A Top.. Polled....Red  bull

TYBALT P Red  ...CD free...Now Proven! TOP Health Traits 2.89 SCS ... +0.40 DPR!

Outcross...sire stack...Ladd P Red, Mr. Burns RC, Paradox Red, Cliffhanger RC, Commotion

555HO00125 Hickorymea TYBALT -P -Red-ET  USA 100% Reg. No.142365131  

 born 1/1/2013    aAa  423615 

PTA -737PD Milk  -27F  +0.00 -8P +0.05% Rel. 88%

-$138 Net Merit  -$135 Cheese Merit, Prod Life +0.40   Somatic Cell Score 2.91

++0.40 Dtr. Preg. Rate     Calving Ease 2.7, Mat CE 3.40

+0.44 PD Type +0.10UDC -0.18 F&L Comp.

 +1826TPI (8/23) Type ..WENT UP!

Heterozygous polled ..TYBALT will dehorn calves 50% of the time  He is  4(strong) and 2 (tall)  3(open) and 6 style..aAa. He is a fancy, well balanced bull with an excellent rump NOT high in the pins. He will correct the rear teat placement and short teat problems of Planet & Planet sons. Plus he is a high fertility bull... What to breed him to? .... a cow or heifer in heat. He is an Outcross sire can be used heavily in the breed.

As legend relates...Tybalt... was a Viking king from Norway. However it is also believed that his mother was from East Friesland in Germany... that area... plus Denmark, Sweden and Norway were all home to the Vikings. He was probably named by his mother, since Tybalt is a Germanic name meaning "brave people". One thing we know for sure our bull TYBALT.. has great potential

TYBALT's....Dam was Hickorymea Burn Tikki P ET, 

VG(88)EX Mam. big strong cow, 3-06 2X 31,060m 3.7%1154f 3.6%1129p

Gr. dam, Hickorymea Par Tee-P-Red VG(86), 3-05 2X 36,030m 3.4%1217f 3.1%1110p

other mat. dams.... high components and VG or EX. below..

TYBALT's  3rd dam...Hickorymea Cliff Teepee P ET EX(90)....2yr old photo

TYBALT's 4th dam, Hickorymea ComTessie P ET EX(90)

TYBALT's 5th dam. Hickorymea AeroTena P VG(88)

In some countries in Europe in the near future... every AI bull must be Polled. Genomic Proven bulls are now the industry standard. All the current top Progeny Proven bulls were the top...usually No.1 GTPI Genomic Proven bulls when introduced.....Bookem, Observer, Shamrock Mogul and now SuperSire ete. That's why the big AI studs monopolized it for 5 years!! 

TYBALT's photo above at 1yr.3mo..clearly shows his aAa numbers... Long, Strong, Tall, Really Correct legs...FANCY Bull!

Now big news... his full sister is off to an outstanding start. She peaked at 96 lbs milk, 1st lactation ,with high componest indexes and low somatic cell score. But now she has been classified VG(86) VG F&L and VG(86) mam at 2yr 9mo.! Do you have some Red Polled 2yr. olds like this? You can get some here!

Important...many... red and red carriers have the Haplotype CD that causes the death of calves at about 4 mo. TYBALT is negative to CD!

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