All-Time Great...
Dead but a very small quantity of semen is still available...if you want the best.... only $200 per unit  Flush to him now. Semen was sold internationallly, including Europe.
In 1999 he was the 3rd most promising bull in the world... in the Holstein International contest.
aAa 465 ...The Best 465 bull of All-Time
EX(93)2E & EX(90)2E, EX(95) & EX(94) Mam. dtrs. below
Former No. 1 Foot & Leg Improver
 still high 27 years after his birth,  98% Rel. He was +612PDM (11/01)
There has been 2,500 lbs PDM lost because of base changes since then.
 25% of his US classified dtrs. were Very Good or Excellent!
  Many EXCELLENT  Dtrs.  
1 of only 2 bulls ever in breed history EX(97) Feet &Legs 
from EX(97)Mam. Dam!
Fertility (DPR) +1.20 DPR & Udder Health Improver (SCS) 2.93)!
Fast milking speed...
Dellstar's sire stack.... Aerostar, Mark, Bell, Wonder
138HO01517 Regancrest DELLSTAR-ET TV TL, Reg. 17301425    
EX(93), EX(97) Feet & Legs @ 5yr-9m
aAa 465213 (What the breed still needs now!) DMS 456
Dtrs avg. 25,743m 950f 776p
Plus for fat and protein %
 2.93 SCS,  DPR (fertility) +1.20
1,091 dtrs/485 herds...production,in several countries
Calving Ease 3.2, Mat CE 4.9 
Sire still birth 6.5%, Mat Still birth 8.6% 
PTA +0.70 FLC ,+ 1.28 Foot Angle 
 80.1 pts. actual, 83 pts. age-adj.
 456 Dtrs / 221 herds...type 
 +1286 TPI  (4/23) Went up !
DELLSTAR sires above average stature ..the tallest was 65 in....VG(88).  They are strong (dairy strength), wide front-ended, straight-topped daughters with long, wide, correct, fancy boxcar rumps, and  Rump Width.  

He sires outstanding foot & leg improvement ...formerly No.1 in the breed!  

Their udders are very good, with fancy fore udders , very good udder cleft, teat size and placement, and extremely high, wide  rear udders.

He is a high Rel. overall type improver  and can be used randomly with excellent results. For the very best matings use DELLSTAR according to his 4652 aAa numbers, on a cow that's very dairy, with depth of rib and that needs foot & leg improvement, such as  MASCOT dtrs. or gr'dtrs,  Blackstar dtrs. or gr'dtrs, like Integrity or Juror, also Lee, Charles and DIAMOND dtrs...and may other.

There are now many DELLSTAR dtrs. scored Very Good and Excellent, with EXCELLENT Mammaries! They are above average in stature.  The tallest one, VG(88),was 65in. at the shoulder.  He is siring very correct daughters, including some very... fancy ones.  The DELLSTAR dtrs.  have outstanding udders! Shade pictured below is EX(90) with an EX(91) Mammary. Also...New Excellent's Elite and Misty are pictured below.  A VG(87) Dtr. with an Excellent Mammary...Bertha is pictured below. Also Mora VG(85) pictured below , has an Excellent Mammary.


EX(95) Mam dtr ..Hammer-Creek Dellstar Marcina VG(88) EX(95)Mam.VG(88)F&L @4-04

Dellstar Season is below... EX(94) mam.

DELLSTAR Daughter, Season (2nd lactation photo)
EX(90), Excellent(94) Mammary!
Looks much better than this photo,Dam is an EX Storm dtr.
Ryan-Vu Dellstar Season, EX(90) EX(94) Mam.
2-8 2x 358d  29,500m 3.9% 1162f  3.2% 954p
3-9 2x 300d  27,466m 4.0% 1091f  3.3% 14906P
6-0 2x 365d  43,029m 3.8% 1655f  3.1% 1333p
(Bred & owned by Chad Ryan, Fond du Lac, WI)
DELLSTAR Daughter, Shade
Above:  2nd lactation photo
Below:  1st lactation photo
1st Excellent dtr. of DELLSTAR
now 2E @ 6-2!
Hammer-Creek Dellstar Shade, EX(90)2E @6-2
EX(93)Rump,EX(90) Mam.& EX(90) F& L, 
 (dam unscored, with Poor Feet & Legs)
1-11 2x 365d 31,663m 3.9% 1225f 3.2% 1013p
3-10 2x 365d 38,106m 4.1% 1570f 3.3% 1257p 
5-01 2x 365d 38,382m 3.6% 1388f  3.3% 1267p
6-03 2x 182d 20,532m 3.6% 735f  3.1% 636p (died)
Lifetime: 144,182m 5572f 4454p
She has an EX(90)EX(90)Mam dtr.
(Bred and owned by Lavern Martin, Newmanstown, PA)
Dellstar Daughter, Rosetta - 65" Tall!
S-Sugar Run Rosetta Roship VG(88), EX(92) Frame&Capacity,EX(90) Rump, EX(92)F& L @ 5-8
Milked 129 lbs. per day 5.2% Fat, 3.3% Protein. Her Somatic cell score 0.1, is the lowest possible.
 30,000 ME
(Owned by Lavern Martin,  PA)
DELLSTAR Daughter, Elite
EX Mam. and EX F&L
Ryan-Vu Delstar Elite EX(90) @ 5-2  EX(90)Udder and EX(90) Feet and Legs
2-3 2x 348d 26,845m 4.0% 1071f 3.4  913p
3-4 2x 365d 31,776m 3.7% 1193f 3.4%1080p
4-9 2x 365d 31,225m 3.7% 1163f 3.7%1093p
26,000lb 5yr old record, now milking, 5th lactation
Bred and owned by Mark J. Ryan, Fond du Lac,WI 

Ryan-Vu Dellstar Nellie 
EX(92), VG(89) F&L, EX(92)Mam. Looks better than her photo
When scored she was milking 120 lbs 
milk per day ! 5th lactation
(Bred & owned by the Mark Ryan Family, Fond du Lac, WI)
DELLSTAR Daughter, Bertha
Sixcorner Dellstar Bertha VG(87) EX Mammary
1-11 2x 324d 24,920m 3.6% 906f 3.3% 822p
Milking over 100 lbs. per day...2nd lactation 
M.E. 32,102 lbs. milk, 1145 fat, 963 protein
Bred by David Stoltzfoos, Leola, PA...Now Owned by Arlin Buttke Randelman, North Carolina
DELLSTAR Daughter, Princess
Grand-Haven Delstar PrincessVG(86)VG(89)Mam. 
3-4 2x 365d 24,963m 3.9% 978f 3.4% 848P
(Bred and Owned by J. Omar Stoltzfus, Honeybrook, PA)
DELLSTAR Daughter, Misty, 1st lactation photo,
EX(93)3E.... EX(92) mam.,
EX(93)F&L, EX(93)Dairy Strength
Josan Dellstar Misty EX(93)3E, EX(93) F&L ,
EX(92) Mam. ,EX(92) Rump
3-0 2x 365d 32,500m 3.7% 1190f 3.4%1105P 
Now 4th lactation, 132 lbs. 4.8% Fat per day! No BST
(Bred & owned by Joe Pavelski, Susquehanna, PA)
DELLSTAR Daughter, Mora
Now SIXTH lactation, peaked  at 148 lbs. per day, avg over 4.0% fat, 0.1 SCS.  Still similar to her 1st lactation photo above ...only bigger and even stronger.   
Kurtz Valley Dellstar Mora VG(86) 
 Ex Mam., VG(87) F&L  
(dam scored 74, with"fair"udder & feet&legs)
(Bred and owned by Myron Gehman, Mifflintown, PA)
Willow-Terrace Del Million VG(85) VG Mam.
2-1 3x 365d 36,059m 4.4% 1577f 3.3% 1190p
Peaked at 130 lbs. per day, over 6% Fat!
DELLSTAR's highest record 2-yr-old
(Bred by Willow Brook Farms, Millerton, NY 
Owned by  Brandt View Farms, Annville, PA)

DELLSTAR Daughter, Million
DELLSTAR was a great breed improver! 98% of daughter owners purchased more semen and are used him again.  DELLSTAR had it all!  The Dellia cow family is one of the best ever in the breed.  We were looking for for the best potential Foot & Leg improver in the breed from a dam who was over +1800 CTPI (the Top 150 U.S. cows).  DELLSTAR was that and more!  DELLSTAR weas tall and strong, very correct, and with outstanding feet & legs with deep heel, EX(97) F&L!   In addition, his dam, Dellia, had an EX(97) Mammary, was a former No. 1 Type Index cow and  former No. 1 for udder composite.   DELLSTAR's sire is AEROSTAR, EX-GM, 99% Rel., 80,700 daughters worldwide (on Interbull proof), was a great sire of sons.    DELLSTAR delivered the rare combination of outstanding type, strength, and high component production!
DELLSTAR was owned by and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc., has semen was available around the world.  He caused considerable excitement.   DELLSTAR was our most popular young sire ever, and was one of our our most popular proven sires.  He was also been progeny tested extensively in Europe.  DELLSTAR was the No. 3 most promising young sire in the 1999 Holstein International contest, and his results justify his popularity..   Check out DELLSTAR's dam below. Very limited amount of semen still available.

Reg. 12895802
Snow-N Denises DELLIA, EX(95-2E), EX(97) Mam., EX(94) F&L
Former No. 1 Type Index Cow
2nd Gen. EXCELLENT, 2nd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary!
PTA +704M +29F +37P
PTA +2.92T +2.65UDC +2.45FLC CTPI +1542  (5/03)
2-01 2x 365d 23,550m 3.6% 855f 3.4% 800p
4-00 2x 365d 31,590m 3.6% 1153f 3.3% 1028p
6-00 2x 365d 35,230m 4.0% 1425f 3.2% 1116p
7-06 2x 365d 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1103p

Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L, was 63 inches tall.   Dellia is a SUPER BROOD COW, with several plus-proven sons and many high-producing dtrs.  She has over 16 Excellent (up to EX-94) and 30 Very Good dtrs., over 20 dtrs. have Excellent Udders.   She also has Excellent granddaughters (up to EX-94) with Excellent Mammaries. Dellia is the breeds best brood cow ever! DELLSTAR's mat.  brother Durham has a world record over 5,000 EX dtrs!

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