Flatness International, Inc.,  an experienced company, is celebrating  its 37th Anniversary, in 2022. It is devoted to the International marketing of bull semen, and embryos.  Flatness International, Inc. was an NAAB Associate Member for 25 years and has been a member of the American Embryo Transfer Association.  It is a bull stud, NAAB Controller No 555, and has had housed cattle in several states.

Since Feb. 2007 our bulls received the 555 code, they will also keep (cross referenced) their previous codes, also, as that semen is still available. The young sires owned by Flatness International, Inc. are part of our Crown Jewel Collection, and have achieved NAAB "S" code stud-sampled status. No syndicates or partnerships.... to insure unbiased sampling.  0f the bulls proven so far, 90% were plus proven upon graduation (however all bulls are minus proven in time)...for high component production and type!

Ron Flatness, President  
Flatness International 

Ron Flatness has been involved in the U.S. Artificial Insemination industry for over 40 years, including District Sales Manager, Dairy Advertising Manager, and GMS Evaluator at ABS.  Also Director of Marketing for Sire Power.

 He was an accredited dairy cattle judge in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, and in college was on a first-place national contest dairy cattle judging team at the W.Natl at the cow Palace in San Francisco while at Illinois State Univ. 

 He served on the N.A.A.B. International Marketing Committee for nearly 20 years. This background, along with his experience as an educator, including 5 years as High School Agriculture, Biology and other subjects teacher in Illinois gives us the reliable ability to custom design a program to meet your genetic requirements.

Our bulls have won major awards. In 1999 our bull DELLSTAR was 3rd in the Holstein Intl world-wide ,Most Promising Young sire Contest. This includeded the best bull nominated from over 60 companies around the world including the largest. In 2000 our bull  ZADE was No.1!  In 2001 our bull Component King was 3rd. Shortly after that the contest ended. The big studs, the largest advertisers got it ended. Years later ZADE was the highest TPI bull of any entered in that contest! A runnerup was Mtoto, the sire of Shottle.

Our Brown Swiss program is World Class we owned and developed one of the All-Time Great Br. Swiss cows  Jill, who still is a world record holder over 25 years later! We also owned other world class Br Swiss and have semen and embryos available from them now, Pricing

He has traveled to and done business in  38 countries onALL six continents. He is also the oldest continuous aAa customer in the world.

He has also been a representative of the US Dept. of Agriculture on official trade missions to South Africa, Kenya ,Guatemala, the country of Georgia (3 times) and elsewhere,

He was also a member of Rotary International for over 41 years. Previously Asst. Distr. Governor, and past President..2009-10. Prev. he received one of Rotary's highest honors a "Paul Harris Fellow", named after Rotary's founder. In 2010 secured the income for their most successful fundraiser ever, the Tunkhannock Rotary Harvest & Wine Festival, best in the USA.

We have also been a commercial exhibitor at the World Dairy Expo, Madison Wis.,the worlds Premier dairy show for 40 years straight ...including showing my animals there, bred an All-American Br Swiss, Flatness-Intl Jillinger ..also a Genetic Merit winner...Flatness-Intl Jewel.

Let our experience help you achieve your genetic improvement goals!

It is with great pleasure that Flatness International, Inc. offers outstanding sires like LIGHTNING, BECK, BEETHOVEN, PHARAOH, PYRAMID, DELLSTAR, DELIVERANCE, DIAMONDZADE, BRILLIANCE, KING, CONQUESTJULIO, JAMAICA, REQUEST, MONTORO, DORON. TORNADO , FREEDOM CARL. GOLDEN EYE. MOONRAKER & DEFENDER.  In 2012 KLARK and LUST were added. In 2104   TYBALT joined our program . In June 2018 we added VIKING . In 2021  LINCOLN joined our program as well. Plus we offerr semen from our Br Swiss bulls....JULIO,JAMAICA,MONTORO,REQUEST and CONQUEST

Their price information, latest USDA and International proofs and pedigree indexes are listed on this site. All prices are quoted F.O.B. Pennsylvania, U.S.A., cash in advance, letter of credit or approved limited credit terms. 

Flatness International also offers No. 1 quality embryos from the very best Holstein and Brown Swiss cows in the U.S., including FRESNO(sold),  PAULA( sold), PAULETTE (sold)ROSE, MONTEIL.& Jill  Prices range from $250 to $2,000 and up, depending upon pedigree. 

We can offer you outstanding young sires about one year old. These sires have outstanding pedigrees. They qualify for A.I. stud use; however, because of the extra number of young sires available due to extensive E.T. use, they can be delivered to you at reasonable prices, usually around $1,500 F.O.B. Pennsylvania U.S.A. 

Flatness International, Inc. is looking for additional Authorized Distributors throughout the world.  We have traveled and done business in  38 countries on ALL six continents, including: North America U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Central America Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, South America Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile.  In Europe, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Eastern Europe, Georgia pending. On the continent of Oceania, Australia.  In Asia, Thailand, Taiwan, Pakistan and in the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Turkey . Lastly Africa, South Africa, and Kenya. Finally I have persoally traveled to 30 of those countries!

Please contact Flatness International directly regarding your interest in any of these outstanding sires, embryos, or semen, or to inquire about distributorship opportunities.  We can provide the fastest service if you reply by phone 570-836-3527, FAX or by e-mail. Our FAX number is (570)836-1549; e-mail address:  info@flatnessintl.com

We also offer a complete line of breeding equipment, including nitrogen tanks, at discount prices. 


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