REQUEST....Progeny proven, was Plus on Milk  peaked at + 420 PDM (4/08) two, -500 lb milk... base changes have taken their toll.
High components... +0.05Fat...BB KCN
High Components, his milking dtrs tested like his dam
 Photo of a top dtr..
Royal-Lind REQUEST Billijo VG(87), VG(87) Mam....Gr Dtr of JILL
1-11 365d 2X 19,750m 4.1% 812F 3.2% 632P (no BST)
3-03 304d 2X  27,920m 3.8% 1068f 3.2% 893p (no BST)
4-03 365d 2X 29,469m 3.8% 1104F 3.3% 973P(no BST
Owned by Dennis Roloff, Waupacca,Wis. Congratulations..Dennis!
Son of CONQUEST,  formerNo. 1 Longevity Sire & Functional Type Index
bull in the US, Also former combination No.1 Udder Comp. and F&L Comp
 REQUEST's dam, Rose VG(89) @ 2-04, Dtr. Of Collection EX(93)
2-00 2x 30,000 lbs milk 4.8% Fat, 3.9% Protein
(Top Selling Cow, $10,000, '02 U.S. National Convention Sale!)
G'dam Riki 3E(94), an All-Time Great, All-American Aged Cow!
Riki is now Hon. Ment. All-Time All-American, Aged Cow! 2005
REQUEST ...Wide, Very Deep Ribbed, EX(95)Body
and siring Fancy Boxcar Rumps!
Request's sire stack...Conquest, Collection, Rhythm
Flatness Intl REQUEST -ET
VG(87),EX(95) Body @4-03
Reg. 195153   aAa 513642 
 Kappa-Casein BB (the Very Best)
555BS02320 & 138BS02320 
Calving Ease 5.5%, Mat CE 5.1% 
PTA Prod. -286m +0.05%F -1F -0.01p ,-9 P,Rel. 82%
Net Merit -$77, Cheese Merit -$84
Prod Life. -0.30, SCS 2.96, DPR -1.20 
 -0.57 UDC, +0.07 F&L Comp.
PTA Type -0.54, Rel. 82% 
PPR -54 (4/20)
Rose as a fancy show calf
She was 2nd high seller at the 1999 Premier Showcase Sale.  REQUEST is siring the same kind of fancy, wide rumped show calves, only deeper bodied.
Alegria Riki ROSEanne-ET VG(89) @ 2-04
She was the highest selling cow at the 2002 U.S. National Convention Sale
In-barn photo of Rose, Jill, and Monteil
Alegria Riki ROSEanne ET, Reg. No. 883846
VG(89) @ 2-04, VG Across, except EX Dairy Character
Fr. VG(87), Dairy EX(90), Body VG(85), F&L VG(88), Mam. VG(89)
Linear 43 Rear Udder Width, 36 Udder Cleft.  Optimum Teat Length is 25, Rose is 26!
+607M +.08% +43F +.04% +29P (11/06)
+1.2 PTAT  CPI +295
2-00 2x 365d 29,144m 4.8% 1410f 3.9% 1137p
2-00 2x 391d 30,991m 4.9% 1511f 4.0% 1240p
Peak test  96 lbs. Milk, last test day 5.7% Fat, 4.5% Protein!

ROSE was a top production cow ,very dairy with extreme components.  She was the only daughter of an EX(94) All-American on the Top 100 CPI index list in (8/02).   She is also one of the highest CPI COLLECTION EX(93) dtrs.  Roses's dam, Riki 3E(94), was All-American as an Aged Cow and 5-year-old, and twice Res. All-American.   Excellent(94) is the breed's highest type classification.   Riki is one of the first eleven to attain this score in the U.S.!  Of those, Riki  is the 2nd highest milk and protein producer.  At 3E(96) in Frame, she is one of the most correct and most popular World Dairy Expo Grand Champions of all time.

COLLECTION EX(93) was one of the breed's best all-around sires.  He was the top PTI of any sire 98% rel. or more and is the No. 1 Type sire in the breed, over 90% rel. He's +1.4 PTAT at his peak He was No. 1 for stature,  dairy form, and No. 2 for strength, body depth, thurl  width, and rear udder width (5/03). His EX(93) dam was Res. All-American Aged Cow in 1997.  COLLECTION was an outstanding mating for Riki.  

There are no undesirable recessives in ROSE's pedigree.  Scroll down to view ROSE's ancestry, the finest of the 80's and 90's.  She offered outstanding potential for breeding value, exceptional production, and All-American type!  ROSE's son, Flatness Intl REQUEST-ET by R Hart CONQUEST EX(90),EX F& L, a formere breed topper for all-around production and type sire..., was the perfect mating for cows needing more width, substance, and depth of rib.  Semen is still available.  In Switzerland, semen  is  available through Triple Genetics Service.  

His sire CONQUEST on various summaries has been the breeds ...NO. 1 Udder Improver. ..No.1 Outcross Sire (5/03&8/03), No.1 Functional Type Index , No. 2 PTAType, No. 10 PTI Sire and now No.1  Net Merit$ sire, over 84% Rel.! He was one of the highest proven sons of ENSIGN (previously the breed's greatest udder improver) and Connie EX(92), the very tall (62 in.), very strong (over 2,000 lbs.), breed class protein record holder.  

ROSE's Dam, Riki
Hawthorne Rhythmic Riki *TW
Excellent(94) 3E Certified   Reg.791916
Fr. 3E(96), D. 3E(94), BD 3E(92),
F&L 3E(93), Mam. 3E(93)
Gr. Champion World Dairy Expo 1997
Res. Gr. Ch. World Dairy Expo '94, '95
All-Amer. 5 yr. '94, Aged Cow '97
Res. All-Amer. 4 yr. '93, Aged Cow '95
CPI +248 PTAT +1.0 (8/02)
PTA +685M +.04% +37F +.01% +24P (5/03)
8-4 365d 2x 35,060m 4.6% 1608f 3.5% 1226p
5-5 365d 2x 28,780m 4.4% 1256f 3.6% 1044p
3-6 365d 2x 27,180m 4.0% 1099f 3.7% 1088p
2-0 365d 2x 17,190m 4.1% 703f 3.6% 611p

Not only is Riki one of the breed's all-time great show cows, this tall, strong cow is the 2nd highest milk & protein producer of any of the 1st eleven EX(94) cows.  She has outstanding dtrs and three sons in AI.  Riki has and ROSE will have a positive influence on the future of the Brown Swiss breed!

Contact us for embryos from ROSE!  (Click here for pricing.)

Riki's Pat. Gr.Dam
Dam of Riki's SMA-free Sire, RHYTHM E(90)
Idyl Wild Improver Jinx
Excellent 3E, Superior Brood Cow
All-Amer. 3-yr.-old '82 & Aged Cow '85
Gr. Champion World Dairy Expo 1985
6-5 365d 2x 25,830m 4.5% 1172f 3.5% 915p
7-10 365d 2x 29,840m 4.3% 1284f 3.6% 1060p
Lifetime:  2250d 140,380m 6101f
(All records DHIR)
Highest selling Br. Swiss cow of all time, $60,000!
Excellent (93) Superior Sire    Reg.189182
Previous No.1 PTI Sire over 98% Rel.  (5/03)

ROSE's Pat. Gr'dam
R Hart CD Clar ET
Excellent(93) 2E Certified   Reg.802797
Fr. 2E(95), D 2E(94), BD 2E(94), 
F&L 2E(92), Mam. 2E(91)
Hon. Ment. Gr. Champ. World Dairy Expo 1997
Gr. Champion Royal Winter Fair 1997
Reserve All-American Aged Cow 1997
PTA +1071M +.07% +58F +.01% +38P (5/03)
6-10 365d 3x 34,680m 4.3% 1476f 3.6% 1239p 
2-0 365d 2x 26,770m 4.5% 1207f 3.6% 959p 
(All records DHIR)
H.R. Searles Award Winner 1993
Dam of ROSE's Sire, R Hart BC COLLECTION

ROSE's Pat. Gr. Gr'dam
Gentle Breeze Mat Christine, TW, 3E(90)
Elite, Superior Brood Cow, 3rd Gen. Excellent
7-11 365d 2x 33,190m 4.2% 1398f 3.3% 1105p
6-02 365d 2x 30,890m 4.4% 1360f 3.4% 1060p
4-04 365d 2x 28,600m 3.9% 1117f 3.5% 994p
3-03 342d 2x 19,890m 4.0% 794f 3.6% 724p
2-03 311d 2x 17,550m 4.0% 699f 3.4% 597p
(All records DHIR)
All-American 4-yr.-old 1987
Alfalfa Meadows Sueann S
Excellent, 5E
Gr. Champ. Eastern National 1981 & 1984
All-American Aged Cow 1981 & 1984
Nat'l Total Performance Winner 1985
10-09 365d 27,260m 4.6% 1241f 3.3% 906p
Lifetime production 3,569D 194,120 Milk
Dam of Top Acres Balison TEMPO, Excellent
All-American. Sr. Yearling Bull 1985 
Grand Champion Bull, World Dairy Expo 1985
Gr.Sire of Riki

(Sueann is pictured at right)

Riki's Pat. Gr. Gr'dam
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