Fat, & Protein %...Component Improver
Good Udders with Extreme Quality
Pharaoh's sire stack...Patron, Cleitus, Nugget, Chief, Kingpin
aAa 342516      Reg. 17394005
140HO00304 Plushanski PF PHARAOH-ET TL
EX(90) @ 5-03, EX Frame, Dairy & Body, VG(86) F&L
  Base changes so effected his proof over the last 20 years, not worth reporting
Calving Ease 3.0%, Mat CE 3.4,
Sire still births 6.5%, dtr. 7.1%
+1523TPI   (8/23) Went up!!
PHARAOH Milking Dtrs.
PHARAOH sires slightly below average size, very functional, high component, high producing, high Net Merit daughters with very good udders.   Their strong legs are very acceptable in all types of housing situations.   

The PHARAOH  daughters are favorites in commercial dairy operations. However he can also sire them fancy.....such as Brooke VG(85) Excellent mammary, or Bookend VG(85) below. Most of his milking dtrs. have been or could be pictured!

Pinetop Pharaoh Bookend, Reg. 123691538
VG(85) @ 2-02, VG Dairy, VG F&L, VG(87) Mam.
2-00 2x 304d 26,803m 3.8% 1026f 3.1% 831p 
(Peaked at 108 lbs m. 4.8%f  3.5%p)
305d M.E. 34,787m 1,3188f 1,019p
Dam NC dtr. of  FANCY PAUL
Breeder & Owner:  Pinetop Farms,  Athens, PA
Pageaire Pharoah Melba,  Reg. 128004883
GP(82) @ 2-07, Very Good Dairy, Very Good Mammary!
2-01 3x 261d 23,646m 3.6% 854f 3.2% 757p
(Peaked at 103 lbs. per day)
Fresh again, 2nd lactation, now producing over 100 lbs. per day.
305d M.E. 31,654m 1183f  967p
Dam NC Gr'dtr of MASCOT
Breeder:  Tom Page, Susquehanna, PA
Owner:  Nelson Martin, Lebanon, PA
Standingstone Pharoah Fancy, Reg.  126945560 
GP(80) @ 3-09, GP(82) Mam.
Now milking in her 2nd lactation, 125 lbs. per day! 
2-0 2x 365d 33,816m 3.4% 1163f 3.3% 1115p
(peaked at 106 lbs. per day)
305d M.E. 37,344m 1279f  1108p
Dam G(78) dtr of CLEITUS
Breeder:  Standingstone Farms, Wysox, PA
Owner:  Lavern Martin, Newmanstown, PA
Pageaire Pharaoh Brooke VG(85)(@2yr.), EX Mammary
She is the first 2yr.old daughter of one of our bulls to score EX in Mammary.  PHARAOH, like his sire, PATRON, is noted for outstanding udders.  Brooke has not been pictured yet.    Brooke's mammary is very similar to Fade (pictured  below), except that it is higher and wider in the rear (48 on linear for rear udder height.) Brooke's dam was unscored, avg. type, from a Mascot son.  Brooke peaked, at 106 lbs. per day, 3.7% fat, 3.2% protein, herdmate deviation +3970M +129F +134P (M.E. 32,137m 1109f 995p.) ist lactation, Now fresh again she's milking 133 lbs. per day with that beautiful udder! Congratulations to Page Homestead Farms, Susquehanna, PA, the breeders and owners of Brooke.  

PHARAOH is the only PATRON EX(92)GM ,offspring of the great FARCI, the former No.1 CTPI and No.1 Protein Leader! FARCI is one of the best of the phenomenal CHIEF FAITH family. PHARAOH is bred to be an outstanding udder improver, and he is!. He's +1.27 for Udder Composite. His dam has an Excellent Mammary and his sire is +2.09 on Udder Composite. FARCI is a big, strong cow, and PHARAOH is wide and strong.   He combines outstanding pedigree index for milk and extremely high components with power and strength, overall type, with exceptional udder improvement. PHARAOH is owned and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc. 

Reg. 13767935
Plushanski Cleitus FARCI VG(87)
2-1 2x 365d 31,848m 4.6% 1451f 3.7% 1174p
4-11 2x 365d 39,680m 4.6% 1826f 3.6% 1425p
Former No.1 CTPI and Protein Cow in U.S.
PTA +1387M +.12% +76F +.09% +61P 
PTA +0.31Type +1406 CTPI  (11/03)
PCF2.jpg (50726 bytes)

Plushanski Curious FADE-ET, VG(86)
2-4 2x 365d 29,170m 3.6% 1056f 3.3% 962p
4-5 2x 365d 42,090m 3.3% 1397f 3.1% 1292p
Excellent Mammary, Maternal Sister to PHARAOH



PHARAOH's Maternal Sister 
Plushanski Curious FABLE-ET, VG(86), 
VG Mammary. 
2-2 2x 365d 38,436m 4.8% 1834f 3.6% 1401p 

PHARAOH's 4th Dam 
Plushanski Chief FAITH (4E-94 GMD) 
5-2 2x 365d 33,919m 4.3% 1496f  3.5% 1194p  9-1 2x 365d 37,718m 5.1% 1913f
Founder of Family 
#1 Index Cow in 1970's  
Dam of Previous #1 TPI Sire, PERSUADER
(Click here to see all of FAITH's records.) 
PHARAOH's Paternal Sister 
Danvale Patron GLEE, EX(90) 
Excellent Udder of Danvale Patron GLEE


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