159th... 68th... 53 rd... 38th... Anniversary (1864 -2023)

Flatness International Inc. is proud of its family history and accomplishments in the dairy industry.   Both my maternal great grandfather, Thomas Peterson and my paternal great grandfather, Gunnar Flatness, came from Norway in the latter half of the 19th century.  Thomas Peterson cleared the current family farm near Seneca, Illinois in 1864 and began dairy and grain farming.   My paternal grandfather, Rasmus T. Flatness of Morris, Illinois, had a successful farm and Dairy with home delivery.  My grandfather, father, and my aunts milked the cows and made deliveries.  My father, Gordon G. Flatness, and my brother, Bruce, milked cows until 1994.  I still own Brown Swiss and Holstein cattle.  Thus we celebrate 159 years in the US dairy industry, four generations of dairy farmers!

During 1955, I bought my 1st Reg Holstein  heifer, Pinefield Crescent Blackie. In 1956 I purchased Future Hope Commander Mistress, the Jr. All-American, Jr. Heifer Calf of 1956.  Her cow family went on to become the first seven-generation Excellent family in the Holstein breed.  Mistress's daughter,  Reflector Inka Commander Mary was the  1st EX cow I bred..before we had the Flatness prefix. She was bon in 1959  and was a VG(88) yr. old and was one of the first Excellent daughters of Woodbourne Inka Reflector.  In 1980, we exported a young bull to a predecessor of Genes Diffusion in Douai, France.  His name was Flatness JOBSTROIn 1985 he was the No. 1 bull in France for combination of Milk, Fat, and Protein, and he was also plus on Type  I've been a registered breeder for  over 68 years. Also a aAa customer for 66 years...the longest continuous aAa user in the world... for both cows and bulls.

In 1970, I began in the AI business as the Promotion Manager for Tri-State Breeders.  Prior to that, I had been a Vocational Agriculture and Biology teacher for four years at Crete-Monee High School, Crete, Illinois.  After Tri-State, I worked for ABS as District Sales Manager in Northwest Wisconsin, GMS Evaluator, and later Dairy Advertising Manager.  In 1975, I became the Director of Marketing at Sire Power.  During my eight years there, Sire Power had a 1200% increase in sales volume in my area of responsibility!  I began my own AI business, Flatness International, Inc., in 1985.  Thus we celebrate our 53nd Anniversary in the AI business!

In 1985, Flatness International, Inc. became a reality, marketing bull semen, cattle, and embryos to the US and International market.  In 1997, we purchased our first proven bull, Rothrock BS LIGHTNING  EX(94)GM, EX(96) Feet & Legs, EX(100) Body.  Also in 1997, we began the most elite young sire program in the world, the Crown Jewel Collection.

Then in 2002...the Proven Sires Graduated...BECK VG(85),  PHARAOH EX(90), PYRAMID EX(91),  ZADE VG(85), DELIVERANCE  EX(91),  DELLSTAR EX(93), EX(97) Feet & Legs. During Feb. 03, BEETHOVEN EX(95), EX(96) Feet & Legs.,  MAGNIFICENT  EX(93), EX(93) F&L. ,is now highly plus proven for type and production, 5/04 . During May 2003 our first Brown Swiss CONQUEST EX(90)graduated, formerly the breeds No.1 Longevity, Udder and Foot& Leg Improver , then our second JULIO, in Feb.04., Later JAMAICA  and MONTORO EX(90).  DORON EX(93) graduated during August 2005 and  BRILLIANCE in 11/05, later TORNADO EX92). FREEDOM EX92) then... GOLDEN EYE EX(92) and MOONRAKER EX93)..Later DEFENDER EX(90) then KLARK  VG, LUST EX(91) and TYBALT. lastly we added VIKING in 2018! For 2021 .LINCOLN. Now NEW for 2022 LAWMAN! So far 90%...have been Plus Proven for high component production and type... when graduated into our program We have marketed our sires to over 35 countries on 5 continents.

 We celebrate our 38th Anniversary of Flatness International, Inc., during the year 2023!

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