ZADE...Highly Productive Longevity and Outstanding Udders...

  EX(91) 2E dtr...Hammer-Creek Zade Scarlet..5th lactation milking 142 lbs per day. Congratulation to owner Lavern Martin, Pa.
 2,188 dtrs, 826 herds, 7 countries...Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland (black& red), Italy& USA
    ... Longevity Prod. Life.... +2.20... Udder Health (low SCS 2.76) 
Fertility (DPR  +3.10) ..   Fast Milking Speed and top udders.

ZADE ,,,was born 25 yrs ago thus over 2000lbs PDM lost and similar decreases in type.

No.1  in the HI YS contest in 2000..ended up being highest TPI bull ever in that contest,over 60 other bullstuds..including Big AI they NEVER won.!

Very Low SCS (2.77) and the almost impossible combination... Fast Milking Speed (scored 104, based on 518 dtrs / 276 herds milking in the  Netherlands . Also outstanding rear teat placement....107, Netherlands
 High Component Production

Beautiful, Shallow Udders

Dam, Zanadu, middle of Now 7 Gen. EX ZADE lived past 14 years of age!

ZADE dtrs below

Hammer-Creek ZADE KortneyVG(88)EX(90)Mam @4-04, 60 in. tall
Accidental death, would have been a high scoring Excellent cow, probably his best.      
3-10 2X 365d 42,851m 4.3% 1832f 3.4% 1457p ACTUAL
2nd lactation photo above, peaked 148 lbs m.  per day 6.1%f 3.5%p  0.9% SCS Bred & Owned by Lavern Martin, Pa.
Premo-Vale Zade Dizzy,EX(92)3E,DOM,EX(93) Mam. @ 12-03
EX(90) Fr. & Cap., EX(93) Dairy Strength, EX(90) Rump,EX(90)F&L, Over ..200,000 lbs m. Lifetime!  9th lactation!
4-03 2X 365d 26,565m 4.3% 1133f 3.3% 884p     6-11 2X 365d 33,196m 3.9%1303f 3.4%1129p
9-0 2X 365d 27,363m 4.4% 1195f 3.4% 930p
Dizzy, has a Planet son DEFENDER, at Flatness Intl.

Whitman ZADE Alix, EX(92)3E,EX(96)F&L @ 9-02
EX(94)Frame&Capacity(50 on stature), EX(94) Dairy Stength,VG(88)Mam.,EX(96)F&L! Dam of Merit
1-08 2x 301d 21,756m 4.3% 935f 3.2% 696p
2-08 2x 294d 23,541m 4.3% 1023f 3.4% 800p
3-07 2x 365d 31,180m  4.2%1292f3.4%1060p 
5-04 3x  365d 38,100m 4.3%1599f 3.3%1257p
Several sons to AI, dam of Awesome at Genex
Alix owned by Pine Tree Dairy, Rittman,Ohio..also the owners of MAGNIFICENT's EX(91) full sister

left..Hammer-Creek ZADE Kortney VG(86),VG(87)Mam.       
2-0 365d 2X 24,547m 4.0% 945F 3.5% 859P
 1st lactation photo, Now VG(88) EX Mam.!
on the right...Hammer-Creek ZADE Klassic VG(88)EX Mam.              
2-2 365d 2X 32,274m 3.8%1217f 3.4%1097p
Two VG(86) ZADE dtrs at the end of their 1st lactation. Klassic on the right is the 3rd dam of the Hammer-Creek calf that sold for $129,000  in 2012... Pat. sister to and same family as KLARK 
 below...Bucknell Mars Zade Zeta -ET VG(86) @3yr
2-0, peaked at 99 lbs m., ME 30,977m 1110f 933p 
Bred & owned by Nelson Weaver, Pa
Zeta...VG(87) Mammary,@3yr.
High Plus on every aspect of her index
+2,000lbs milk over herd-mates
below...Plushanski ZADE TawzanVG(85),VG Mam.
2-02,Over 80 lbs m. per day, 27,227m 1037f 859P ME
Bred & owned by Plushanski Farms, Kutztown, PA
Udder photo of ZADE Tawzan VG(85)
High Plus on every aspect of her Index.
+1525m over herd-mates, +987 PD Milk
below...ZADE Dtr., Frisky..
4.5%F,4.0%P, VG Mammary!
Dewdrop-Medo Zade Frisky-ET,VG(85),VG Mam!
(Bred & owned by Nelston Martin, PA)
ZADE daughter, Jean, ME 31,654m 1297f 1014P
50 pts, Legs Rear View, 45 pts, Fore Udder !
50 points...  a perfect score!
Bred & owned by Nelson Martin,Pa.
above...Dewdrop-Medo Zade Jean GP,GP(82)Mam. 
2-00 2x 325d 25,157m 4.5%1134f 3.5% 880p
3-01 2x 343d 29,153m 4.1%1218f 3.4% 9919p
4-02 2x finished with nearly 40,000lbs milk! ,
she and  Frisky are the fasted milking cows in the herd
below...ZADE daughter, Fleecy -ET GP (82) @2-02
VG(86) Mammary Owner, Lavern Martin Pa.
Dewdrop-Medo Zade Fleecy-ET GP(82) @ 2-02
Milking 75 lbs. per day, 5.1% F .3.9% P.
ME  26,823m 1311f  928p 

above...ZADE dtr. Bonita VG(88) EX Mam
43,892 lbs milk!
(Bred by Welk Acres Farms, PA, owned by Brandt View Farms, PA) 
 2-3 3x 362d 30,635m 4.2% 1295f 3.3%1011p
3-0 3x 365d 43,892m 3.7% 1614f 3.3%1448p
Welk-Acres Zade Bonita VG(88)EX(90) Mam.@ 3yr.
Zade's sire stack...Wade, Tesk, Blackstar, Mark
555HO1566 & 138HO1566 
Futuraland ZADE-ET TV TL, Reg. No. 125349240    100% Reg.!
Very Good(85) @ 5-03    A1A2  aAa 423615   
Dtr avg. 25,969M  982F  795P
-1141M +0.06% -28F +.01% -33P,  99% Rel.
ZADE lived to be over over 13 years old, because of many base changes...
EVERY bull is eventually minus on milk index!
-$-20Net Merit.. -$15 Cheese Merit
High Fertility...DPR +3.10 Rel. 96%.+1.20 Livability.
Calving Ease 2.2%, Mat. C.E. 2.1%
98% problem free calving!
Sire still births 7.5%, mat. still births 6.6%
Prod. Life +2.20  SCS 2.76  DPR +3.10...Livabilty(new)+1.20

Former Breed Leader for these traits!

2,188 dtrs./826 herds 
-1.53T  -0.32 UDC -0.57 FLC, 97% Rel. 
962 dtrs/428 herds, 97% rel.
Dtrs avg 78 pts actual , 81 pts Age Adj. 
compare to AI proven sires...Oman 76.6 pts, Toy Story 79.5 pts, and Lou 79.7 pts actual   
 +1774 TPI.,  (8/23)  Went UP!
ZADE's Linear Type Traits  are perfect linears for the free stall or tie stall, outstanding udders shine in any environment ! CAUTION...these linear traits are accurate for his 2yr. old dtrs. scored at 60 days most other sires. His mature dtrs (most not included here because not scored in a Classic or Standard Class. program, like most sires, we are only looking at 2yr olds here) have much better body traits and udders continue to improve. ZADE is the best Longevity sire of any breed because of his dtrs. performance... NOT a 2 min. look at 2yr olds! 
The most important linear trait by FAR, for Longevity... is Udder Depth! 

The ZADE daughters are very similar to his sire, WADE's, first lactation daughters. They are maturing beautifully, like the WADE's during 2nd lactation. The ZADE dtrs have much higher components than his sire, and similar to the high components of his four direct  maternal dams.

The ZADE's are above-average stature... some are over 60 in. tall as 2 yr. olds., with adequate strength as 2 yr. olds  and  develop strength with age.  He works best on tall, deep-bodied cows.  ZADE is siring correct slope to the rump.  

He straightens legs, side and rear view.  The legs are very correct  and foot angle is very good

ZADE is siring very outstanding udders , fancy fore udders , very high and widerear udders , udder cleft is exceptional (, teat placement and length is quite good. Also outstanding rear teat placement (Netherlands data, 107) 

Udder Depth is very good! Udder Depth is by far the most important part of the udder composite index - twice as many points as other traits  - because it is  the most important aspect of  longevity.  He will greatly improve the deep uddered cow.  A perfect mating for dtrs of high Body Comp. bulls. The best mating is the big, thick cow needing a better udder.

However, EVERY cow needs high lifetime component production, with an improved udder that's shallow, shapely, with good health (low somatic cell score). ZADE is the best mating for millions of cows!

ZADE as a Yearling
ZADE's Gr.Dam, Zita, is EX(94), EX(94) Mam., EX(98) Frame!
Former No. 1 Total Performance Index Cow
Dam, Zanadu VG(89)-1st lac., a 3rd gen. EX Mam.
Three-Time No. 1 CTPI cow!
ZADE's Dam, Zanadu
1st Lactation, 2 yrs. old
ZADE's Dam, Zanadu
 5 yrs. old, flush cow
Dam: Futuraland Tesk Zanadu-ET VG(89) GMD DOM
EX(91) Dairy Character, EX(91) Mam.
2-3 2x 365d  35,460m 4.7% 1655f 3.7% 1305p   5-6 2x 365d 31,770m 4.9% 1551f 4.1% 1309p
No. 1 CTPI Cow (2/01), No. 3 Fat Index Cow (8/00)
No. 1 PTAP Cow w/ EX Mam. from EX Mam. Dam (11/00)
3rd Gen. EXCELLENT Mammary, EX(91), EX(94), EX(94)!
ZADE's Granddam, Zita
Reg. 14411844
Con-Acres HS Zita-ET EX(94)2E  EX(98) Frame, EX(94) MammaryGold Medal Dam, Dam of Merit
5-5 2x 365d 39,620m 5.2% 2039f 4.0% 1596p
Former No. 1 CTPI Cow, 11/97
ZADE was a Top 100 TPI , and Wade's highest TPI son in  AI.  Zade's sire, Parker Aero WADE-ET *TL, was one of the best all-around proven AEROSTAR sons.  WADE is still a great Udder Depth bull (No.1 trait for high lifetime production) bull in the breed +3.52 with over 18,500 class. dtrs. 4/08.  WADE's dam and granddam are both Excellent with Excellent Mammaries.  WADE was an overall type improver, and Udder Depth improver like ZADE.  WADE daughters also have very correct feet & legs. ZADE has now surpassed his sires overall breeding values and is  Wades very best son and with higher components than his sire.

ZADE dtrs are strong, straight-topped, smoothly blended, dairy, with correct feet & legs.  Their overall type scores will increase even more as they mature.  ZADE is an outstanding udder improver peaked at +3.10 Udder Composite and +3.39 Udder Depth   His dam has a 3rd generation EXCELLENT Mammary.   This family includes 7 generations of EX Mammaries!  Plus our  highest DPR..+3.00 !! Fertility!

ZADE was one of the World's Most Promising Young Sires!  He was No. 1 in the 2000 Holstein International contest, and now that promise has turned to reality!! He now has the highest TPI of any bull EVER in that contest. ZADE is the only WADE offspring of Zanadu.

ZADE semen was distributed  in Spain by Albaitaritza, previously in Italy by Interstate, in Switzerland  by Triple Genetics.  ZADE... was owned and proven by and exclusively available from Flatness International, Inc. for his 1st 12 years. ZADE is now dead . ZADE remains available from usWe are currently looking for additional authorized distributors.  We also ship directly to dairymen.  Please contact us today!

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