP(82) EX(91) BC was over 61 inches tall, a huge cow..strong, over 2,000 lbs., wide, powerful, and with dairy strength.   

Lauren peaked at  115 lbs. per day 2x with high components, the highest two-year-old in the herd.  Her herdmate deviations were:  +3,048M +104F +108P in a 30,000 lb. herd.  Her actual record was:  2-07 2x 365d 35,305m 3.6% 1263f 3.5% 1243p.   Lauren's  three year old dtr, Laurette, peaked at 108 lb per day 1st lactation, 127 lbs 2nd lactation... by MANAT. Lauren was the dam of Lone Star... she was sired by SUPERSTAR . That mating combined the best of LOU ELLA and DELLIA!

January 17, 2014, 

GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER remain our top Progeny Proven bulls.

 LUST remains our top type bull ..his mat sister is now EX(91).       .KLARK .. now A1/A2

January 17, 2014

 People really like their wide, strong ,good legged ..DEFENDER calves!  Also good Calving ease..6.8 &7.1.....also A2A2 beta casein.   

Now his dam has over 238,000 lbs milk lifetime.

January 17, 2014 

 KLARK...he's popular...because he has it all!

His recently fresh 2yr old full sister....with high breeding values... has a beautiful udder, very correct feet & legs and is milking 100 lbs per day. A heifer from this family was the top selling Pa bred animal of the last 2 years... selling for $129,000 in the Intl. Intrigue sale.

December 21,2013 

Results to LUST for!

His cow family had an excellent day at the All-American Dairy Show . His gr.dam's mat.sister is the dam of the 1st 4yr old, Gold Lona EX(92)and the winning 150,000 lb cow Leona EX(96),also the dam of the 1st Produce of Dam with those two. Congratulations to the Savage family ,

 November 11, 2013

EXTREME Components

LUST +66 lbs F. BRILLIANCE + 59 lbs F . FREEDOM +51 lbs F ,GOLDEN EYE +33 lbs Fat   and DEFENDER +36 lbs Fat add to our highest Fat Lbs bulls. However FREEDOM @ +0.42%F and BRILLIANCE @ +0.23%F. are the highest for actual fat %. The GOLDEN EYE dtrs are really high, one over 7% fat on monthly tests !!  Several over 5% F

ALERT...we are getting low on FREEDOM semen......... if you want some don't wait much longer.

October 8, 2013 

World Dairy Expo,  Oct 1-5, 2013.....Good week..... nice to see old and new friends!

We have exhibited there for over 30 years. We will be back at our usual location Arena Level... AL 206.  Coming in from the barns entrance.... to the left of the Hoards location. Bring your semen tank... we will have a special Expo semen sal

August 29,2013

Notice  the good calving ease on our bulls... now more precise.

August 29 2013 

Look at MOONRAKER'S new info ..beautiful linear traits.

MOONRAKER's milking 2yr olds are really milking and are the modern cows that fit well into any environment free or tie stall.....tall and strong, they will be long lasting fertile cattle!

August 21, 2013

Most of our  bulls changed very little. Our two top bulls with milking dtrs... GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER  are now separating themselves. GOLDEN EYE is a very high component bull +0.13% F and +0.05% P.  MOONRAKER is  higher on milk +876 PDM.  Both are siring very desireable type + 2.55 and + 2.61 PTAT.

August 13,2013

US based type proofs are in...the bulls varied very little. The big news was that MOONRAKER is now Genomic proven.  .only ped avg before and he looks better as expected ! Furthermore he now has milking dtrs that are very impressive. He may have a progeny proof next time.

August 12, 2013

Great news MOONRAKER will have a Genomic productionproof this Tuesday... August 13..type proof above!. We believe it will be higher than his genomic tested  full sister. He already has milking dtrs. but not enough for a proof yet. He has really turned into a massive... Excellent (90)@3-03 bull ....potential EX(93) or EX(94)!

Of course his mat. brother  GOLDEN EYE  EX(90) @4-05 already had a genomic proof.... now a Progeny proof for Production and on Aug.13  for Type as well. We expect it to be over +3pts on Type. He should be an EX(92) pt bull at maturity

August 10, 2013

We welcome new distributors..we have generous distributor, discount pricing and semen is ready to be shipped or delivered . Give us a call or e-mail us ...for more details...Thanks

July 4 , 2013

Nice new VG(88) and VG(87) TORNADO dtrs.

More TORNADO... dtrs were classified VERY GOOD in June, for Pennwood Farms, Melvin Peachey ,Curvin Good and Melvin Peachey all of Pa. Congratulations breeders ! 

Mr. Good also has an EX dtr of TORNADO. The VG (88) dtr at Pennwood is 2nd lactation, she peaked at 136 lbs milk per day, 4.6% Fat and 3.5% protein, in a very large commercial herd.

June 26, 2013

Nice new GOLDEN EYE dtrs at Dr. John Mehling's NY.

One is fresh... milking 90 lbs per day, 0.1 SCS, low as possible. The other is due to freshen soon, both will be score well in July

Now later news... new GP dtrs at Kurtz-Vally Farms ,Pa, the breeder of CARL. The GOLDEN EYE dtrs are milking in the 90's. and have all the  longevity traits high scoring cows need.. Dean Sollenberger, Pa has a 2yr old GOLDEN EYE milking 98 lbs milk per day.

June 16, 2013

New... VG 2yr old and other high scoring dtrs for GOLDEN EYE.  Also 1st MOONRAKER dtr.scored.

Hammer-Creek G-Eye Smarties VG(85) overall, VG(85) Mam. and VG(86) F&L @2-01 , 110.6 BAA.. no 2yr old higher! She was scored on (6/7/13) and is a dtr of TORNADO Snickers VG(86) pictured on his page. A previous GOLDEN EYE dtr., Lucky remained GP(82) needs another lactation to score higher. 

The 1st MOONRAKER dtr scored GP(82) also at 2-01, 106.9 BAA. The great brood cow ZADE  Klassic, added another EX(91) dtr. EX(92) Mam. Congratulations to Lavern Martin, Pa.

New(6/6/13) ...81 pt dtr of GOLDEN EYE at Curvin Good ,Pa. New(6/12/13) ... 84 pt ,VG(85) Mam. GOLDEN EYE dtr. at Arlen Eby, Pa.  The GOLDEN EYE dtrs now avg. 81 pts ACTUAL as 2yr olds! When Sanchez was the new No.1 Type bull his ACTUAL avg was 79 pts! As bulls dtrs get older...if they have enough fertility to stay in the herd.... score higher, so Sanchez and Atwoods are now higher ...Atwood dtrs now avg 83 pts Actual (4/13). The GOLDEN EYE dtrs will stay around, high fertility, low SCS , fast milking speed and good disposition!

June 6, 2013

New GOLDEN  EYE  2yr old dtrs. scored in May. GP(82)&VG(85) at Joe Pavelski and GP(83) at Vista Grande, Bitler, all in Pa.

His dtrs are very fancy with outstanding udders...but their production is equally impressive. Very high components ... some producing 90 lbs a day with nearly 6% fat , others over 6% fat...people like that! Many more will be classified this month. The GOLDEN EYE 2yrs olds are scoring 80 pts actual, most new No.1 PTAT sires, are less than that!  

June 3, 2013 

World Dairy Expo, Madison Wis., Oct 1-5, 2013

Plan ahead to meet our booth in the Coliseum, No 206, near Hoards Dairyman ,where we have been for years. We have exhibited at the WDE for over 30 years.  We look forward to seeing you again!

May 29, 2013

GOLDEN EYE  & MOONRAKER  salute their relative that is the highest GTI Holstein in the world at +2797 GTPI (4/13). She is Nightout and her 4th dam Delight EX(93) is GOLDEN EYE & MOONRAKER'S dam. Rud Zip EX(95) is the 5th dam. Congrats to all concerned, including Windsor Manor the breeder of this cow family and Regancrest breeder of GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER.

May 22, 2013

Gaige Highlight Tamara EX(97)4E was one of approx. only 30 EX(97) pt cows in North America. .ever! addition she had the highest lifetime production and still could win in the show-ring and looked 97 pts at 16 years of age. 

Her best son was TORNADO EX(92), though gone...  has a good supply of semen for Intl. shipment, that is priced right for immediate sale ..please contact us.

April 24, 2013 

Inventory Reduction Sale...improved.... BRILLIANCE added. 

30-65%% discountTop bulls from the past....please contact us today. Sale ends May 30, 2013 or until sold out.                        

April 17, 2013

April proofs now updated . Our top 4 went up in several different areas..  KLARK went up...on milk index, fat ,protein, protein % better somatic cell score, DPR , Net Merit and Foot & Leg score and TPI now +2268 GTPI,+2870 LPI!. DEFENDER went up on milk index, Fat and Proten lbs Prod. Life, Net Merit and TYPE and TPI now +1875 GTPI,+2295 LPI. . LUST went up on fat % and Net merit +2132GTPI ,+2785 LPI. GOLDEN EYE is now a progeny proven bull, his proof will continue to increase, he is an outstanding bull! So far he has gone up on Fat % since his genomic days...+1898 TPI, +2404 LPI

April 3, 2013

Dean Jackson, Pa..... reports their  EX(90)  TORNADO dtr. is due again soon, has more pts in her and will be pictured this summer. Also their GOLDEN EYE Dtr is fresh and looks good!

April 3, 2013

LUST and KLARK now have the same aAa numbers.. 351426.

 Not surprising since both are Shamrock sons from Goldwyn dams. These numbers are very good for longtime aAa herds that need more Openness, Dairy and Width  They are different though in some ways. KLARK has the highest Longevity traits has a higher GTPI +2252 , +2510 LPI and is longer. LUST has higher milk index 1803 and components and is our highest Type  bull +3.12 PTAT and also high GTPI + 2137, +2226 LPI

April 3,2013

KLARK.... hot, new and now our best seller!

New aAa info....  hard to find 5 and 1 together similar to DEFENDER.  KLARK's dam is scored EX(91) ,EX(93) Mam , EX(91) F&L! This family produced a $129,000 calf last summer 

His 1st semen buyer was J. Lapp, Pa. He has had Excellent DELLSTAR dtrs in the past and currently has an exceptional VG(87) TORNADO dtr. He likes KLARK's high GTPI info..including his high DPR(fertility)+1.60 rating,... people are tired of cows that don't breed back. Also. his outstanding ...deep cow family!  Later buyers agree he is special.

March 20, 2013

We support and respect small, medium and large family farms we know how hard they work and want them to stay in business. Likewise we appreciate your support of small and medium sized family owned ...AI companies. We are there to serve you every day. Huge monopolistic milk companies (co-op or not) have  been FAR from wonderful...why would you want that with AI companies?  Together we can stay in business and prosper.

March 20, 2013

LUST  became available 2/12/13. We are ready to deliver him to you!  aAa numbers ...351426

March 8, 2013

 LUST's mat. sister Lizzy now EX, EX Mam. as a just fresh 3 yr old.

At  Monanfran Farms there are 7 Lizzie dtrs milking..... the other 6 are Very Good young cows.  LUST available 2/12/13


December 20, 2012

Our Calving Ease info is current 12/12....our best is ZADE  6 CE & 6 mat. CE, KLARK  7 and 5 mat CE, 3rd is GOLDEN EYE  7 & 6  ....then several are 7 CE We watch this closely you can get large cows and calving ease as well..  Previously there were bulls in the breed ....over 18 for CE.

December 18, 2012  

December ...production & type proofs now updated our Type leaders are  LUST +3.12, GOLDEN EYE +2.57, KLARK +2.49, DORON +2.36 & TORNADO +2.13

November 29, 2012

Now over 54,000 views!

Our website now has had over 50,000 views since current tracking began 3 years ago..2009, thanks for the interest!

January 19, 2013

008 MOONRAKER's  page updated...take a look

November 16, 2012

Is there a  Planet son...scored better for Feet & Legs  than DEFENDER ?

DEFENDER is EX(90) @3-06 and EX(92) F&L. His wide, strong calves have the same traits

November 5, 2012

Why dairyman love their GOLDEN EYE dtrs.

Sure they are Black and Fancy ....with top Udders and Feet & Legs...but they also have all the traits that make them favorite cows...high component production, fast milking speed , low somatic cell scores and good fertility. Likewise ...GOLDEN EYE has long been known for good calving ease and very fertile semen ..because it contains over 30 million sperm per unit ....compared to 9 million or less from the big AI companies and 2 million from sexed semen. No wonder GOLDEN EYE remains a favorite among dairymen!

November 5, 2012

 "I wish I had 60 more just like her"...Dave Banicky,Pa.!

Why... nice type type, good production ,low somatic cell count, good disposition ...the fastest milking speed in the barn.  Yes.... he bought more GOLDEN EYE semen and will have lots more dtrs. in his barn!

October 26, 2012

To be worth lots of money they must either have High Genomics or be Fancy!  However best is to Fancy with High Genomics...GOLDEN EYE is doing that!

The GOLDEN EYE dtrs are calving now. They have been fancy heifers...he will be a good one. udders and feet and legs ...all around top new bull...give us a call when you have some milking. We will be taking some photos to add to his webpage. Those Genomic tested are far over parent average. Nice new milking Stuart Young's in NY.

There are major differences with this Goldwyn /Durham cross. His dam Delight EX(93)2E and her full brother Z-Duke have been the highest TPI dtr and son of Durham in the breed  His grand dam Rud Zip EX(95)4E was the only cow to have 3 sons in the top 100 TPI bulls in 2010. GOLDEN EYE is bred for success. He was Delight's natural calf, her ONLY... Goldwyn offspring.

October 19, 2012 

GOLDEN EYE EX(90), MOONRAKER Now EX(90) and DEFENDER now EX(90) were re-classified last week!

We expected all three bulls to be Excellent eventually....and they were!. My forecast is GOLDEN EYE will be EX(92) eventually\.. he is now EX(90) @4-05. However at a young age he is already much higher scored than his sire Goldwyn GP(84).  They both are outstanding udder improvers. Goldwyn was Premier Sire at this years World Dairy Expo... their udders are OUTSTANDING!

MOONRAKER is now EX(90) potential EX(93) he is now EX(93) in Frame & Capacity @3-03. He improved the most since last classification.... now much taller and stronger, he is the largest of these 3 bulls. DEFENDER is also now EX(90)and EX(92) Feet & legs @3-06 potentially EX(95) in Feet& legs . One of Planet's best for Feet and Legs!

October 19, 2012

Canadian Investment Opportunity.

We are looking for a Distr. in Canada. Limited supply of TORNADO semen left. Gaige Tamaras TORNADO EX(92) was probably the best  Stormatic son. 

His dam was the breed's highest lifetime production 97 pt cow. Tamara EX(97)4E ,was also All-American and All-Canadian. TORNADO has semen qualified and ready to ship to Canada.. Our last distr .prospect there passed away...thus good opportunity available. Contact me today.... if interested..

September 21, 2012

For $43.... you can have the performance data of 3 lactations.... with the new Holstein 9k Genomic test.

The GOLDEN EYE dtrs are doing very well on this test ...outperforming parent average.... add value to your pedigrees today.

September 21, 2012

Breed him.... to your wide, strong cows. But who sires them anymore? The new high Genomic bulls are VERY dairy

In the past we recommended MAGNIFICENT ,DELLSTAR and CARL and we still do. But there is a new star available that is doing all that.... with high milk index +1256 PDM and he is DEFENDER! Our customers really like his wide, strong calves, with good calving ease also.

August 16, 2012

New type proofs updated....8/12, nearly all our bulls went up on production& type including our best ones GOLDEN EYE, DEFENDER, TORNADO ,CARL , ZADE and DORON!

August 14, 2012

ZADE descendant sells for $129,000 at Intl Intrigue sale.

Lot 21 the Lavern Martin consignment with the sales highest GTPI of +2589 ....was one of the top sellers. Her 3rd dam Hammer-Creek ZADE Claasic VG(88) is on ZADE's page. A couple of extremely high Genomic tested bulls from this cow family, are coming to Flatness International later this year.

July 26, 2012

Plushanski Farms Dispersal, Kutztown, Pa. over 500 head sold. Successful sale.... cattle will end up all over the world.

One of the breeds most historic herds.with over 250 descendants of the great Plushanski Chief Faith EX(94)4E,GMD. There were many heifers and milking dtrs of TORNADOZADEand FREEDOM some Very Good with high production & components. Plus many heifers by GOLDEN EYE, MOONRAKER , DEFENDER and others. These dtrs. were a fine representation of their sires and the new owners will be very pleased.

June 16, 2012 

Recently... saw some of the the original CARL dtrs from his heifer breeding days . Myron and his brother Elton Gehman, Juniata,Co. Pa. .bred him to every heifer that moved...with outstanding results. Now  in their 3rd lactation  many left, looking great ,very fertile, good disposition well liked....good all-around cows with top udders ,medium size.

New outstanding type... high production ..120-140 lbs milk per day, 2nd calf...dtrs  of CARL in Franklin  Co, Pa. at Eugene Martin's,Arlen Eby, Leslie Hawbaker's and more. CARL is gone and semen is getting in short supply... if you want some from this 645 aAa bull, don't wait.

Also beautiful bred heifers by GOLDEN EYE all over  Pa...1st will freshen next few months. Also saw a fancy yearling dtr. of MOONRAKER at Ivan and Darwin Horst's farm last week.  DEFENDER will be a good cross on the MOONRAKER and GOLDEN EYE heifers. DEFENDER is very wide, strong ,deep bodied ,open ribbed and with outstanding Feet and EX(90) will go higher. Also he is a calving ease bull like GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER. Plus he has our highest milk index.

May 29, 2012

Gaige DELLSTAR Twizzler,,, EX(91) EX(92) Mam...update

Was checking her out recently ....she is now in her 6th lactation and looking good . Her dam was an un-scored Outside dtr, then the EX(90) Jolt Tammy, then the great EX(97)4E Tamara.... the dam of TORNADO. Congratulations to the Gaige family on their success with this great cow family!

June 9, 2012, 

The CARL dtr was 2nd high in the sale...

Recently... I saw newly scored VG(86) and VG(87) DORON dtrs and a new VG(85) 2yr old CARL dtr..from a DORON dam They were at the farm of Stanley Sensenig , Romulus, NY. He dispersed his milking herd, including these cows  on June the Ivan Brubaker farm near Newville, Pa. Stanley will have TORNADO and CARL heifers for sale later.

May 14, 2012

Recently...I was in an area where I hadn't been in years.

Many bought DELLSTAR semen there years ago....there were still some milking . In SETS the avg cow classifies about 74 pts..4 pts less than breed avg for 2yr olds. In that area Blair Co. Pa. there was a DELLSTAR dtr. that classified VG(87)@2yr. in another studs SET...thank you!

Now they bought DELLSTAR's son CARL..aAa 645 and the Ultra High Components sire FREEDOM

May 12, 2012

You want Excellent ....LONG-Lived cows.... here they are! 

DEFENDER's dam is now milking over 100 lbs per day in her 8th lactation.. she will be 12 years old this year... has already produced over 200,000 lbs of milk and is scored EX(92)2E at 11 years of age.!  She still looks.. like a 5yr old, could go EX(93).

TORNADO's dam had 6 lactations and produced over 276,000 lbs lifetime. the most production of any EX97) pt cow. Besides that... she was also a flush cow with embryo's selling for up to $2,000 each! She was still productive at 15 years of age!  

Reasonably priced semen is available from DEFENDER and TORNADO.

New... Excellent Dtr of TORNADO at Curvin Good's, Lebanon Co. Pa.. Congratulations. ..Curvin!  

TORNADO also has at least two EX(96) paternal sisters...Angel and Stormi

Lastly TORNADO's highest fat record dtr Ken-Will MM TORNADO Madness with over 1600 lbs fat, 2nd lactation.... owned by the Traver family in Tunkhannock, Pa. has been sold to Lavern Martin ,Lebanon Pa. She is VG(87) a potential Excellent. The Travers sold their milking cows previously this was the best and last to go. Congratulations to the Travers and Lavern.

April 14, 2012

New... VG(87)pt. EX(Mam) ZADE dtr. Scarlet... at Lavern Martin's in Pa,  Mat sister to TORNADO Snickers VG(86). Snickers has a beautiful heifer by GOLDEN EYE a future photo opportunity.

Apri1 1, 20012

New..Outstanding results in NY and Pa. This week there was a new VG(86) pt. dtr of FREEDOM at Plushanski Farms in Pa. milking and testing extremely well. Also a new VG(86) dtr of CARL at Nelson Martins' in Pa . made over 30,000lbs of milk.

John Sensenig NY also called me recently , test results back, 2 of his top 4 cows are FREEDOM dtrs ...highest is milking 148 lbs per day, 3rd lactation ,will make 40,000m this time, after 17,000m and 25,000m records 1st two lactations. The FREEDOM's all test high for components...4.2%F, +0.39% F but mature a bit later for high milk production as seen in his proof....look at his full sister you will notice that as well. Sensenig also has a beautiful  PYRAMID , had several outstanding DELLSTAR dtrs. in years past and now has an outstanding  DORON  dtr making 40,000m this year!

In Pa. two new Excellent MAGNIFICENT dtrs for Snowcroft farms and a top new CARL dtr as well! MAGNIFICENT semen is almost all gone.

March 25, 2012

Recently....Rud Zip cow family sale (Windsor -Manor II)...outstanding results!

The Planet gr. dtr. of ZIP sold for $55,000 to Quebec. I  most interested in how well the offspring of MOONRAKER'S... full sister sold.

They did extremely sold for $21, $10,100 and the other $6,600.This was a real sale... no special promotion deals etc. These buyers will make money on their purchases!

March 17, 2012

Saw a BEAUTIFULL...GOLDEN EYE  bred heifer at Lamar Zimmerman's in Perry Co.Pa. this week. Her dam is a correct cow ..but this heifer is very correct and FANCY! Also saw a new queen of the herd, a 2nd lactation...FREEDOM dtr in Lamar Horst's barn. Liza Loy says" we really love our DELLSTAR's" really milk! We plan to breed them to DORON....a good cross. All also from Perry Co.,Pa, 

March 12, 2012

Rud Zip ...EX(95)4E, GMD, DOM of the breeds best brood cows....the Gr. dam of GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER....has many family members selling on Fri. ,March 16,2012 at the Royal Windsor II sale in MD.  Lot No. 1... is Zip's gr. dtr. by Planet. Will she bring over $100,000?

March 12, 2012

Unadilla-Vly TORNADO Jean VG(88)...pictured on TORNADO's page. Saw her last week still looks VG(88) at 7yrs, could be EX...her owners favorite!

March 8, 2012

New Excellent..... TORNADO dtr. in Bradford Co. Pa.... At Ben & Dean Jackson's. The dam was a GP James dtr. Congratulations to the Jackson's! Saw her last week .... beautiful cow will be pictured in the spring!

March 1, 2012

DEFENDER'S... EX(92)2E, EX(93)Mam. @11yrs... ZADE...dam... is now over 200,000 lbs milk!

February 27, 2012 

Now on Facebook.....working on a few problems with it .....should be fine this week....please join us to discuss all dairy relates themes.

February 13, 2012 cow ever bred in NY ....update.....her embryos sold for $1,400 each recently, at the 2012 NY convention sale. Previously her Goldwyn embryos sold for $2,000 each.

Tamara is now gone... her best progeny proven son  TORNADO is available to you now.

February 7, 2012

We specialize in the best bulls for the hard to find aAa numbers.

There are many bulls with aAa numbers, however some numbers like 645 , 465 and 426 are very hard to find. Also the best Goldwyn son, who  has 4 (Strong) in 1st place 432.    4 (Strong) can also deliver Longevity (Prod.Life) , low somatic cell score and great udders... like ZADE 423. We offer the best at those numbers and others.

 January 21, 2012 cow family...Delight best dtr...her best sons GOLDENEYE and MOONRAKER !

1st...Windsor-Manor Rud Zip, EX(95)4E,GMD,DOM is the world's best...all-around... Rudolph dtr.

2nd..she is a former No.1 Productive life cow, over 200,000lbs milk lifetime

3rd ..the dam of the former No.1 TPI Durham son and former No.1 CTPI Durham dtr...Delight...3rd Gen. Excellent

4th.. she had FOUR sons on the top 100 TPI list!

Her dtr Windsor-Manor Durham Delight EX(93)2E,GMD,DOM, is her highest scored dtr. Delight has ONE Shottle son in AI....MOONRAKER ...his only full sister is milking well and is now VG(86)@ 2yr. and is +2071 GTPI...her dam's highest GTPI classified dtr.!  The MOONRAKER calves are very impressive, so is he, we expect him to be EX(93) he's already as tall as his older maternal brother GOLDEN EYE .

GOLDENEYE is the ONLY Goldwyn offspring of Delight her natural calf.  If you want the best here they are!

December 22, 2011

DEFENDER'S ....dam now EX(92) EX(93) Mam at 11-01!!!.  Thus another... EX(92) pt ZADE dtr.

December 21, 2011

Saw nice milking dtrs of DORON, CARL and FREEDOM in New York last week

A nice.. tall strong ,1st lactation CARL dtr was from a DORON dam... a good cross . Have also seen very nice CARL dtrs from TORNADO dams, also a very good cross. The FREEDOM dtrs were milking, with high components in an organic herd .. he is now using A2/A2 bulls.... thus DEFENDER was his choice that day.

December 20, 2011

Fancy GOLDEN EYE  heifers.... looking good ... selling well in sales...and delivering repeat customers!

However now his maternal brother...MOONRAKER is getting rave reviews....we like his calves even better... heard last week! Now yesterday heard we like them both but GOLDEN EYE a little better. I own dtrs of both and can't decide which I like best...that's a nice situation! I think both will do better than their high built in numbers.

December 8, 2010

New proofs... bulls are updated. All look very good, some interesting increases. For EXTREME... FAT and COMPONENT %  improvement check out BRILLIANCE, +59 lbs Fat, +0.23%F, GOLDEN EYE  +40 lbs Fat, also very nice increase in  type!. DEFENDER at +43F & FREEDOM  +47 lbs fat & +0.39%F. Also CARL's milk index is catching up with his dtrs high 2nd lactation production.

Nov.20, 2011

Saw TORNADO's dam  Tamara 4E EX(97)again recently..... still looks good and is fertile at 16 year of age(112 in human years)!

A great brood cow now with nearly 20 EX offspring, the only..97 pt bred and owned cow and highest lifetime production of any 97 pt cow.

Nov.18, 2011

EX(90)...41,503 lb milk...peaked at 170 lbs per day... ZADE dtr sold at Pine-Tree sale.

Oct. 26, 2011

Best animals in the herd! Recently saw beautiful  GOLDEN EYE heifers in Ohio...they were the best of the group....very fancy, show quality! Other dairymen like Nelson Martin in Pa said he obtained better results from our bulls than from any other bull stud! He has outstanding dtrs by ZADE ,CARL amd TORNADO milking. Likewise the best cows in the Traver Dairy herd in Pa. are dtrs of TORNADO ,we are very proud of our results. Lavern Martin's best cows ever were ZADE and DELLSTAR dtrs ,his current stars two Goldwyn's are from a ZADE dam and the list goes on....

October 14, 2011

World Dairy Expo  successful...nice to see year .... Oct 2-6, 2012.

 We have exhibited there for over 30 years!. We are in booth AL207..Arena Level, we have had this location 3 or 4 years now. We look forward to your visit again, next year.


ZADE dtrs scoring well.

Recently a 2nd Lactation ZADE dtr scored VG(86) with an EX Mam. for Lavern Martin, Pa. She is a mat, sister to TORNADO Snickers.... pictured on TORNADO's page. Snickers is still looking good and producing extremely well....but was not raised from her VG (86) score. Of course...semen is available from us on both ZADE  and TORNADO. If you want type remember TORNADO's dam Tamara is EX(97)4E and still looks it at 15 years of age!

Aug. 25, 2011

Haplotypes impacting Fertility (HHI,HH2,HH3).....all our tested bulls are free of these defects.....they are very fertile bulls.....GOLDEN EYE and DEFENDER!

Their sires, Goldwyn and Planet are also free of these defects. GOLDEN EYE's maternal gand sires Durham, Rudolph, Jolt, Chesapeake and Blackstar are also free of these defects.  Shottle the sire of MOONRAKER is free of defects, thus like his sire and mat. brother MOONRAKER is free also. 

All 3 of these bulls will be classified today... look for their top results...later.

Aug. 25, 2011

GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER'S dam finishes her 2nd... 40,000 lb milk record! Congratulations to her owners

Aug. 12,2011

All bulls either went up or stayed the same....thus good news... all updates are now complete

Aug.8, 2011

New proofs,Aug. 9 ....this classification round several new "Very Good "dtrs for TORNADO

The highest is Mt-Glen TORNADO HorizonVG(88) bred &owned by Katie Jackson, Bradford Co., Pa.  A top producer, 2nd lactation, peaked at 126 lbs of milk, also 106 lbs of 5.8% fat!  Also a new VG(88) dtr  of DORON , Cooklee Doron 2958, now in 3rd lactation she peaked at 154 lbs of milk! Bred & owned by Jeff Cook, NY. Congratulations breeders!

Aug. 6, 2011

DEFENDER is... A2/A2!

Beta-Casein A2/A2 ..milk is similar to human breast milk and goat milk and rare in the North American and European Holstein populations. It is believed to be very desirable. It is linked to various health benefits including less risk of heart disease and diabetes. For more info go to

Aug. 4, 2011

Bull update .... GOLDEN EYE..has really grown tall....very uphill....better than ever...nice improvement on Feet & Legs...sure Excellent later....many dtrs on the ground now... long black and fancy. . MOONRAKER has really grown and developed also and will be a high scoring EX bull eventually. His very nice calves are on the ground now....great cross on Goldwyn dtrs. Their dam... Delight... Gr dtr is now the No.1... GTPI heifer of the breed at +2718 GTPI!   DEFENDER is wide, strong & well balanced, Excellent Feet & Legs. They will be classified on Aug. 25, 2011.

At Plushanski Farms,Pa...saw several very nice TORNADO dtrs..they have used him is on his site. Many nice GOLDEN EYE calves...very fancy.

Also saw the best milking dtr of FREEDOM ..will be scored in the fall , should go VG(85) as a 2yr old...High Components (@60days...88 lbs m 4.2%F 3.2%P) like ALL all his dtrs...4.2% Avg!

Aug .4, 2011

DEFENDER'S dam ....sired by ZADE... now EX(91)2E @ 10 years, 6 mo. old....& now Dam of Merit!!

She finished with a top new production record and is now over 187,000 lbs lifetime! Real longevity and Prod Life obviously go together.. ZADE Dizzy's type breakdown is EX..90, 92,90,87...EX(92) Mammary!

Congatulations to Premo-Vale Farms! Nice adv. by his breeder Joe the June 2011... New York News!

June 16, 2011

Recently I was asked  a question  from a customer, about our stud code. All our bulls now have a 555 stud code it began with with the Nov. 2006 proofs...we bought that number from NAAB.  

555 is the stud code number for Flatness International Inc. This will not affect anyone negatively, just gives us better brand identity. If you look on DORON's  page for example, it lists both his new and old numbers 555HO02845 and 138HO02845. Later bulls like GOLDEN EYE...only have the 555 number.

NAAB made it allowing some older companies to use(add) 500 numbers for sexed semen. They should have had 600 or higher numbers for sexed semen..but that's the way it is.  We don't offer sexed semen, one reason ...lower fertility...only 2 million sperm post freeze...we offer over 30 million progressively motile sperm, post freeze.

 May 16, 2011

  Excellent(90),EX(93) Mam. ,Show cow.... dtr. of MAGNIFICENT at Snowcrest Farms, Milan, Pa.

Congratulations to the Walrath family on this and several other outstanding  MAGNIFICENT dtrs..... including 5 more Very Good dtrs...they like MAGNIFICENT!

May 16, 20011

TORNADO and DORON truly Great ....Progeny Proven  bulls!

If either bull would have been owned by a large AI company with a large sales staff....they would have been in short supply for years and sold over a million doses each!  With higher costs to you!

TORNADO's  a great Rear Udder and overall production and type improver. His dam is over 15 years old and still looks EX(97) pts!  She is the best type cow for her age in the world.!  234 aAa

DORON's Gr. dam was incredible..she just wasn't a great flush cow. Look at DORON's type proof compared to any progeny proven bull.. incredible.... particularly overall type and udders.... STATURE and good calving ease! He is also a top production and component improver. 426 aAa

April 28, 2011 

Lots of nice CARL dtrs around now.

So far CARL has 80 dtrs in 26 herds. They have beautiful Udders and outstanding Feet & Legs. The puzzling thing (his dam was a ton cow)at that they are small when they calve in as 2 yr olds...but they grow a lot the 1st lactation as much as 6 in. and look much different 2nd lactation.

Nelson Martin, Robesonia, Pa has two milking.... 2nd lactation CARL dtrs. they peaked at 93 and 92 lbs milk 1st lactation and are now peaking at 115 and 137 lbs per day, 2nd lactation, outstanding udders and feet and legs...they are scored 81 & 82 so far... both will go higher.  Nelson is using CARL again !

After the April type proof cutoff (2/28/11) the 1st CARL classified dtr. in New York went GP(82)as a 2yr old, in March for John Mehling, Interlaken, NY....not tall, but nice. John uses CARL heavily. All aAa users like his hard to find 645 aAa numbers. What to use on the CARL dtrs ? TORNADO aAa 234 and DORON aAa 426 get them really tall.

April 9, 2011

New VG(88) DORON dtrs. for Jeff Cook in NY and Mark Yeazel in Ohio!  Also 83 and 84 pt FREEDOM  high component 2yr olds for Dean Sollenberger  and Oakleigh Farms in Pa.  Lastly a new VG(88) TORNADO dtr., Jean, pictured on his page and a nice new VG(85) dtr milking over 100 lbs per day... also at Dean Sollenbergers in Pa.

April 4, 2011

Do you want the best? Bulls with the most difficult aAa numbers to find. Don't wait....they are almost gone!

Two great bulls MAGNIFICENT  651 aAa & DELLSTAR 465 aAa are both dead and almost all semen is gone...last chance!

Both bulls had very hard to find aAa numbers and did their numbers. DELLSTAR was the best 465 bull  and best Foot and Leg improver of All-Time! There are EX dtrs. of both bulls. If you have some or want some should flush to them for a few more...but don't wait untill it's all gone!

Dead and a similar situation...DORON one of the top type bulls in the breed ,currently number No.28 and No. 17 for stature. Hard to find ...426 aAa

March 29, 2011

Outstanding Results and Interest!

On 3/10/11 in Franklin Co. Pa., I saw nice GOLDEN EYE calves....long, fancy and black. Also more nice (dairy and good udders) milking dtrs of CARL and older, wide and strong , high scoring ZADE dtrs. ...he was 13 years old in Jan.!'s very pleasant to see good results of our bulls.!

On 3/3/2011.. saw more outstanding milking dtrs of TORNADO  in Lebanon Co. PA.. Curvin Good has two or three milking, one could go EX... VG(87) now. His brother Harlan has a new milking two year old, with the typical high ...wide TORNADO rear udder best 2yr old in the barn..including Dundees.

Last week in New York, Cowles Family Farm, Tully NY said their highest producing cow milking over 140 lbs per day and best type is a TORNADO dtr. Not far away in Madison Co., there is a ZADE dtr that could finish with  over 300,000 lbs milk lifetime was GP(83) as a 2yr old, was never re-scored but could have goneVG(87). Also in Pitman Pa.... at J. Ivan Newswangers's a 2nd Lactation dtr of ZADE is tall, wide, strong and the highest producer in the herd!

Recently in Berks, Co. Pa.  saw  re-classified TORNADO dtrs impressive went up in score, high production, tall and very high ,wide rear udders ....saw a very impressive new milking FREEDOM dtr too fresh to score very nice ,very nice udder.  But probably the most exciting yesterday were recently re-scored and very high producing milking dtrs of CARL great feet and legs and udders and milking nearly 150 lbs of milk per day.

Previously in New York and PA...saw top dtrs and sold more semen on DORON  and DELLSTAR  both are dead and gone, but a very limited semen supply remains....if you want more... don't wait.

Also saw impressive milking dtrs of TORNADO, PYRAMID, and FREEDOM. The CARL's are looking good as bred heifers and milking dtrs....they have Very Good udders. . Lots of interest in our new high milk bull DEFENDER he has all the goodies. .thanks to his breeder Joe Premo for getting this done! ZADE also remains popular at his currrent sale price!

 March 11, 2011

TORNADO dtrs ...continue to Improve!

Ken-Will MM TORNADO Madness mentioned below is now VG(87) with a VG(86) Mam. at 4 years and 7 mo.

Back in April 2009 ...two TORNADO 2yr olds were scored at Traver Dairy near Tunkhannock, Pa. TORNADO Madness went GP(84)VG(85) Mam., her dam is 73 pts...Madness is nearly a foot taller... standing at 61 in.  Also TORNADO Vengeance went GP(83 ) with VG(86) Mam.

During Nov.2009, Madness, 2nd  lactation, scored Very Good (86), 50 on stature and VG(86) Mam (2nd highest in the herd). Vengeance went GP(84) VG(88)Mam. (highest in the herd)  

Then the summer of 2010  VENGEANCE went up to VG(85)VG(88) Mam.  they remain number one and two for udders in the herd. In November 2010  Madness became a top 10,000 CTPI cow! Congratulations to the Traver families.

TORNADO has been popular in the US... but also Spain, France and South Africa.

October 22, 2010 

The World Dairy Expo was a  big success for us! New distributors in  progress, also the dam of GOLDEN EYE and MOONRAKER  is now 2E,EX(93)!

October 22, 2010

 TORNADO looks great...maybe 95 pts!

It has been 2 years since he was classified EX(92) at 5yrs-2m. He has really matured and is now more powerful and his EX(97)4E dam....who still looks great at over 15 year

September 5, 2010

 The August 2010 proofs are in ...pages are updated..all bulls continue to look exceptional  ..particularly GOLDEN EYE MOONRAKER, TORNADO, DORON and ZADE.

September 5,  2010

MOONRAKER & GOLDEN  EYE... gr. dam& dam featured in Aug. 2010  Holstein Intl.

Rud Zip EX(95) is the best all-around Rudolph dtr(3 sons on top 100 TPI list!) and Z Delight EX(92)@3yr. is the highest CTPI Durham dtr..full sister to top TPI Durham son!

  Z now a Gold Medal Dam and Dam of Merit! Contact us for MOONRAKER and GOLDEN EYE semen today.

Aug. 27, 2010 

We sold  ZADE recently to one of our good customers, Pine-Tree Dairy in Ohio. They also own his highest scored dtr at EX(92)3E.

ZADE semen now on sale directly from us...we have a sizeable inventory and can deliver anywhere...we will quote you a favorable price. Congratulations to the Steiners on the purchase of this fine bull near the end of his career. We have other bulls and cows for well....also of course semen and embryos.... please contact us.

Aug. 10, 2010

News about  007 GOLDEN EYE!!

He was included  in the Hottest Genomic bulls in the World feature  in the July, 2010 Holstein International...Page 55! Unfortunately there was no contest.  We had  much success in these contests in the past... ZADE was No.1.... (Most Promising Young Sire in the World) in 2000 and  Regancrest DELLSTAR....was 3rd the year before. After that the big AI organizations successfully got this contest killed....they seem to be back on the radar again now however. Incidentally at +1790 TPI ...ZADE is the highest TPI proven bull ...ever entered (including MTOTO) in the Holstein Intl contests in their approx. 10 year span!

On 5/15/10 GOLDEN EYE's mat sister,+2164 GTPI (4/10) ,+3.83 Type, No. 8 Shottle for type, in the breed! a fancy 10 mo. old heifer, by Picston Shottle sold in the Regancrest sale for $10,000. Far more exciting... her strong , dairy and even more correct, deeper ribbed....full brother... 555HO00008 MOONRAKER will be available 7/27/10 ! . a later Shottle son, but as in past tradition...we expect him to be the best! His gr. dam is the ONLY cow with 3 sons on the (4/10) Top 100 TPI list! He is of course a mat. brother to GOLDEN EYE!  Incidentally before Golden Eye exceeded it...Moonraker was the most popular (highest grossing ) James Bond film.

Now glowing calving Ease reports...GOLDEN EYE will be a top calving ease sire.....use him on your heifers!

Nice article on Tamara EX(97)4E including mention of TORNADO in June, 2010  Holstein 17

However it looks like they used a 2yrold photo of her. There are much better photos on TORNADO's page.

May 10, 2010

TAMARA... 15 years old Oct. looks better than ever.. EX(97)4E.  The highest type cow in the US. There are two at 97 pt cows, the last time they met, Tamara was 1st in class and Best Udder...125,000 lb class ,World Dairy Expo 2004...below. To her left... is Alicia EX(97) 2nd and Toby EX(96) 3rd.

Tamara now over 260,000 lbs milk lifetime this month...the highest for any EX(97) pt cow of All-Time!!  Her embryos recently sold at the NY Conv. sale for $2,200 each

Her best proven son is TORNADO.... No. 15 type bull and No.7 for Rear Udders! New VG(87) pt dtr. Whitney... see his page.  His dtr. Snickers VG(86) ,made 33,707m @2-07 on his page!

May 10, 2010

There is only one Durham son... on the top 100 TPI list... Z-Duke.  Likewise his EX(95) Rudolph dam has 3 sons on the top 100 TPI list. She not only has more than 3 top progeny proven sons... but 6 Ex offspring so far. Plus Rud Zip is a former No. 1 Prod. Life cow....thus she could be considered the best all-around Rudolph dtr. of All-Time

That Durham son, has an EX(92) Full sister. She is her dams highest.. for classification and CTPI at 2060, with over 40,000 lbs milk, her only Goldwyn offspring, her last natural +2032 GTPI....GOLDEN EYE

April 30, 2010

VG(88) TORNADO dtr

Hy-Gro Tornado Georgia VG(88) is a 2nd lactation dtr, scored GP(84) 1st calf.  Milking over 100 lbs per day in 2nd lactation. Her dam was a VG(87)pt Champion dtr. She is bred & owned by Ron Hoyer from Wisconsin....Congratulations Ron on this fine cow and her top new photo !!

The TORNADO dtrs. are high producing and looking great....just like his EX(97)4E dam... still a show cow and producer at over 13 years of age...with over 225,000 lbs lifetime !

April 30, 2010

555HO00007- GOLDEN EYE ... His dam now bred back to earn higher class. score

GOLDEN EYE is very popular with many pregnancies on the way. Of course the 1st dtrs. will be involved in his SET( free classification) program . However he already  has 78% Rel. for Prod. and 71% Rel. for Type.... so it won't take many dtrs. to get him up to  85% Rel. for the ranking lists, like TPI. Thus move fast...  so your dtrs are scored for free.

Interesting... aAa code...432156. He is probably the best new Genomic proven bull.... because of his index and the REAL performance of his cow family and sire stack!  His EX(92) dam (will score higher) finished her 2nd lactation, with over 40,000 lbs milk!  He has a VERY high Genomic Proof....but as important a unique and  great sire stack and a great cow family! 

NO ....Shottle, Oman, BW Marshall or Prelude in his pedigree. Three EX direct dams...EX(92), EX(95)3E, EX(90)3E... including one of the world's most famous EX(95) 3E GMD, DOM cows Rud Zip...former No. 1 Prod. Life cow. with over 200,000 lbs milk lifetime.  This bull is unique... one of a kind full brothers or full sisters. GOLDEN EYE is owned by Flatness International Inc. and  is available in the US now! He will also be available around the world later. 

Why pay $350 per unit for Goldwyn semen...when you can get this high GTPI son, with a better pedigree...and more strength up front... 432 compared to 234 aAa codes. GOLDEN EYE is only $23 per unit!

There will be MANY disappointments with the Genomic Sire Indexes (just like many 1st crop bulls)...many  built on young unproven, 1st lactation cows and the current hot sire stacks. However... Great cow families ...first... have built our outstanding

  Progeny Proven Sires... such as  ZADE, DORON and TORNADO...the future will be the same.

December 31, 2009

DORON gone

Unfortunately DORON has now passed away. He was a very great bull and will be missed. A very limited semen supply remains.

August 29, 2009 

World's best breeder...Regancrest!

Recently... Regancrest S Chassity VG(88) @2-04 and several offspring just sold for $1,500,00. She is a gr. dtr. of Regancrest PR Barbie EX(92). Regancrest best known for Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mam...the dam of DELLSTAR, MAGNIFICENT and Pat. Gr. dam of CARL is now hitting it just as big  with two other cow families. Of course Barbie is a dtr of Dellia's son Durham. 

Last year Durham Delight EX(92).. from Rud Zip EX(95)....with no additional offspring ...topped Regancrest's sale for $94,000...she has ONE Goldwyn  offspring ....he is GOLDEN EYE! Congratulations to the Regan family for breeding so many great cows and bulls.

Aug. 29, 2009

Cow families are most important ...then sire stacks!

Most AI companies only list sire stacks. Assuming that a GP or VG dtr. of a great bull is good enough... we disagree. We want the VERY best dtr. of the great bulls in our pedigrees and that happens when the best bulls are used on the best cow families.

Some examples....ZADE's  gr. dam was the best Blackstar dtr. Zita EX(94)2E, a former No.1 CTPI cow ,also  ZADE's dam Zanadu , was a former No.1 CTPI cow. ZADE is Wade's highest TPI son. 

TORNADO's dam Tamara EX(97)4E is the best Highlight dtr. ever. Likewise TORNADO is her best son. He is also the best son of Stormatic. TORNADO dtrs. avg. 80 pts ACTUAL dtr. score. Sanchez dtrs avg. 78 pts ACTUAL. TORNADO's ACTUAL dtr. score could increase to 81pts  next month, with a nice incease in PTAT as well!

DORON's gr. dam Jed Debra EX(95)2E was Jed's best dtr. His 4th dam Dellia EX(95)EX(97)Mam 2E the best Chief Mark dtr. and the best Holstein cow ever. She was also the dam of  DELLSTAR, and MAGNIFICENT .

Rud Zip EX(95)3E, a former No.1 Prod. Life cow is the best Rudolph dtr. She is also the dam of one of the best Durham sons Zeus, his full sister Delight EX(92)@3yr. is the dam of  GOLDEN EYE'.

That's why ...we hope when the top breeders like you ,get a vote .. or a choice...they choose our bulls.

 Aug. 29, 2009 

Want Holsteins that test like Jerseys....consider FREEDOM and BRILLIANCE.

Both bulls have sired VERY high testing dtrs. in the 5% fat or higher , which is no surprise... look at the 5% test on their dams and cow families for generations..including 7 Gen. for FREEDOM . Both bulls have semen available at reasonable prices. Please check them out on their pages.

May, 2009

Josan DELLSTAR Misty is now EX(93)3

See her photo and production on DELLSTAR's page. Congratulations to her owner, Joe Pavelski, Pa.

January 7, 2013 

April 26, 2009

Outstanding linear Traits...These are the official -4.00 to +4.00 Holstein Assn linears..... not the -2 to +2 that many use. Of course even with these DORON is off the chart at +4.60 Stature. 

 TORNADO also, at + 4.96 Rear Udder Height and +5.08 Rear Udder Width.

Apri1 26, 2009

TORNADO , DORON and ZADE...all outstanding bulls...went much higher on Production & Type.. ....TORNADO now +927on milk! Their production & type proofs have been updated! 

Several more TORNADO and DORON dtrs were classified in January and February with several new...high GP and VG dtrs. and much higher than herd-mates. Thus we fully expected both bulls to increase their already high production & type proofs..they did now.. +3.09 PTAT and +3.83 PTAT todayZADE is +3.14 Udder Comp.

March 26, 2009

CARL will be a great breed Improver!

CARL's first  production and type proof due...9/09, will be from two herds where he was used naturally... on heifers. The 1st ...the breeders herd, has been a aAa herd for over 20 years with lots of 456 type bulls used and the 2nd... the breeder's brother's herd with no aAa useage mainly a young sire bred herd. 

The 1st herd now has  4 dtrs classified that avg 80 pts.,more scored there in May. In the first herd he was used on all heifers... with no mating for aAa and really this would not  be the most desireable because of all the round aAa numbers used in the past but.... this was the breeder's best cow family and he had great success with DELLSTAR so  it has worked well.

On 2/11/09, I saw 10 new... milking CARL dtrs. in the 2nd herd... they were outstanding ....they were classified 3/20/09. The CARL Dtrs now avg 78 pts ACTUAL...with several GP dtrs. This is higher... than the popular bull Sanchez. The lowest scored dtr. will increase in score and is good enough to picture now! 78 is a very good actual dtr score. CARL  is very popular, partially because of  his unique 645 aAa numbers and has been very popular in aAa herds.

CARL's breeding very much like what his aAa numbers predicted. The dtrs are stylish(6)...with very outstanding feet and legs, deep heel, strong pasterns, lots of bone, will straighten legs correctly. They are strong (4)... throughout, with lots of width and well attached fore udders(5).They have strong toplines and high,wide rear udders with outstanding depth and udder cleft. They have good depth and openness of rib. As two yr. olds they have average stature... but grow significantly with age...some 60 in tall end of 1st lactation. 

If you want very tall 2yr olds that average 80 pts ACTUAL use DORON or TORNADO. But for overall type improvement particularly for free-stall housing, trouble free cows...CARL may be the best of all!

March 24, 2009

FREEDOM's dam...Fresno, EX(91)2E is now...Gold Medal Dam!

Plushanski Bwood Fresno EX(91)2E with over 185,000 lbs milk lifetime is now a Gold Medal dam! She had 9 milking dtrs for production and type, including Fabulous EX(90),EX(92)Mam. and also her son FREEDOM EX(91). Fresno is now a 7th generation Gold Medal Dam !!

Believed to be the only cow family the history of the breed... with these qualifications...7 Gen. GMD, all VG or EX , over 30,000lbs milk... avg 4.9 % Fat !!

March 12, 2009

 New.... VG(89),EX(93) Mam. @3-02MAGNIFICENT dtr.!  Plus 2 VG(85)twin sisters, 2nd lactation  and GP(82) and GP(84) 2yr olds in the same herd! 

Also Excellent DELLSTAR dtrs &  New.. VG(85),VG(87) Mam@2-07 dtr of DORON

Snowcrest MAGNIFICENT Boswell is now VG(89), EX(93)Mam,VG F&L @ 3-02 for Snowcrest Farms, PA, their highest scored 3yr old! Previously she was VG(87) EX(90) Mam. their highest scored 2yr old. MAGNIFICENT,EX(93),EX(93) F&L, aAa dead, but has semen available.

Mehlings DELLSTAR Dix 1367 is  EX(90)@ 5-4 , EX(92) Mam!  In 3rd lactation peaked at 136 lbs milk, plus index and deviations. Bred by John Mehling NY and owned by Chris Wright Pa. Also.. RMD Shultz DELLSTAR Rosette is EX(90),VG(88) Mam, EX(90)F&L @ 5-11, owned by Mike Shultz ,Pa.  DELLSTAR EX(93), EX(97) F&L, is the best aAa 465 bull.

Ja-Jen DORON Mandisa isVG(85),VG(87) Mam.@2-07, for John & Jeff Jenkins ,Pa., on the last week of type proof cutoffs, for April! Mandisa was also their highest scored 2yr old!

Congratulations to all!

March 12,2009

VG(89) EX Mam. 2yr olds.....if that is important to you.

VG(89) at as high as possible...we can deliver that.... with help from your cow! 

ZADE's Gr. dam, dam and her following next 2 gen. were all VG(89)EX Mam. 2yr olds that improved with age..Gr. dam Zita was EX(94)2E. Use ZADE on top  wide cows for those kind of results. Outstanding longevity is of course much more than a 2 min. look at 2yr olds...ZADE delivers Longevity.

TORNADO's dam was a VG(88)EX Mam. 2yr  looking great at 13 years of age... is EX(97)4E!

Same with DORON's family....Jed Debra VG(89) EX Mam @ 2yr old... EX 95 at maturity, next dams EX(94) and Dellia.. EX(95)!

February 12, 2009

TORNADO  dtrs scoring high... look for an even higher type proof next summary!

Congratulations to Jack Pulver, New York on his two ...TORNADO dtrs., one GP(80) and the other Stanver TORNADO Pattycakes, Very Good (85),VG Mam. @ 2-08...7 pts over herdmates!

2/3/09 .....a new GP(83)VG(85) Mam @2-11. TORNADO Gaige Farms. Incidentally TORNADO's  EX(97)4E dam Tamara... looks great at over 13 years old! Congratulations to the Gaige Family!

December 23, 2008

Another new Very Good... DORON dtr.  Another high production 3rd lactation dtr.

This new Very Good dtr owned by Holton Bros, Kansas...Congratulations ,Kevin! There are now many VG dtrs.  We are waiting for the next one to score Excellent.. to picture.  There are several  potential Excellents!

Hammer-Creek Doron Velvet, G(76), her dam was a G(73) pt. Bond dtr.(no not all dtrs are EX and neither were their dams) in the L. Martin Herd, Pa , is currently the highest producing cow in his  herd ... 126 lbs per BST... 3rd lactation. First two records over 35,000 ME and she exceeded them actual...below

1-11 2X 303d 26,725m 3.9%1042f 3.3% 882p.... 2-11 2X 365d 35,789m 3.9%1,365f 3.3% 1,111p.... Now fresh again at 4-03.. milking 126 lbs per day. Congratulations, La

November 29, 2008 

New.. Very Good 2yr old TORNADO dtr!

Recently.... Tran-Acres TORNADO 563 was classified VG(85)@2-05 Very Good across, 109 BAA! She has peaked at 109 lbs milk, over 4%BF, low somatic cell count, good milking speed and disposition. Bred and owned by the Melvin Peachey family, Belleville, Pa. Congratulations Mel and Judy!

November 29, 2008

  Distributorships available....would you like to own your own marketing business?

Distributor opportunities are available throughout the world...please contact us today!

October 22, 2008

TORNADO's pat. sister Hazel was Grand Champion at  All-American Dairy Show...and 1st 5yr old and  Res. Grand Champion at the World Dairy Expo !

New bulls to flush to your best cows..... TORNADO +3.25 Type DORON  +3.55 Type have over 160 dtrs of various ages adding to their production and type totals every those below. Add your herd to this growing list of satisfied dairymen

New...GP(83),VG(85)Mam@2-03 TORNADO dtr. and New...VG(86),VG(86)Mam @ 2-06..DORON  dtr.

Ken-Will MM TORNADO Madness GP(83),VG(85) Mam @ 2-03.  She is 4 pts over herd-mates and scored 10 pts higher and is 6 inches taller than her Mathie dam and will go up more next time! Fresh 40 days... she had 108 lbs milk on her 1st test! Bred & Owned by Traver Dairy,  Pa. Congratulations to the Travers

Ju-Vindale DORON Miranda VG(86), VG(86) Mam.@ 2-06. She is 7 pts higher than herd-mates from an EX(91)Talisman dam. Milking 102 lbs milk per day, 2nd test! Bred by Vince Wagner Pa. now NY. and owned by Warren Good, Pa.  Congratulations ...Vince and Warren!

Both of the above are potential Excellent cows!  

September 27, 2008

Top Fertility....100% Plus!     Also Genomics

Now 3 of our bulls have official ...USDA, fertility info (SCR).... ZADE +1.10TORNADO +0.90 and CARL +0.70. Thus 100% of our bulls officially evaluated  are Plus for Conception Rate! The advantage of TRIPLE PLUS or more strength semen! 

Genomics...ZADE sons are coming through with top Genomic he will be a great sire of sons!

June 25, 2008

ZADE  & TORNADO Udder Photos..... Farwind below.. now VG(88)Mam! go to their sites for complete info & more photos

Plushanski ZADE Tawzan VG(85)VG Mam.& F&L     Bred & owned by Plushanski Farms, Kutztown, PA
Plushanski TORNADO FarwindVG(85)VG(88)Mam. 
Bred & owned by Plushanski Farms, Kutztown,

June 6, 2008

TORNADO  excitement , now EX(92)! Semen qualifies for shipment  around the world.

He was re-classified 5/16/08 @ 5yrs 2mo...EX(90) Frame & Capacity, EX(93) Dairy Strength, EX(93) Rump, EX(94) Feet & Legs and EX(92) Final Score!  His nice initial production proof is moving up with 2yr old dtrs. milking over 100 lbs  milk per day! Two outstanding  dtrs were  pictured  on 5/13/08.....those exciting photos...are now here!

On 5/19/08 another TORNADO dtr and a new VG ZADE dtr VG@2yr. along with Flatness-Intl Lone Star,VG@ 2yr. were pictured at Plushanski Farms, Pa. They are all posted on their sites now.

TORNADO dtrs are classifying very well ...81 pts ACTUAL...for comparison, the breeds highest type bull Damion, is 79 pts Actual and our current highest Type bull...DORON is 80 pts Actual and +3.33 PTAT!

Holstein International recently listed the top two type cows in the US...both EX(97), listing Tamara 2nd because the other cow Alicia, is scored higher in Udder. However look on TORNADO's web page and see them together at the World Dairy Expo, Madison, Wis. in 2004, when Tamara was named Best Udder in the class! Side by side comparison at a national show... is the best measure.

Both TORNADO and DORON are now on type SET's  to add more classified dtrs.

June 7, 2008

ZADE... Top Pregnancy Rate....Dairy Strength and cows that last...Productive Longevity!

Mr Tom King,Vortex Holsteins,United Kingdom....when asked about results of his recent import of ZADE semen directly from us "Yes we have lots of cows in calf to ZADE now, our first calves are due in a fortnight or so, will keep you posted. He has been overall, the best bull for getting pregnancies in our flask(63% from 60 services, herd avg 45%). He is still one of the top bulls on the UK list now, when ranked on Herdlife."

Actually ZADE is No.2 on Herdlife in the UK, second only to Ramos. ZADE has much better udders of the two. While printing out his e-mail quote, I also got a reply previously from a re-seller in the UK. "In the UK the main talking point is very much strength, power and cows that live"...thats what Herdlife is all about. But beyond that ZADE offers great udders, No.1 in the breed 95% Rel or more..... plus high dtr. fertility, good calving ease, top milking speed, low Somatic Cell count, high components and high quality, fertile semen... ZADE does it all.

If betting on a horse race would you bet on the horse that wins every race.... or the one that looks the strongest at the begining of the race?

April 21, 2008

5 gen. in a row of VG(89) 2yr olds, now EX(91) EX(93) Mam. @4-05!

ZADE's grand dam Zita started the string....VG(89) @2yr old, later EX(94)2E,EX(94) Mam, EX(98) Frame, Gold Medal Dam, Dam of Merit. Now her 4th Gen. gr.dtr., Futuraland Morty Zulana is now EX(91),EX(93) Mam. at 4-05. Congratulations to the the Wiles family, Futuraland, breeder and Kingsmill ,NC owner!

A GP(83) 2yr is quite good,with many going on to Excellent. However a VG(89)@ 2yrs (highest possible for age) is as rare as an EX(97)(highest possible)cow!  Zulana is now milking 175 lbs milk per day! The Zita's quite a cow of the Queen of the Breed Contenders!

If you would rather just go for a newly( in the process)..proven son of a Great Brood cow that is EX(97)4E, All-American 125,000lb cow, with over 225,000m.....TORNADO  is the one!

April 16, 2008

New EX(92) DELLSTAR dtr

Ryan-Vu Dellstar Nellie...EX(92) ,EX(92) Mam. owned by Mark J. Ryan,Wis. Nellie is pictured on DELLSTAR's page. Now in her 5th lactation. Congratulation Mark and Chad!

 March 26, 2008

FREEDOM  is now EX(91)...EX(92)Frame & Cap., EX(91) Dairy Strength, EX(93) Rump,VG(88)F&L  @ 4yrs 1 mo.!

His full sister Fabulous is now EX(90), EX(92) Mam, 3rd lactation.

Hammer-Creek Fabulous ET EX(90)EX(92)Mam.,VG(88) F&L@4-01
2-00 2x 278d 21,522m 4.0% 855f 3.2% 688P
2-11 2x 328d 32,431m 4.5% 1433f 3.1% 1005p

2/21/08 was a great day for this full brother and sister ..both scoring Excellent. FREEDOM's full sister began her 3rd lactation in Jan. 08 ,a real fertile Myrtle! She has one of the highest and widest rear udders you will ever see. . 50 pts (maximum on height and width). She has capacity the correct way...peaking at over 140 lbs milk with over 6% fat ! This photo was taken in Nov 2007...a few days before she was dryed off to to rest for her next lactation... the side view is on FREEDOM's page. Another full sister made over 35,000 lbs milk as a 2yr old and scored VG with EX(90)F&L.

March 18, 2008 

  VG(85),VG(86) Mam.,VG(86) F&L@2-06....ZADE dtr.

for Plushanski Farms ,their oldest ZADE dtr, was their highest 1st time, required 2yr old at VG(85) pts.! Forty eight required 2yr old herd-mates  averaged 75 pts, including Mr. Sam, Blitz, O Man and Boliver dtrs., in this 320 cow, free-stall herd. Congratulations to the Plushanski Family! They also had a GP(84),VG(85)Mam,VG(85) F&L, @2-01 TORNADO dtr.

Recently a VG(85),VG(87)Mam @2-07...ZADE dtr.

Scored  ... for Marcus & Chester Martin, Franklin Co., Pa. Congratulations to the Martins!

Feb. 28, 2008

EX(95) Mam. DELLSTAR dtr, fresh again retains her score. 

Hammer Creek Dellstar Marcina,VG(88) EX(95) Mam. owned by Lavern Martin, Pa. Congratulations Lavern! 

EX(93) DELLSTAR dtr.below!

Josan Dellstar Misty EX(93)2E, EX(93)Mam., EX(93)F&L, see DELLSTAR's page.  Now at the end of her 5th lactation. High plus on every... index trait, including all the Longevity traits, now over 200,000 lbs milk lifetime! Congratulations to Joe & Sandy Pavelski .....breeders and owners! 

Oct. 23, 2007

Fancy DORON dtrs sold at the recent Pa. Ju-Vin-Dale Sale 

4 DORON fancy bred heifers were sold. They looked good ..and sold well. Yes ...DORON needs more promotion. Now that he is healthy again and producing semen in limited quantity. He looks like +3.00 PTAT in Jan. and NO breeder/syndicate proof involvement!

Aug. 31, 2007

ZADE dtrs last and look great!

A ZADE dtr in central Pa. owned by Lamar Zimmerman now in her 5th lactation... just scored VG(86) EX(90) Mam.!

Milk Index is a good indication of 1st lactation production. Just like an athlete that does good in the beginning of the race.. but loses... the winner is what counts. ZADE is higher on Net Merit and TPI..and thus lifetime production, than the breeds highest milk index

Aug. 31, 2007

Serious about type?

In the last 4 months there have been 12 VG and one EX(92) DELLSTAR dtr. scored. His semen is still available. He was certainly one of Dellia's (the breeds greatest brood cow). best sons, aAa 465. He has over 8 EX dtrs.

Aug. 15, 2007

Buy direct and Save BIG$$

It is possible to buy directly from us in many places in the world. Mr. Tom King in the UK just received ZADE semen at approx. $35 per unit delivered can also, contact 

June 7, 2007

Another VG(87)EX Mam.... ZADE dtr!

Silver Shade ZADE Luanne VG(87) EX(90) Mam was GP(82) as  2yr old. Classified on a "Limited" class. this time, so doesn't help ZADE's type proof, her GP(82) 2yr old score is official for ZADE's proof. Obviously that's why we recommend "Standard" or "Classic" classifications where all cows are scored and all type information is added to their sire's proofs .....for the overall good of the breed.

Luanne is in her 3rd lactation milking 98 lbs per day, dam was a Duncan Progress dtr. Congratulations to Rebecca Davis, Maine, breeder and owner

April 6, 2007 

New...over 43,000 lbs milk ... ZADE & DELLSTAR Dtrs! 

A ZADE dtr owned by Mevin Beiler, New York deserves attention. She is believed to be his highest milk production dtr at over 44,000lbs of milk.  2nd high is ZADE BonitaVG(88)EX(90)Mam. in PA. she made 43,892m 1614f 1448p, 2nd lactation

Beiler's cow  ear tag no.21ZJJ6878 is scored GP(83)as 2yr old during ZADE's original SET classification ,not scored since but should go VG now.  At 2-1 she made 2x 365d 31,847m 980f and 955p. Then as at 3-2 she made 2x 365d 38,807m 1079f and 1164p, latest lactation 2x 365d 4-5 44,123m 1330f and 1330p. This lactation she is poised for over 50,000lbs of milk...currently averaging 150 lbs per day.

They also have a DELLSTAR dtr that made 2x 365d 43,957m 1408f 1318p at 3yr and 6mo. She was also GP(83) as a 2yr old not scored since. Congratulations to the Beilers their rolling herd avg is 26,638m 948f  821p on 60 cows.

Hammer-Creek Dellstar Honest GP(82) is a top producing cow in the Lavern Martin herd in Pa. She is currently milking in her 3rd lactation...she peaked at 140 lbs per day, 3.5% F and 3.1%P with 0.1 SCS (the lowest possible). She peaked at 94 lbs m 1st and 126 lbs m in her 2nd lactation. Her 1st two records were over 35,000 lbs milk actual, 2x 365d! Martin's herd average is 27,831m 1070f and 881p on 80 cows.

There are also high producing...several records over 30,000lbs milk ,dtrs of ZADE and DELLSTAR classified Very Good and Excellent...they are posted on their sires pages!

There is ZADEand DELLSTAR semen available well as from DELLSTAR's   aAa 645 son CARL!

Feb 16, 2007

Classification EX(95) mammary, DELLSTAR dtr!

New...Very Good(88),EX(90) Mam ...ZADE below

both FREEDOM's full sisters, now Very Good

EX(92)2E DELLSTAR and DELLSTAR CARL now VG(88),EX(90)F&L @ 2-11

Hammer-Creek DELLSTAR Marcina is now VG(88),VG(88) F&L EX(95)Mammary @4-4. She has produced over 61,000 lbs of high component milk  in 2 1/2 lactations so far and has peaked at 135 lbs milk 3.8% amd 3.8% this lactation!

Josan DELLSTAR Misty,EX(92)2E for Joe Pavelski, only one cow higher ,ever bred in this herd at EX(93). Misty is a 3rd Gen EX, dam was EX(90) and Gr. dam EX(91). Misty has now begun her 5th lactation testing 132lbs m. 4.3% and 2.9%P with 138,473m  4.3% and 3% protein thru 1st 4 lactations!

DELLSTAR Shade,EX(90)2E was the 1st EX cow bred in Laven Martin's herd Pa., from an un-scored dam, peaked at 128 lbs per day. Her DELLSTAR gr ,scored GP(81)@ 2-11(potential Very Good) with VG(85) Mam. Her dam is now an Excellent, EX Mam.Outside dtr., all bred and owned by Lavern Martin.

Kurtz-Valley DELLSTAR CARL is now VG(88) EX(90)F&L our DELLSTAR son now available at a reasonable price. Very unique aAa 645. Owned by Flatness International Inc.

FREEDOM's younger full sister, Fabulous now scored VG(85)VG(88) Mam.@ 3-00, just fresh, 2nd lactation . FREEDOM's older full sister Franny is VG(85) EX F&L and made the following 1st lactation, 1-11 2X 365d 35,363m 4.1%1447f 3.4%1202p actual!  All herds from PA...Congratulations  breeders!

So what is easier to get an EX dtr from an EX dam or and EX dtr. from a below avg dam? I'll select from the EX dam any day! That's how breeder proven bulls get high dtr. averages.

DELLSTAR is the only AI PROVEN (S code) bull we know that has SIX Excellent 1st crop dtrs., he now has seven total ...with more to come. 25% of his dtrs. are VG or better! For a long time DELLSTAR dtrs have averaged  81pts actual, what was Durham's 1st crop, actual dtr. avg. ?....78pts. Now Durham is 81 pts actual, like DELLSTAR, after Durham was bred to all the best cows in the US. A very limited amount of semen is still available from DELLSTAR, a good choice for flushing.

Jan. 19, 2007

  MAGNIFICENT Dtr VG(89) EX(90)Mam.,EX(91)F&L

Ken-Will MAGNIFICENT Research VG(89) EX(90)Mam., EX(91)F&L

2-00 2x 284d 17,698m 3.6% 630f 3.2%566p
3-00 2x 334d 25,766m 3.3% 870f 3.2% 825p
4-01 2x 277d peaked at 96lbs 3.9f 3.3p inc.

Best Cows in the herd....The cow above is an example. But there are many more. The 1st EX cow ever bred by Lavern Martin ,Pa. was DELLSTAR Shade EX(90)2E(from unscored dam,with poor F&L), on DELLSTAR's page. MAGNIFICENT Lisa VG(87),VG(87) Mam.(From 66pt dam with 45pt udder),has been his highest producing cow this year and ZADE KlassicVG(86) EX Mam., 1st lactation... is his most contracted cow! 

DELLSTAR Misty EX(92) is Joe Pavelski's  2nd Highest classified cow of All-Time and will be his highest eventually. These are all on their sire pages here. Likewise the best group of dtrs in the Crave Bros herd in Wis. is sired by ZADE and on and on it goes. Thank you breeders for the opportunity!

Ken-Will MAGNIFICENT Research, (above) ,VG(89), EX (90)Mam., EX(91) F&L, bred and owned by Traver Dairy, Tunkhannock, Pa. Their highest scored cow ever...from un-scored dam. A high producer as well, peaked at 96 lbs per day, 3.9% this lactation so far, previously over 104 lbs milk. Her sire's two nearest dam's were EX(93)and EX(95), both with EX(97) pt udders! Congratulations to the Travers on this fine cow and her top photo!

Jan. 13, 2007

Plenty of ZADE sons going to AI!

Eight years or so from now.... we will know which one is best. Of course we plan to have the best son or gr. son.  ZADE is definitely the best son of Wade and better than his sire. The race is on! By then Longevity traits and Net Merit will be even  more widely accepted.

Meanwhile we know now... that ZADE is the best Longevity bull of ANY breed why wait..use him now! Bring your herd up to date and with great udder one cross!

Jan. 13, 2007

Fortunately....DORON is getting better slowly

The end of a bull's career is always sad. DORON is still young, but has had back problems for the last 12 months or so, with very decreased semen production. His outstanding dtrs in the east are just milking now and are being classified in a SET.. some this month. DORON is looking better but not recovered yet.. we used acupuncture and chiropractic techniques the last two weeks

Nov. 25, 2006

New EX(92)3E PYRAMID dtr and previous EX(92)3E LIGHTNING Dtrs in the UK

PYRAMID has two VG(88) dtrs and this EX(92)3E out of only 9 classified dtrs  there. LIGHTNING has this EX(92)3E,another EX and several VG's, out of only 19 dtrs/14 herds classified there. Small numbers but good results (actually more EX(92)dtrs than Shottle, with 2 highest at EX(91)). They were among our 1st proven bulls. LIGHTNING was purchased following his proving process. All of our other bulls have been proven through our Crown Jewel Collection proving program, the results...100% plus proven sires for high component production and type, upon graduation into the proven sire ranks! Since then base changes have taken their toll on ours as well as all other older bulls.


July 30, 2006 

ZADE's milking & looking great... constant improvement for production and type!

Crave Bros. in Wis. used ZADE early, they now have over 30 dtrs on the ground, with some now in their 4th lactation. They currently milk 585 cows. A few ZADE dtr. examples, H60413502,+3682m over herdmates, 1st lactation peaked at 127 lbs m, 2nd peaked at 122m, 3rd peaked at 148 lbs, now 4th ,milking 152 lbs milk per day!

H60413503, +975 milk over herdmates, 1st lactation, peaked at 93lbs, 2nd  122lbs m, 3rd 137 lbs m. H60413504, +3,542m over herdmates ,1st lactation ,peaked at 115 m,2nd 137 m, 3rd 136 lbs m. They all have over 30,000 lb milk lactations, 305 days. As might be expected they are all over 2 pts on Prod. Life and are getting bull stud interest.

Mark Crave states,"the ZADE's are very sound cows with Very Good udders that just keep getting better." Some of these ZADE's have been classified before and they all will be re-scored in Sept., we expect good results.

Nov.25, 2006

Now SEVEN gen. of ZADE's Mat. line with Excellent Mammaries all VG( 87) or more as 2 yr olds. All VG(89) or EX, up to EX(94) as mature cows,including the fact that BOTH his dam Zanadu and Gr. dam Zita were multiple No.1 CTPI cows in the breed. The 8th, 9th,and 10th dams are also Very Good.

ZADE the world's best longevity improver of any breed and BEAUTY as well , BEAUTIFUL Udders!

July 3, 2006

 ZADE new...VG(85)EX(90)Mam. dtr at 5-08, also previously new VG(85) &VG(87)dtrs and new GP 2yr.olds with VG udders

ZADE Gwen owned by Lamar Zimmerman PA. is now VG(85) EX(90) Mam in her 4th lactation. She is +1,633 milk over herdmates peaked over 124 lbs milk in her last lactation over 30,000 lbs of high component milk.

ZADE Frisky VG(85) @4-06, for Nelson Martin and ZADE Sunshine VG(87) @5-06 for Harlan Good both from PA. congratulatioons breeders! But since both breeders selected a" Limited" program both cows were optional and didn't go into ZADE's type proof. 

Both cows are tall and strong, Sunshine is over 60 in tall, taller than her dam with a better udder. Thus looking at linear scores on a bull ,tell's you what they looked like as a 2yr. old fresh 60 days or so ,but tells you very little about longevity and if the dtrs get better or worse. The actual averages tell  you how they actually looked and has some merit. The ZADE's avg 79 pts actual, which is near the top for AI proven bull

Nov.  25, 2005

ZADE best conception rate of all bulls used at a 1,000 cow Texas Dairy..better than the competitors Super Settlers!....TRIPLE Strength semen...actually FAR more than triple concentration! 

What is it?  Semen can be packaged  from 2 million sperm cells post thaw... up to 36 million post thaw .The more sperm cells the better chance of high fertility and a resulting pregnancy. Why then would some use low concentrations of  sperm cells? The more units produced , the more profit of course! Actually if a competitors bull is processed at 5 million sperm cells post thaw, our bulls are SEVEN times higher.. not just THREE.

Triple Strength Plus, refers to what previously.... was the standard in AI ,9 million sperm cells, post thaw. ALL Flatness Intl. semen is packaged in maximum concentration units ,except sexed semen which is at the normal concentration  for sexed semen, which is less.

Actually extensive research as reported in Holstein Intrnational has determined that Dtr Preg. Rate (DPR) is the best determination of a bull's fertility. One of the very best in the breed is our  ZADE ...+2.20 DPR on 911 dtrs in 479 herds!

Nov. 25, 2005

 Big, strong ..Wide... high testing cows.. great feet and legs and udders..No recessives!

(A) +0.60 Stature,+1.31 strength +1.70 Thurl Width,+2.16 F&L Comp, +1.13UDC, +.02%F +0.03%P DELLSTAR, EX(93) aAa 465... a breed leader for Foot & Leg improvement...the best 465 bull of All-Time!

(B) +1.34 Stature,+1.67 strength,+3.06 Thurl Width, +1.32 F& L Comp,+1.42UDC, +.07%F +0.02%P  MAGNICENT, EX(93)  aAa 6514...wide and strong.

Their dam... Dellia EX(93)EX(97)Mam. is the Res. Queen of the Breed and No. 1  dam of High Type sires.

May 5, 2006

The Chief Faith Family... is shining better than ever!

New ..complete record for Fresno EX(91)2E, FREEDOM's over 180,000lbs high component THREE Lactations! Along with producing valueable embryos and 15 offspring! 

Her highest record was 4-6 365d 2x 42,464m 4.4%1840f 3.3%1401P DHIR. But in that extended lactation totaling 853days she had 82,225m 3,755f and 2,764p.

An Ex, 6th Gen. gr.dtr in the UK now over 300,000m lifetime. Also a 4th Gen. EX(96) dtr is 2X Gr.Champ at the Royal Winter Fair 2004 & 20005! HI World Champion, 2005

March  22, 2006

BEETHOVEN  was tied with the Fargo cow, both EX(95) as the highest scored descendants of Chief Faith...EX(94)4E GMD... now Frantisco is scored EX(96)!

Nov.25, 2006 

Productive Life (Longevity) is Essential!

 Prod.Life(and it's associated traits) is more important than a +4.00 PTAT  bull ,if there was the entire dairy industry .A high PTAT will always be appealing to the show ring breeders.

+ 6or - 6 in PL is a ranking system from worst to best. Just like in Europe the traits can range from 85 to 115.

Because PL has everything to do with longevity and PTAT has very little to do with longevity and primarily ranks  2yr.old scores. in the US.  Even more significant in Europe...  nothing to do with Longevity since they only add 2yr. old scores to a bulls proof.  The main PTAT value.. pinpointing the best Udder Depth bulls (a very important key to longevity).

March  9, 2006

Dellia ....2005 Global Cow of the Year ,by Holstein a wide margin!

11 sons of Dellia were listed in the article including DELLSTAR ,EX(93) and MAGNICENT, EX(93).

We also had her son DELIVERANCE,EX(91) and a 4th Gen. DORON, EX(93) looks great and is available.  DORON is our 2nd highest TPI sire. Congratulations to Frank Regan, Regancrest Farms the owner of Dellia and the breeder of these bulls. Your herd needs genetics from from the breeds best !

Feb. 27, 2006

New High scoring  DELLSTAR, ZADE and MAGNIFICENT Dtrs.

New EX(90),EX(92) Mam. DELLSTAR dtr for John Lapp, Pa.  New EX(90)2E and VG, EX(93) Mam.  DELLSTAR dtrs for Laverne Martin Pa.  Also new ..big tall ,1st lac. ZADE VG(86) VG(87) Mam. for Laverne Martin Pa.  VG(88),EX(90)F&L,EX(91)Mam. MAGNIFICENT dtr for Eric Traver Pa.  Lastly a VG(87) MAGNIFICENT dtr for Castlemont Farms, Pa.

Feb. 27, 2006

FREEDOM's full sister  VG(85),EX(90)F&L @ 2-8 ! She now has this complete 2yr old record.. 1-11 2X 365d 35,363m 4.1% 1447f 3.4% 1202p  DHIR (actual)

July 25, 2005

TORNADO's sister  brings $14,000 at the Natl. Conv. Sale!

June 25, 2005

 Older ZADE dtrs looking great...HUGE improvement over dams

Just saw some 1st crop..... 2nd lactation dtrs of ZADE at Steve Lesney's in W.Pa recently. Several GP and VG dtrs 1st lactation , they are looking even bettter.  Steve a aAa user selected the ZADE dam's differently however...since ZADE had a very high pedigree avg for udder improvemernt as a young sire ...Steve simply used him on the worst and deepest uddered cows in his herd. Those dtrs are now among the best uddered cows in his herd.  Steve is now told that udder improvement is easy!  It certainly is with ZADE.

May 14,2005

New ...Excellent Mammary.. ZADE & DELLSTAR Dtrs last 30 days

Welk Acres ZADE Bonita, now VG(88) EX Mam.,2nd lactation. Ist lactation actual production 2yr 362d 2X 30,635m 4.2% 1295f 3.3% 1011 P, 2nd lactation 136 lbs m 3.9% f 3.3%P , peak so far....Owner ,Brant View Farms ,Pa.

Hammer-Creek ZADE Klassic now VG(86) EX Mam.@ 2-6  ME 32,219m 1266F 1022P peaked at 96 lbs milk 3.8% 3.%P. Already contracted bull mother for AI , bred & owned by Lavern Martin ,Pa.

Willow Terrace ZADE Gwen is now GP(84) EX Mam , 3rd lactation,  now milking over 100 lbs per day 4.4% f  3.6% p very low SCS, below 15,000 somatic cells ,  +1318 m over herdmates ,+130f  + 83P . owned by Lamar Zimmerman ,Pa.

Nov. 25, 2006
 New... DELLSTAR Dtr. VG(87) EX(92) Mam.@4-10
Snowcrest Dellstar Lucile 
Congratulations to breeder and owner,  Snowcrest Farms, Pa.

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The US is not behind...Current National Herd Averages (ME,1995 base)

            USA, Holsteins, 23,380M  3.6% 846.4F  3.15% 733 3.3%P

Netherlands, Holsteins, 17,775m  4.31% 763.9F 3.44% 609.7P

               UK Holsteins, 13,781M  3.98% 548.5F 3.26% 449.3P(2yr. not ME ,converts closer to Netherlands)  

        USA Brown Swiss, 19,356m  4.0% 776F 3.5% 677.5P

All protein on Total basis, using current base year, 1995.

If crossbreeding ....use the best

There is a large variation within the Holstein and Brown Swiss breeds..... you don't need to crossbreed, to achieve ANY objective. However if you want to try..go with the best, high reliabilty ...Net Merit bulls in each breed, no other breeds are needed. 

Use the best for the combination of  traits you need... Fertility (DPR) Udder Health (SCS) Longevity (Prod.Life) Udder Improvement (Udder Comp.), HIGH COMPONENTS  , Calving Ease (there is no calving ease problem crossing Holstein & Brown Swiss) and FAST MILKING SPEED .The best are ZADE in the Holstein breed and CONQUEST in Brown Swiss

No BLAD or CVM Bulls!

We've been carefully selecting to avoid BLAD positive and CVM positive bulls.  The only bull that had a chance of being CVM positive was KING, since his sire, CONVINCER, is positive.   However, KING has been tested negative to CVM and BLAD.  Recently, we tested DELLSTARDELIVERANCE and ZADE for CVM, even though they had no possibility of having it, since both their sires and dams were free of CVM and BLAD.  However, they have now been officially confirmed CVM and BLAD negative.  

No Syndicates, No Culls, Stud-Sampled!

Some of the "hot" bulls in the breed are the result of syndicate members working together to make a bull look as good as possible.  This can lead to favoritism and culling the bad ones to achieve profitable results.  There are no syndicates in our proving program, no daughters of our bulls have been culled to date, that we know of.  Our young sires are all  stud-sampled, "S" code through the official NAAB cross-reference program.    For more information on our Crown Jewel Collectiontm, click here.

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