BEETHOVEN EX(95)... EX(96) F&L....High Component Production & Strength 

born 27 years ago...since there have been 6 base changes (each one approx.-500 PDM) dropping his current PDM by nearly 2,500 lbs milk

 How many bulls do you know of that had a $100,000 dam exported to Japan with 33,547 milk 5.1% Fat and 4% Protein @2yrs....VG,VG Mam.    See his dam Frisco below .

5 of 7 Gen over 5%Fat! (all 7 avg 4.9% Fat) + 30,000 lb milk, all VG or EX. 

BEETHOVEN is 7th Gen. VG or EX, back to.. Chief Faith 4E(94)GMD! 

BEETHOVEN's Full Sister Fresno was EX(91) 2E, 42,464 milk, High components, over 180,000 lbs milk 4.8% 3 lactations. Fresno..the dam of FREEDOM!
BEETHOVEN  EX(95) pictured below
HFA classifier Mike Nolan(approved by the committee) scored him EX(95) said"best rumped bull I ever saw" would have scored EX(100) in rump!
Reg. 17197705     aAa 315426
EX(95) @ 5-05, EX Across, EX(96) F&L
EX(96) Frame, EX(95) Dairy, EX(93) Body, EX(96) F&L
Dtrs avg 27,531m 1022f  830p
PTA -744M  +.07% -10F +.04% -12 P
-$365 Net Merit, 2.99 SCS,  DPR -0.5 0 Rel. 82%
Calving Ease 2.4%, Maternal Calving Ease 2.9.%  
Sire still birth 6.5%, mat. still births 8.6%
 DF +0.70, BD +1.12 
+1.09 Strength,+0.96 Body Depth 
Dtrs. Avg. 80 pts actual, 83 pts age adj.
+1450 TPI (8/23)   went up!
Beethoven's tall, strong, deep bodied, open ribbed daughters resemble their EX(95) sire and his 2E(91) full sister. They have  wide rumps with correct angle, good foot angle, and he is an overall udder improver, protect for udder depth.  They avg. 80 pts. actual, 82.5 age adjusted -  highest VG(85) @ 2yrs, now others VG(87) in later lactations.
He is a top production and component improver - milk, fat, protein, lbs & %. 
For best results breed him to shallow uddered cows like ZADE dtrs,  with somewhat straight legs.
BEETHOVEN's First Very Good Dtr.
Pochuck Beethoven Sue VG, VG Mam. @ 2-04
2-01 2x 358d 28,728m 4.7% 1322f 3.7% 1062p 
305d M.E. 31,827m 1423f 1055p  SCS 0.48!!!
Breeder:  Richard & Charlotte Place, Laceyville, PA
Owner:  Lavern Martin, Newmanstown, PA
Frisco, dam of BEETHOVEN
Fresno as a VG(87) 2-yr-old
Note her outstanding Feet & Legs
Fresno as an EX(91) 2E mature cow
Scored EX(91) Feet & Legs
Plushanski Bwood Fresno-ET, EX(91)2E  Reg. 17197709
 EX(91) Feet & Legs, EX(94) Frame, EX(96) Body, EX(95)Dairy (61 in. tall!)
PTA +240M +0.21% +64F +0.06% +24P +1453CTPI (8/06)
2-1 365d 2x 34,011m 5.1% 1741f 3.6% 1211p  DHIR
4-6 365d 2x 42,464m 4.4% 1840f 3.3% 1401p  DHIR
8-2 365d 2X 35,963m 4.5% 1631f 3.3% 1187p  DHIR
181,905m 4.8% 8,699f  6,197p  Lifetime to date
 Avg. over 60,000m, in 3 extended lactations, flushed several times, 15 offspring!
5 of 7 Gens. over 5.0% Fat....7 of 7 avg 4.9% Fat
Fresno has  impressive 5yr. old milking dtrs  by  Ricecrest EMERSON, EX(96) GM
Flatness-Intl Favorite ET VG(85)@5yrs.
1-11 2x 365d 27,477m 3.9%1065f 3.4% 934p
3-07 2x 365d 39,330m 3.6% 1440f  3,4%1337p
Also son, Flatness-Intl FREEDOM ET TV TL, aAa 342156 EX(91) @4-01
plus his FULL SISTER, Franny VG(85) EX(90) F&L @2-08
1-11 2X 365d 35,363m 4.1% 1447f 3.4% 1202p
another full sister to FREEDOM , pictured above, now fresh 3rd lactation is EX(91),EX(92) Mam.
all sired by Comestar OUTSIDE, EX-Gold Medal, EXTRA. 
(Fresno, owned by Flatness International, Inc. and Lavern Martin) 
The two photos below are third lactation photos of Fabulous.,,dtr of BEETHOVENs full sister Fresno
Full sister to Flatness Intl FREEDOM-ET  EX(91)@4-1
Hammer-Creek Fabulous-ET EX(91), EX(92) Mammary @5-3
2-0 2x 278d 21,522m 4.0% 855f 3.2% 688p
2-11 2x 328d 32,431m 4.5% 1433f 3.1% 1005P
4-0 2x 137d inc., peaked at 160 lbs m 6.2%f  ME 37,231m 1464f 1059p
104 Stony Mountain Rd.
Tunkhannock, PA  18657
Phone: 570-836-3527 / Fax: 570-836-1549
Copyright 2004-23 Flatness International, Inc. All rights reserved.     3/28/23
BEETHOVEN and Fresno's Sire Stack....Bellwood, Holiday, Blackstar, Mark, Neil, Job, Chief, Kingpin
Dam of BEETHOVEN EX(95) &Fresno EX(91) 2E
Reg. 15079295
Plushanski Holi FRISCO-ET (VG-85) VG Mam. @ 2yrs.
Gold Medal Dam, Dam of Merit
Exported to Japan after her 1st lactation, not classified again
2-4 2x 365d 33,547m 5.1% 1712f 4.0% 1355p
PTA +285M +.23% +64F +.16% +47P
+0.96 Type  CTPI +1339 (11/03)
Exported to Japan for $100,000
6th Generation Gold Medal Dam
BEETHOVEN's dam and her cow family have consistently been the highest index, total performance family in the breed for the last twenty years.   The six generation maternal dams are all VG or EX, up to EX(94).  His sire, "Bellwood", former  No. 1 sire for Milk, Fat, Protein and TPI at 99% Reliability!  BEETHOVEN was an outstanding individual from a perfect mating. His sire, Bellwood, needs help on front teat placement and teat length improvement. That's one of the areas where his dam, Frisco, excels! She has a VG Mammary, and her sire, Holiday, was +1.25 for teat placement and sired short teats. His granddam's sire, Blackstar, is over +2.00 on teat placement and also shortens teats. The next sire, Mark, was also an outstanding udder improver.
BEETHOVEN  has milking daughters in the U.S. and the United Kingdom.  They are very impressive, tall and strong.  BEETHOVEN's full sister  is EX(91)2E.  Her photo appears below.
BEETHOVEN is owned and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc. Place your order today.   Flatness International, Inc. continues to seek authorized distributors around the world.
 b2.jpg (60399 bytes)
Sire of BEETHOVEN & Fresno
Maizefield BELLWOOD-ET (EX-96-GM) 
Former No.1 Milk, Protein & TPI Sire, 
+1796M  +59F  +52P 
+1286 TPI   99% Rel.  (5/03)
Their 3rd Dam 
Plushanski Mark FIFE (VG-87 GMD-DOM) 
3-9 2x 365d 41,596m 4.5% 1878f 3.6% 1495p 
Former #1 CTPI Cow 
Mat. sister dam of CHIEF FORCE,
former Top Ten TPI sire USA
b6.jpg (52487 bytes)
Their 5th Dam
Plushanski Job FANCY (VG-87 GMD-DOM)
4-11 2x 365d 27,574m 4.4% 1584f 3.5% 1231p
Dam of a #5 TPI Bull in England
Gr.Dam of BOVA FAN former  #1 CTPI Cow 
Their Gr'dam 
Reg. 13997810
Plushanski Blackstar FIA (VG-87 GMD-DOM) 
EXCELLENT Mam.! Former #1 CTPI Blackstar 
2-0 2x 365d 32,105m 5.0% 1594f 3.6% 1164p
Gr.Dtr., Bellwood Fie, VG(87), EX Mam.!
 Their 4th Dam 
Plushanski Neil FLUTE (VG-87 GMD-DOM)
5-2 2x 365d 35,145m 5.2% 1828f 3.4% 1193p
Dam of BOVA FARGO, former No. 1 U.S. Type Bull 
4th dam of Moet Sunny Flirt A EX(90)
New 300.000 lb milk  Lifetime cow in the UK !
Their 6th Dam
Plushanski Chief FAITH (4E-94-GMD)
5-2 2x 365d 33,919m 4.3% 1496f 3.5% 1194p
9-1 2x 365d 37,718m 5.1% 1913f
Founder of Family
#1 Index Cow in 1970's
Dam of Previous #1 TPI Sire, PERSUADER 
(Click here to see all of FAITH's records.)
Dam of Fran EX, the Highest Star Brood Cow in Canada
4th dam of Frantisco EX(96), 2X Can. Royal Winter Fair 
Gr. Champ, 2004 and 2005. 6th dam of Moet Sunny Flirt A Ex, 300,000m Lifetime Cow in the UK, 2005