SUPERSTAR...from the Lou Ella family..
Superstar is dead, no semen available.
His two full sisters, sired by DELLSTAR are now Very Good(89) and Excellent  
SUPERSTAR's only dtr... Flatness-Intl Lonestar ...VG(85)VG(87) Mam. @2-07(below) carried on those fine genetics...with over 31,000m @ 2yr and high performance index...+1269 milk. Lou Ann EX(94) the dam of Lou Ella EX(92), is on the top and bottom of her pedigree!

Flatness-Intl Lonestar VG(85),VG(87) Mam.@ 2-07, 2nd lactation photo
2-03 2x 365d 31,982m 3.4% 1087f 3.2% 1023p
was over 64 in tall!  
Her fancy.. Mr Sam dtr., Flatness-Intl Lonesome GP(83)@)2-8 has fancy milking dtrs sired by  FREEDOM  & GOLDEN EYE EX(90)the GOLDEN EYE Lucky was VG(86) and her dtr Lucky Shamrock is now VG(85) VG (86) Mam and F&L.
SUPERSTAR ...the DELLSTAR EX(93) son of Special 3E(92)
 The Best of Dellia EX(95) 2E & Lou Ann EX(94) 4E
Two of the greatest Cow Families of All-Time
Special is a 5th Gen. Excellent ...line-bred back to Lou Ella's dam,
Lou Ann EX(94) 4E GMD DOM

Special was huge... 65 inches tall, weighed over a ton, with extremely high components!

SUPERSTARs..Sire Stack, Dellstar EX(93), Benchmark EX(94), Leadman EX(93),Valiant EX(95), Astronaut EX(90), Elevation EX(96)

Reg. 134317496   aAa 534162
PTA +613M +.12% +50F +.03 +24P
+2.09 PTAT +1.64 UDC +1.71FLC (8/03)
EX(93), EX(97) Feet & Legs @ 5yr-9m
One of the breeds All-Time best Foot & Leg Improvers
A Perfect Contract Mating for Special
Joy-Haven Benchmark Special, 3E(92) GMD DOM 
2-02 2x 365d 25,104m 4.2% 1043f 3.4% 861p
3-04 2x 365d  30,710m 4.5% 1368f 3.4% 1038p
6-00 2x 365d  34, 932m 4.7% 1649f 3.2% 1118p
5th Gen Excellent


The Flatness Intl. branch.... of the Lou Ella family
Son of Lou Ella EX(92) GMD DOM
Owned by Flatness International Inc.
Walkup Valiant Lou Ella EX(92) GMD DOM
Full Sister to Special's EX(91) GMD DOM  Gr. Grand dam
Rothrock Tradition LEADMAN EX(93) GM
Mat. Grandsire of Special and son of Special's Gr.Dam's full sister
Walkup Astronaut Lou Ann EX(94) GMD DOM
Great Granddam of Special
No. 4 Cow of the Century
Mat. Gr. Dtr. of Lou Ella
Hyndl Demand Lauren, Gold Medal Dam
She was a huge cow weighing over a ton
2-yr 2x 365d 35,308M 3.6% 1268F 3.5% 1243P
Lauren Udder Photo
 Her dtr. by CONVINCER,
 La Lisa, made over 30,000m @ 2yr.
Also a dtr. by MANAT..below LauretteVG(87)VG(87) Mam. @2-10
Lauren also has aVG(85)VG(87) Mam 2yr old  by SUPERSTAR..Lonestar..above
dead, was owned by Flatness Intl. 
Flatness-Intl Laurette-ET,VG(87),VG(87) Mam (2nd lactation photo, right)
Excellent.. Dairy Strength @ 2-10
+1080M +39F +40P,  Dev.+3,502M +129F 
1-10 2x 365d 34,827m 3.9% 1356f  3.4% 1184p 
 3-02 2x 365d 34,997m 3.9% 1399f 3.7% 1295p   
  Laurette...Lauren's Dtr by Manat, has a milking 2yr old by TORNADO , Flatness-Intl Lysah GP(83) 2yr, photo below

Flatness-Intl TORNADO Lysah, GP(83)@ 2yrs.
Lysah's 4th dam is Lou Ella EX(92) the dam of LIGHTNING EX(94) and Leadman EX(93) 
Peaked at 104 lbs. per day, ME 36,441m 1298f 1080p -No BST
ACTUAL,  1-10 2X 365d 31,857m 3.6%1141f 3.2%1019p 
+1,223 PDM, +4,647 lbs milk over herd-mates,
Bred & owned by Flatness International, Inc.


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