Sale-Time....Inventory Reduction..improved BRILLIANCE added!   30-65%% Discount
One of the breeds All-Time Great sires is now +659TPI  -1968 M  & -1.56 type ..minus on every type trait!
What is his main fault ....he was born in 1965, old genetics. Who... Round Oak Rag Apple Elevation EX(96)GM, 2nd on the list of sires with most EX dtrs !

In our inventory we have a  list of  top bulls...all Progeny Proven ,listed by aAa number... that are all higher than Elevation numbers above and all have outstanding pedigrees from outstanding dams and cow families and with top milking dtrs. Sale for US customers only

Rothrock BS LIGHTNING EX(94), EX(100) Body Capacity, EX(96) Feet & Legs

Reg. price $9 per 10 units

135426 A Blackstar son from the EX(92)Valiant Lou Ella then the EX(94) Astronaut Lou Ann,then an EX Elavation dtr.. Mat bro. to Leadman

Dairyness, deep, open rib, will add set to leg and improve udder cleft and front teat size and placement.  A top bull for combination of  open rib (LIGHTNING was  EX(100) for Body Capacity) and udder cleft improvement (over 96% Rel.)  Also sires high components (F&P).

Use on straight-legged cows needing body depth, udder cleft, teat placement,  and component improvement.Good calving ease
140HO00306 Plushanski FF PYRAMID   EX(91)

Reg price $18 per 10 unit volume

A Formation son from the $100,00,  30,000lb 2yr old 5.0% F 4%P Holdiday dtr exported to Japan, then back to Chief Faith EX(94)4E

Dairyness, extremely deep body (class. EX(95)  Body & Dairyness & EX(90) Frame), open rib, high production, high fat & protein, and udder improvement.

Use on cows needing body depth improvement and better udders Good calving Ease .
138HO01855 Creek WD DIAMOND  VG(85)

Reg price, $9 per 10 unit volume

213456 Winchester son from the great Leadman Doris EX(92) then Dellia EX(94) EX(97) Mam.

Stature, high, wide rear udders, dairyness and depth of rib, wide rumps, high production, high fat & protein, and overall type improvement.

They are tall., Use on thick cows, needing production improvement. Good calving Ease
140HO00301 Plushanski BW BEETHOVEN   EX(95)

Reg Price $18 per 10 unit volume

315426 Bellwood EX(96) son of Frisco the Holiday dtr described under PYRAMID above

Wide rumps, dairyness, deep, open rib, high production, fat & protein, and udder improvement, strength and style.

An overall type improver. They are big open deep-ribbed cattle. Good calving Ease
140HO00304 Plushanski PF PHARAOH  EX(90)

Reg price $9 per 10 unit volume

Patron son of the former VG(87)Plushanski Farci cow ,a former No.1 CTPI cow by Cleitus., Nugget, Chief Faith EX(94)4E

Wide rumps, strength and length, outstanding udders, high production and components.

Use on tall cows needing overall udder improvement. Avg calving ease
138HO01565 Regancrest DELIVERANCE  EX(91)

Reg. price for $9, per 10 units

by Metro from Dellia  a mat brother to Durham the No.1. sire of EX dtrs...with over 4,000.

Wide rumps, flat bone ,strong front-ends, outstanding udders.

Is an overall type improver.Avg calving ease
138HO01990Ver Hages BRILLIANCE

Reg. price $18 per 10 units


Outcross...Celsius, son from 50,000m 5.3% EX(91) Wister dam. Strong and long, overall type improver, tremendous production and components.  Average calving ease sire.

Very well balanced, can be used widely on cows or heifers

These bulls are normally priced as marked above. In this Sale the are priced at $6 each minimum 50 units, Outside our normal delivery area there may be a delivery charge. In these days of ever increasing costs these may be just thee bulls for you. All have been collected in a CSS approved collection center and are packed with over 30 million live sperm cells post thaw, buy direct from the owner and save...choice may be limited near sale end. Sale ends May 30,2013

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