TORNADO.....EX(92)   Reference Sire.... dead...sold out!
Progeny Proven....Good Production & a Leader for Type 
 Outstanding Rear Udders! was over 3pts on Hgt & width
The Stormatic EX-Extra son of 
Tamara EX(97) 4E! All-American 125,000lb Cow 2004, Dam of Merit, over 276,000 lbs milk lifetime.... lived to be over over 16 years old & still looked EX(97)!
Outcross 1.9%! (One of the lowest inbreeding percentages in the breed - Breed Avg. 5.0 %)
Gaige Tamaras TORNADO-ET TV TL, Excellent (92)EEEE @ 5-2
EX(93)Dairy Strength, EX(93)Rump, EX(94) Feet &Legs
Unique sire stack...Stormatic, Highlight(his best dtr.Tamara EX(97)4E),Imprint, Eagle
555HO00318 & 36HO00318     Reg. 134102937  aAa 234156 , Dtr avg 26,479m 955f 747p
308dtrs, 139 herds, 96% Rel.
+1.40 SCR,  "S code", NO syndicate of any kind!
Calving Ease...3,5, Mat. CE 4.10%, 
Sire still births 7.2%, Mat. still births 7.1% 
180 classified dtrs, 84herds, avg. 80 pts Actual, 83 Age Adj.,
+1478 TPI (8/22)
 All of this is nonsense since he was born 20 years ago.,while losing 2,000 lbs PDM and lots of type over this perid! from Base changes!
The TORNADO dtrs. are high producing. and stylish.

They are very tall ,strong ,deep bodied  and open-ribbed ..thus +1.67 Dairy Comp. His Udder Improvement is superb . An extreme Rear Udder Improver Height and  Width. Teat length is correct.

TORNADO is an extreme Foot and Leg Improver .Extremely good ...Legs Rear View and  Foot Angle. His dtrs  legs are ideal side view , with wide clean-boned hocks, side view. Outstanding Feet and Legs! Why not.. he is EX(94) in F&L and his dam is EX(100) in Feet& Legs!  His overall type proof will continue to increase..several new very fancy dtrs! TORNADO's pedigree, by the great Stormatic and the EX(97)4E All-American , Fantastic Brood Cow... 16 year old type cow ever!

Hy-Gro TORNADO Georgia VG(88)
Classified GP(84) as a 2-yr-old.  
GP(84) is the class. in TORNADO's proof.
Milking 100 lbs. per day, second lactation.
Dam was a VG( 87) Champion dtr.
Bred & owned by Ron Hoyer, WI

Hammer-Creek Torn Snickers VG(86),VG(86) Mam. @ 2-06 (photo reversed)
2-2 2x 359d 33,707m 3.3%1097f 3.4%1146p
3-2 2x 345d 30,641m 3.3%  990f 3.5%1072p
Bred & owned by Lavern Martin, P

Plushanski TORNADO Farwind VG(85),VG(88) Mam. VG(85) F&L @ 2-05, Potential EX
Milking in the 70's ME 26,692m 980f 792p ,+1841milk over herd-mates, 326 cow herd
Bred & owned by Plushanski Farms, Kutztown, PA
Unadilla-Vly TORNADO Jean, was VG(85),VG Mam. (now VG(88),VG(88) Mam.) Potential EX!
Milking in the 80' a @2yr old, still in the herd, but they are no longer on test
Jean & Whitney below.....Bred & Owned by A. Schermerhorn & R. Hughes Jr., NY
Unadilla-Vly TORNADO Whitney, was GP(82) @ 2yrs., now VG(87) 2nd lactation..potential. Excellent
Milking in the 70's...ME 24,835m 870f 740p
Flatness-Intl TORNADO Lysah, GP(83)@ 2yrs, CTPI +1586 (1/09)
Lysah's 4th dam is Lou Ella EX(92) the dam of LIGHTNING EX(94)Gold Medal
 1-10 2X 365d 31,857m 3.6%1141f 3.2%1019p, No BST
+1,307 PDM,+4,477lbs milk over herd-mates. (Bred & owned by Flatness International, Inc., PA)

Dam of TORNADO.... Reg. 15949533
Gaige Highlight Tamara CV EX(97) EEEEE 4E
Fr. EX(100), DC EX(100), BC EX(100), F&L EX(100), UD EX(93)
  All-American 125,000 lb cow 2004
Res. All-American Aged Cow 2002
All-Canadian Aged Cow 2002
Hon. Ment. Sr. Champion World Dairy Expo 2004!

Tamara EX(97)4E
1st place 125,000 lb. cow and
 Best Udder in class, 2004 World Dairy Expo
  over EX(96)& EX(99)pt Udders!
The most important class in the show, because it combines super type with production and longevity.  Tamara was the winner over Alicia now EX(97),  2nd  and Tobi EX(96) - 3rd. Tamara usually won in a National Show, with required ultrasound testing .

  EX(97)4E !

TORNADO is 70 in tall. Tamara is over...65 inches tall...tremendous Frame & Body
The Foundation cow for an outstanding NEW cow family
Now 24....offspring scored... one GP(84),10 Very Good including
 7 VG(87or 88) and now over ....15 Excellent , eight different sires ! 
 TORNADO's 2nd calf, full sister, is VG(88)EX(90)Mam.!
 One EX(94) & 5 EX(92) offspring of Tamara...including TORNADO,EX(92)
4-09 2x 365d 33,740m 3.9%1299f 3.2%1080p                                    
Four Records over 30,00lbs of milk
Lifetime 0ver 276,000 lbs milk , 8 completed lactations .

Below... paternal sisters to TORNADO

TORNADO's Pat. sister, Angel, EX(96)2E
 All-American 2005, Res. All-American 2006
TORNADO's Pat. sister., Hazel, EX(96)
Grand Champion, All-American Dairy Show 2008

Sire of TORNADO..EX(92)
Laurie Shiek's Grandson
Excellent -Extra
Reg. CAN6947936
PTA +487M -.06% +2F -.04% +5P
PL +1.00,  SCS 3.09, -0.70 DPR (1/10)
PTA +2.65T +1.86 UDC +3.25 FLC
 +2.19 DF +1.38 BC  TPI +1549 
A  Great Udder & Foot & Leg Improver!
Dtr. Hazel EX(95), sold for $302,000(7/28/08)
Res. Gr. Champion,World Dairy Expo 2008


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