PYRAMID EX(91) EX(95) Body...

 born 26 years ago..5 base changes have lowered his milk proof by about 2,500 lbs...type also decreased of course.
However that cannot decrease his great pedigee and transmitting ability! His VG dam had over 33,000 lbs milk with  5.1% F and 4.0% P   Exported to Japan for $100,000!

For Milk and Protein Improvement and Desirable....Udder Health, Low Somatic Cell Score
 Good Calving Ease 2.3 & Maternal CE 3.3
Deep Bodied , Front Teat Placement,shortens teats
Tremendous Open and Depth of Rib....Very Dairy!
Pyramid's sire stack....Formation ,Holiday, Blackstar, Mark, Neil
Reg. No. 122378867   aAa 132456  140HO00306 & 138HO2873 
Plushanski FF PYRAMID-ET TV TL EX(91) @ 6-04 
EX(90)Frame, EX(95)Body, EX(94) Dairy,VG(87)F&L
Dtr avg 25,969m 903f 763p
 Calving Ease 2.3, Mat. C.E. 3.3.
Sire Still birth 6.8., Dtrs SB 7.9
Dtrs Avg 79 pts actual,  82 pts age adjusted!
TPI +1351  (4/23) Went Up!
PYRAMID's Linear Type Traits )

The PYRAMID dtrs. are similar to his sire, FORMATION, except that they are deeper-bodied with much higher components.  They are very high producing, dairy, and above average size. 

They have outstanding dairyness and udders, and all other traits 's are above breed average.  PYRAMID is definitely an outstanding overall udder improver, with tremendous teat placement improvement . 

He had an EX(92)3E dtr in the UK  and has sired several Very Good dtrs. Pyramid can definitely sire them fancy. 

There are also new VG dtrs., VG(87) and VG(85), classified in England. 

Monanfran Egyptian Pyramid VG(85) @ 2-08,  
EX(92) Dairy
M.E. 34,351 Milk, 1301 Fat, 1087 Protein, Peaked at 96 lbs., 3.9% Fat, 3.3% Protein, 1.5 SCS
(Bred and owned by Justine Kelsey, NY)
Hammer-Creek Pyramid Elva VG(85) @ 2-10,  
VG(87) Frame, VG(88) BC
2x, 4.6% fat, 3.4% protein, 31,347m,1227f ,969p, M.E. 
(Bred and owned by Lavern Martin, Newmanstown, PA)
Premo Vale No. 132, GP(82) EX(90) Dairy... is the highest M.E. daughter of PYRAMID at 34,077m 1048f 909p.  Her milk deviation 0f over 5162 lbs. over herdmates is the highest of any PYRAMID daughter. Her complete 2yr. old record is 2-01 2x 365d 31,164m 967f 935 p. the highest 2yr. old ever at Premo Vale..their herd does not utilize BST or TMR! Now in 2nd lactation she is milking 115 lbs milk @230days! Congratulations to Joe Premo of Churubusco, NY on his outstanding PYRAMID daughter!

PYRAMID's 6th Dam
Plushanski Chief FAITH (4E-94 GMD)
5-2 2x 365d 33,919m 4.3% 1496f  3.5% 1194p
9-1 2x 365d 37,718m 5.1% 1913f
Founder of Family, #1 Index Cow in 1970's  
One of the All-Time Greatest Cow Families with at least two Top Ten TPI sires,
(Click here to see all Faith's records.)

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Plushanski Holi FRISCO-ET (VG-85), VG Mammary  @ 2yrs, never re-scored
2-4 2x 365d 33,547m 5.1% 1712f 4.0% 1355p
PTA +285M +.23% +64F +.16% +47P 
+0.96Type  CTPI + 1339 (11/03)
Exported to Japan for $100,000 after 1st lactation
PYRAMID  is the pinnacle of the CHIEF FAITH and LOU ELLA cow families.  PYRAMID's sire, FORMATION VG-GM (+1574M +30P +1.49PTAT +2.11UDC, 2/03), is world famous for high milk, fancy type, and outstanding udders.  FORMATION is LEADMAN's best son,  he works best on cows with high fat and deep, open rib.   PYRAMID's dam is that to the highest degree,  Frisco has 5.1% Fat and 4.0% Protein.  The FAITH family is extreme for high components.  PYRAMID himself is tall for his age and fancy, with the tremendous open rib and depth of body, reminiscent of his 4E(94) 6th Dam, FAITH.   PYRAMID is the rare bull that sires deep open rib and high milk, shallow-uddered daughters wth very low somatic cell scores.
PYRAMID is owned by and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc.  His semen can be shipped anywhere in the USA.  He could be the best of the CHIEF FAITH and LOU ELLA families!  Please contact us today!
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PYRAMID's Gr'dam
Plushanski Blackstar FIA (VG-87GMD-DOM) 
Former #1 CTPI Blackstar 
2-0 2x 365d 32,105m 5.0% 1594f 3.6% 1164p
Gr. Dtr., Bellwood Fie, VG(87),
PYRAMID's 3rd Dam
Plushanski Mark FIFE (VG-87 GMD-DOM)
3-9 2x 365d 41,596m 4.5% 1878f 3.6% 1495p
A Previous #1 CTPI Cow
Mat. Sister Dam of CHIEF FORCE,
former Top Ten TPI Sire USA
PYRAMID's 4th Dam 
Plushanski Neil FLUTE (VG-87 GMD-DOM)
5-2 2x 365d 35,145m 5.2% 1828f 3.4% 1193p
Dam of FARGO, former No. 1 U.S. Type Bull
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PYRAMID's 5th Dam
Plushanski Job FANCY (VG-87 GMD-DOM)
4-11 2x 365d 27,574m 4.4% 1584f 3.5% 1231p
Dam of a #5 TPI Bull in England
Gr.Dam of BOVA FAN #1 CTPI Cow