Stature, High, Wide Rear Udders, Dairyness, correct rump slope
and Overall Type Improvement...... 

Born in 1999, base changes have decreased his proof .....over2000 lbs milk since then. He was a plus proven bull!

DIAMOND's sire stack...Winchester, Leadman, Mark, Bell, Wonder
Dam's... Doris EX(91), then Dellia EX(95) ,next dam EX(90)
138HO01855 Creek WD DIAMOND-ET TL, Reg. 127019109
aAa 213456   DMS 234, 123
VG(85) @ 3-06, EX(91) DC
Dtrs avg 26,984m  984f  796p
 +1086 TPI  (4/20) 84% Rel. 

DIAMOND's Linear Type Traits (HFA 1/09)


Diamond is an extreme bull and transmits his 2 (tall) 1 (dairy) 3 (open) aAa numbers very well.  They are high producing ...very tall, dairy, deep ribbed,with good udders.

For best results he should be bred to the straight legged cow with good foot angle, including DELLSTAR and ZADE dtrs.

DIAMOND is dead very little semen remains. DIAMOND's  dam, Doris, was one of the highest total performance index cows in the  Dellia family, the most valuable cow family in the Holstein breed.  Dellia could end up with over 30 Excellent dtrs.,  has 4 sons that were over over 2 pts. on Type, including DELLSTAR, who is the No. 2 ...F&L improver over 90% Rel. (8/05!   DIAMOND is Doris's highest TPI son!   DIAMOND's sire is WINCHESTER EX(95) GM, whose EX(93) dam is EX(95) on Feet & Legs.

DIAMOND was tall, straight-topped, long and very dairy, with deep, open rib.  His aAa numbers are almost identical to his dam's maternal brother, DURHAM.   DIAMOND's full sister made over 30,000 lbs. of milk as a 2-year-old, peaked at 100 lbs. of milk per day with a 4.5% test, is scored VG @ 2-yrs. with VG mammary and VG feet & legs. Her index is +1799m +78f +56P  2/03,she peaked over 122lbs. per day with high components!

DIAMOND's daughters are very tall.....dairy, high-loined, fancy-rumped, deep-ribbed heifers that were the best in the heifer pens and now among the best in the cow lots..   His  semen is available.

Diamond's Dam
Doris EX(91), Dellia's LEADMAN daughter, was Dellia's highest index dtr. for many years. Now MAGNIFICENT's full sister is Dellia's highest!  Doris is also one LEADMAN's very best daughters.  LEADMAN is the best of Lou Ella!
Regancrest Leadman DORIS-ET, EX(91)
Reg. 14739107
3rd Gen. EXCELLENT, 3rd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary!
PTA +810M +.05% +40F +.06% +39P
CTPI +1499 ( 2/04)
PTA +2.04T +1.55UDC +1.91FLC +1.74BD +1.56DF  
2-03 2x 305d 24,750m 3.7% 906f 3.2% 800p
3-11 2x 305d 35,590m 4.1% 1469f 3.2% 1124p
3-11 2x 365d 41,070m 4.1% 1694f 3.2% 1323p
DIAMOND's Gr.dam.
Reg. 12895802
Snow-N Denises DELLIA, EX(95)2E, EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L
2nd Gen. EXCELLENT, 2nd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary!
PTA +704M .02% +29F .07% +37P
CTPI +1542
+2.92T +2.65UDC +2.45FLC +2.93BD +2.54DF (5/03)
2-01 2x 365d 23,550m 3.6% 855f 3.4% 800p
4-00 2x 365d 31,590m 3.6% 1153f 3.3% 1028p
6-00 2x 365d 35,230m 4.0% 1425f 3.2% 1116p
7-06 2x 365d 35,610m 4.0% 1431f 3.1% 1103p

Dellia EX(95), EX(97) Mammary, EX(94) F&L, is 62 inches tall.  Dellia is the No. 1 PTA Type cow.  Dellia is a SUPER BROOD COW, with several plus-proven sons (including the DURHAM, who has been the No. 1 Type bull) and many high-producing dtrs.  She has more than 13 Excellent (up to EX-94) and 30 Very Good dtrs., 20 dtrs. have Excellent Udders.  She also has Excellent granddaughters (up to EX-94) with Excellent Mammaries.


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